***My Love From the Star***


Hahahah thanks unnie like she said we are happy that we can make you laugh

I seriously love gifs

My friend told me sth a few days ago and I had a gif of jonghyun

And while listening I found it on my phone and showed her. She died lol hahahahha


LOL died meaning of his cuteness? or what xD


Can you translate this pleeeaaasseee???

And about jumping onto a specific page:
Just change the page number at the website address. The numbers at the end of the address. That “p” means “page”.
Take a look:별에서-온-그대/p1068

And I woke at 3.30AM today just to wait for Can We Love so I can segging it, and look at the time, it’s an hour later and Viki still hasn’t upload it yet! AAARRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH


No hahahhahahaha she had to laugh very much because the gif was so perfect for the story and our thoughts


HAHA oh hahaha i love gifs xD exactly what they are for haha


It says that the previously unrevealed epilogue will be released tomorrow at 10 AM on the official home page
So i guess korean time :stuck_out_tongue: so practically in less than 7 hours it will be available :smiley:

I tried it!! it works ^^
Thank you tasyaa

Hahahahha yeahh today they were more late thann usually xp


Omggg thanks !! Totally forgot can we love =0 yeayy something to watch now haha


OMG!!! Thank you…LOL!


It is one of my top 10 :smiley: I even have the DVD ^^ The drama is AMAZING !!! Loved every minute of it





Sorry, not on youtube. Some fans put it on YT but got blocked by SBS straight away. Aigooo…


“Man from the Stars” PD Jang Tae Yoo recently gave a jolt of excitement to all fans by commenting about the possibility of a second season!

On March 3, director Jang Tae Yoo made an appearance on the SBS morning show, “Good Morning” and spoke about the recently ended “Man from the Stars.”

Director Jang showed a positive attitude on the possibility of a second season of the wildly successful drama. He commented, “I talked with the writer and we think the series can be continued.”

He continued, “Do Min Joon during the Joseon era, Do Min Joo during the Japanese Colonization, Do Min Joon during the early 70s… Cheon Song Yi actually might not be his first love. If there’s a chance, I would like to try it out.”

Soompiers, what do you think of a sequel or prequel to “Man from the Stars?”



I mean, DMJ said it that for 400 years he prevented himself to love someone/something because he knows when the time’s come for him to go home, he will never be able to take someone or something with him.
If the PD-nim make a “sequel” by exploring the idea about DMJ’s other love interests, he will ruin the MLFTS’s love story and he will have to brace himself to my wrath and - maybe - most of MLFTS’s fans around the world who think that DMJ & CSY’s love is legend!!!
How’s your health, PD-nim? I hope you take a good care of your health!! spinning my ring!


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Ah… the hand… girls… the hand!!!
Boy knows it really well! hahahaha


I totally agree!! If they introduce another love for DMJ i will totallyy hate them… they will have to face LOTS of angry fans!!
I would love to have a second season of romance and comedy of these two… but of course not in this way… it will ruin the whole show for me!!

Ahhhh the cuteness/ hotness… this dude is just Perfect in every way knows how to make a woman crack for him… and she is just too lucky x.x


Dying from cuteness


I won’t mind a second season or something long the lines of the Playfull Kiss Youtube version. But that should be about the future not that past.
But honestly SY wasn’t his first love but his 2nd on earth. I think his first one was the girl he couldn’t save in the Joseon era and SY is her reincarnation. (Or does that count as one person?). Anyway it won’t make sense to me to come up with past lovers in other era’s… also it doesn’t make sense to show how he lived in past era’s.

I would like to know SY and MJ’s future and maybe they can show a bit of his planet and why the aliens there envy earthlings.


Yeahhh exactly my thoughts!!
A second season should be about the future… about the 7 kids and 5 dogs… about how they lived later on… their fights… some new adventure… maybe even some more SEXY aliens… ouu and maybe something about Hwi kyeong’s romance… maybe i can start loving se mi xp


Cheon Song Yi actually might not be his first love. If there’s a chance, I would like to try it out.”

WHAAAAAT ? NEVER if they would make a 2nd season like this it wouldnt be the same. Don’t make it -.-’


Ahhhhhh omggg you can love se mi ? I am proud of you that you think about it =D

Actually. At the last episode she was very nice haha
At least there she was a good friend


i said maybe xp
Don’t get your hopes up too much… xp


hahahahaha I have hope
LIke her ! hahaha and watch QIHM till the end

Watch this if you haven’t already haha

hahahaha she is so lost. She didn’t know what to say but she made her confession a week later after she had a talk with him about all that

I could die from cuteness hahaha but it could be different for you since you don’t like her so much. I am happy that I watched QIHM before MLFTS lol