***My Love From the Star***


yeah i will see this !!!


oh poor @dramaaaaa


I know right ? This is so mean haha


AHH! why cant i see it T.T its like blocked


Can’t you see the gif or that video?


cant see the gif T.T


Why not =O


I can’t see what is in the pic :frowning:


Oh now I understand … It has been removed I think. did you guys watch the extended epilogue?@b2utybubbles @preena0003 There was the scene where he strokes her shoulder/Arm . And the gif showed that zoomed in


It’s there again.
I beat photobucket! LOL


Take a look again, I beat photobucket ahahahahahahahaa


ahahahahahahahah just saw it

You go girl !!


photobucket goes makjang nowadays. Sigh.


I love this drama, I love the characters, especially the protagonists, especially Kim Soo Hyun I think love is so cute …


AH! thanks and @dramaaaaa thanks guys xD just saw the extended thingy, cute ^ ^ guess they had enough time with him on earth to buy a house!! i guess thats around that “place” where no one goes that he showed her xD

@auroratasya thanks for the updates!


Tasya i just remembered kim soo hyun’s scenes in “the moon embracing the sun” and ohhh his hand was always so important hahahaha
Even tho not like in MLFTS every move with his hand gave me a heart attack haha


yeah me too



Was just listening to stuff on Youtube and bumped into our alien hehehe. I so liked him in dream high and this song is amazing =D


Ahhh his voice!!!
I miss him already!! :frowning: