***My Love From the Star***


Oh. First I’m hearing about it… How long is it?


It’s broken into 4 part I’m on part 2 now part 1 is 20min part 2 20 mins not sure about 3 and 4 but assuming they are also going to be 20 mins at least part 3


Part 3 was 20 mins and part 4 was only 1min 18s awwwwwwwwwwwwws though now I want to rewatch the whole thing over again!!!


Where r u watching???/


It was on


non c’est pas possible tu l’a encore chez toi ??


L’article ? Oui. L’hebdo, je sais pas si mes parents l’ont gardé.




dommage c’est trop drôle !!


OMO !!! C’est quel numéro ??? Je dois l’acheter :stuck_out_tongue: !!! -Mode Fangirling activé-


Hum comme ça je me rappelle plus. Mais mes parents l’ont encore mais au chalet. Alors quand j’y monte, je regarde, promis !


Ohh merciii c’est gentil :smiley: !


time to start watching this after i finish catching up to three days :slight_smile:


I miss this chat :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder who got the lipstick though…


cute kim soo hyun suzy commercial x) i hope they do another drama sometime. i didnt know where to post this, so LOL here it goes i guess:


What is the commercial about? O.o


Bean Pole Outdoor. So for their clothes, I guess…


Oooooohhhh thank you :smiley:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


I just watched this series and I loved it almost to the end and then…the ending fell flat! It felt so slap-dash, hurry up and left unanswered questions. They really could have done so much with the ending and didn’t!