Name a drama everyone liked but you hated/dropped


I also did not like Reply 1988.
Recently it was Whirlwind Girl. I had wanted to see Yang Yang but I just got tired of how they had the teens and main characters acting. I was like really?? There was just so much ridiculous bitterness and treatment of others. I could not stomach it. So I dropped it after episode 7.
Though I watched it all the way, Love and Destiny was another one. I skipped so much and was so ready to be done! Other dramas I dropped:
Sky Castle
Martial Universe
Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo.


Waaa i loved Love and Destiny! :joy: I thought it was extremely good, for a xianxia. I also liked it because the ML was older, less of a baby face, more suitable and believable as a god of war.


There were parts I did like but I was so ready for it to be done. LOL Just wasn’t my fave! lol
I did like the Male lead also!! I am older so was glad to see a mature man! :slight_smile:


I am younger, but I still liked seeing an older/mature man as a main lead :sweat_smile: The young ones are fun, but I think I have a thing for ahjussis :joy::see_no_evil:


I was on the verge of doing that, too. The villain was just unbearable at times. But I restrained myself.


True Beauty - TOXIC af

Boys over flowers - I don’t think I have to explain

Meteor Garden - my best friend loved it and forced me to watch it but I ain’t watching 40-something episodes of this

I didn’t even start Reply 1988, cause I kinda didn’t feel like watching it, now I’m glad I didn’t.


Best friends are always the most dangerous drama buddies :joy::sob:


For me, it’s definetely Goblin. I watched it because it’s a classic but i was so bored. It was really a pain to watch so i end up skipping literaly all the scenes except the one between the second lead.


Tempted, Nevertheless and Goblin


I have a huge list, too.

  • Flower of Evil
  • Descendants Of The Sun
  • Hotel Del Luna
  • I Am Not A Robot
  • My ID is Gangnam Beauty
  • River Where The Moon Rises
  • Tail Of The Nine Tailed
  • True Beauty
  • Fight For My Way
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  • 18 Again (more of like On-hold than dropped)


you know, i did not see you list. hahhahahaha


Thats it. THAT IS IT. WE ARE OVER. :sob::sob::sob: How could ANYONE with a HEART hate I’m Not A Robot?! Howwwwww :sob::sneezing_face::sneezing_face:


that is why i said that, i did not see her list hhahaha, our favourites were in there…


King the eternal monarch mais je sais pas si il a été tant apprecié que ça. Plus recemment all of us are dead, je ne deteste pas non plus mais y a tellement de défaut dans l’écriture des personnages : presque tous fades. Et mm juste dans le “realisme” de la série, leur décision on aucun sens, ils ont 0 reflex de survie( je parle du groupe des persos principals )


LOL I dropped it too, since I fell asleep watching one episode 3 times in a row and I sensed that I just don’t have the urge to finish this drama, there was no hate. Hate is too strong of a word and there was only one drama so far that really messed with me …


The one I forced myself to watch just because of the actors was " I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice." I was totally disappointed I rather go to the dentist than watch that again.


boy, y’all sure have a big list! I didn’t put all mine on here, my biggest was Kill it, like I said in my earlier message, there could have been a better way to end it,

look at he is psychometric(I think I said that one right) the guy his brother was sent to prison, so why not they could have done that to him. anyway,

I agree with a lot of your lists, maybe the writers just didn’t know how to really end the story( per frustrated writer) me,

and boys above flowers, BULLYING??? come on! I did like secret garden to a point till they exchanged spirits or whatever. then I didn’t care for that.

I just couldn’t watch Decendents of the sun, I tried twice, I stopped at ep. 3

and tale of 9taliled could have been so much better

and what about “lord fox” its another title, but gosh, they could have written it all so much better!!

and that strong girl story that one could have been better too.

and I did love Goblin, but like y’all said the ending was terrible, they could have figured out a better ending, oh well off my soap box today. maybe we ought to “learn to write” and well y’know, and no frustrated writer isn’t even going to try this one…


Aigooo the SK drama industry really needs to notice my talent and hire ME to write satisfying endings! I know all these writers probably use all their powers writing hours of good drama and then lose it towards the end. So the best solution, in my humble opinion, would be for them to hire someone youthful, optimistic and full of energy - one who isn’t tired of drama - to write endings for them. Even 1% of the profits is enough for me. I won’t complain at all. Though i cant survive on satisfaction, it does keep me going!


Yea I am trying to watch King the eternal monarch now. I had stopped before but I am finally nearing the end this time. I just do jigsaw puzzles during parts I do not care about.


These two were good Dramas, for me hehe! Maybe cuz it was a fresh start into K-drama world.

Rest of the List I agree with

Droppped in 5th ep

Still on hold, around 14th ep

I watched it but it could have been better. I did not like FL’s acting for some strange reasons.

It was a good drama if we talk about family relations and all, but No, I am not sure why, I will not continue it.

Dramas I did not watch, intentionally-
The story was not catchy enough

TBH, I prefer Chinese Historicals.

should I watch? haha