Name a drama everyone liked but you hated/dropped


Well, then I thought about surprising people with my long list :sweat_smile: :laughing: which i did apparently :speak_no_evil:


If it was my post, that made you wonder, stick to your plan. Do not give it a pass just because someone you do not even know says she doesn’t like it.

Maybe Goong is the drama for you. Who knows?

I would not recommend it, but there are lots of viewers that do. You may decide it for yourself.

Even more, as it appears to me, that even in a group of k-drama lovers my taste seems to be out of the ordinary.


Well, I think everyone could name at least a few dramas which he or she did not like. I also have more than Goong which I would not call a favourite. But most of them I just did not finish yet or want to give them another try, so it’s to early to put them on the absolutely didn’t like list. :grimacing:


The CCTV-ramen scene sold the ship for me, I just couldn’t get over how cute it was :joy: But I’m a terrible huge sappy romantic so this is probably just my opinion


No, that wasn’t enough for me.
Go Ana was like k-dramas tend to scheme the second female leads, beautiful but an empty shell without noticeable character traits, the way you ask yourself why the male lead has been in an relationship with her before meeting the first female lead. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:

You may have a different opinion about this, no offence.

But this gets a little bit off topic.


That’s the fun of this thread, right? At least for me, it’s fascinating to see the differences among us.


Wow, you and I must have a completely different taste in drama! I loved all the ones in your list that I watched. I never watched 18 Again, Doom, and Nokdu, and now I’m wondering if I should watch them. :wink:


Totally! Times have changed and some of the typical old K-drama tropes are not accepted as much any more.

Loved all 3. You should give it a try.

I agree. But I watched it when it first came out, and the idea of modern Korea still having the monarchy system was so refreshing and different, that I thought it was pretty neat! I just recently started watching The King: Eternal Monarch, and that one has similar concept, too, so I’m enjoying that one, too.

Exactly! BOF got me to start watching K-dramas on Viki about 10 years ago, so it was cool back then. But it really is kind of stupid, and I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much if I were to watch it again now.

I actully heard how bad Heirs was as soon as it aired, so I had no desire to watch that one.


Lol same I’m also thinking of putting Doom back on my watchlist because I love most of the dramas on @poeticpeep’s hitlist :joy:

I can vouch for 18 Again, though… I loved the drama to pieces. I came for a romcom, and it WAS a romcom, but not completely. The thing that made me put it as one of my all-time favorite dramas - It’s so full of love and heart. Family love, friendship love, romantic love, rekindled love… I saw how these writers used the extended time they got from turning a movie into a 16 hour drama by adding so many more nuanced relationships and lots of character development. We get to see bromance, sismance, high school young love, a gritty second chance relationship… and the ones that were new - the relationships between a father in law and his daughter in law, between a mother in law and son in law, father-son(2 generations), father-daughter, mother-daughter(2 generations), mother-son… almost every ep made me cry. Especially when they showed the very real struggles of a young couple who throw away their career dreams to start a home because of a teen pregnancy. I was so glad FL could pursue her career again, but my heart also broke for ML because athletes can’t really start over, so for him he has to choose between staying as an 18 year old basketball star player or going back to being a 30 year old odd-job guy who hasn’t graduated from high school. The drama broke my heart and healed it so many times. The actors are AMAZING. Lee Do Hyun was phenomenal in his role.

And if I sound too depressing, yes, I cried a lot, but I also laughed so hard throughout the entire show because the comedy is REALLY well written.

Oh wow I really let myself go with this post :hear_no_evil::see_no_evil: I’m sorry it’s so longgg


I had actually never heard of 18 Again until now. It sounds like a winner, and I’ll watch it when I get a chance!


I watched Heirs via dramafever, not around anymore, years after it aired, and enjoyed it. :wink:


Really? It had pretty good ratings on jtbc and was popular internationally - it actually skyrocketed Lee Do Hyun’s popularity after Sweet Home. He also won the 2021 Baeksang Award for Best New Actor for his role(TOTALLY deserved it).

Hope you enjoy it! :blush:


Secret Garden, I would recommend. It’s funny as heck. Don’t have “realistic” expectations though. It’s a good classic if you like a bit of fantasy.

I do not however recommend Fated to Love You. This is another dreadful plot I wish I can burn. It’s right up there with BOF. All versions, Korean, Chinese & Taiwanese. Although, the Chinese version was a tad bit more tolerable because I like the leads.


Okay then, I’ll try that one soon. And maybe Goong. What about King2Hearts? Is that one any good?


For King2Hearts, if you like plots involving military (patriotism), political power struggles and corruption, then this has all of that plus a drizzle of romance. The leads are very strong individuals and together they make a hot pair. FL is one of the best written for this type of drama. ML is also very well written. No complaints for them.

Another bonus is you WILL like the 2nd lead pairings just as much. Probably one of the better 2nd leads I’ve seen. Most of the time I don’t care too much for them.

I can’t remember if there were loopholes in the plot or not, but it’s one of the dramas you have to watch without missing anything. p.s. Heads up on the villain. The actor played him so well, I think he’s one of the top villains I dislike the most. Great acting though.

Each episode will keep you on your toes.


Ooh thanks for the review! I don’t mind most plot holes as long as the drama delivers everything else, so I guess I’ll watch.


Hopefully I didn’t spoil anything for you. :sweat_smile:

It’s a drama I enjoyed watching when it aired but it’s not something I want to re-watch. Only because it is kind of “heavy.”


I strongly recommend king 2 hearts, everything @midknightmoodz said is true, or at least I feel the same.

The villain was really scary, the atmosphere of the drama was tense most of the time and the acting of the two main couples was good to great.


This is the first drama where I started to skip things (the villain especially - such a caricature). It even got to the point that the people I was watching it with chanted “SKIP” as soon as he came on and they never skipped either :laughing: .

Maybe you’ll enjoy it :see_no_evil: The rest of the drama was okay.


LOL the varying reviews… i might just go for it as soon as I’m done with my exams, since that’s the time I’ll be least stable :joy: