Name a drama everyone liked but you hated/dropped


I agree, I only mentioned the dramas that i found boring and dropped midway, hating a drama is too strong word!


The time traveling in EP. 12 and 13 was awful, I even googled the term. :roll_eyes:


I haven’t watched most of the Dramas on your list yet.
Only started True Beauty and Tail Of The Nine Tailed.

I liked True Beauty as far as I watched it, but I did not have a Viki Pass at that time, so I only watched the free episodes.
Up until now I didn’t feel the urge to watch it further. It’s just another school drama after all and I am not that much into school dramas.

I also started The Tail Of The Nine Tailed. I liked the looks of Lee Dong Wook, the red hair had something. But when the story went on I didn’t the drama lost it’s appeal for me. I don’t even know after which episode I stopped watching because Viki somehow erased my progress. And it wasn’t till months later, that I recognised, that I need a Viki Pass now to continue the show.
Even so I have it, I didn’t continue watching the drama up until now.

But I would not say that I hate these two dramas. I actually quite enjoyed them as far as I watched them, but they are just not that appealing to me, that I instantly need to finish them.

I might do that some time in the future so.


I really tried with Goong, and I thought it started off well and I got hooked on it initially… but it just seemed to drag on so much. 16 episodes of material stretched out into 24. I think I made it to about 18 or 19 before giving up.


A couple that really stand out in my mind that I didn’t like but used up some time I’ll never get back were:
Boys Over Flowers (Korean version): The bullying theme turned me off but I forced myself to keep watching because…Minho.
Backstreet Rookie: The plot was just so stupid. Again, I forced myself to continue because…Wookie. I felt it was really a waste of his acting talents.


There was a time where she was supposed to kiss him passionately but it looked so forced. I felt at times their chemistry was not as great as I have seen him with other actresses.


I still haven’t finished “King”! Agree that the chemistry was just not there, despite the show having some good moments. It’s one of those ones where it seemed like the production values were really high and the casting top notch, the writing wasn’t bad either, but at the end of the day I didn’t care what happened to the characters enough to keep watching.


Heirs is a despicable drama that everyone loves to this day.


is it the king eternal monarch? just asking


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I’m starting to realize that not many people enjoyed Vincenzo, when I first introduced my mom to kdramas that was one of the first dramas she watched and she loved it. I watched it too and it was good so it’s strange for me to continually see Vincenzo.
I agree with “It’s okay not to be okay” tho, I heard so many good things about it so I was disappointed.
Also, Love and Leashes were okay…but it was really cringe.


i know you did not reply to me, i was just asking if there is any other drama named “king” other than “the king eternal monarch” and it is completely okay… you can share your opinion.


I liked Heirs, but it definitely had flaws. It hit one of my kdrama pet peevelets, which is when a couple of high schoolers are casually dating and the whole chaebol family flips out like it’s the end of the world. Even if they don’t approve of the match, they’re in high school! Just let it run its course; more likely than not they’ll be broken up in a few months, and if they actually try to get engaged or something down the line, THEN you can bring out the envelopes of cash. (And I say this as someone who married the person I started dating at 17!)


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On topic:

I agree with your pet peevelet, and to take it a step further, the idea of that chaebol family literally making their child a hostage by locking them in their rooms just to keep these children apart, I have never understood. Obviously, in my non-chaebol world, this is excessive, never mind illegal.

I didn’t mind the first half or so of ‘Heirs’, but it went a little far into my pet peeve arena in the back half.


I like that. Are you guys still married?


I’ve got a list, like quite a few other posters have as well!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? (I’m not a fan of either the ML actor or FL actress. Sure, there were funny moments, but I didn’t enjoy this drama and I don’t have a favorable opinion about it. In fact, after watching it, I try to avoid watching anything with the main actor and actress.)

Another Miss Oh (Watching this was absolute torture! I had to force myself to watch the last few episodes. This was back when I was so stubborn and had to finish a drama, even if I didn’t like it. That’s not the case anymore, thank goodness).

Boys Over Flowers (I dropped it halfway through and I don’t regret doing that. Minho isn’t a strong motivation for me, what can I say?)

Goong (I didn’t hate it, I just don’t understand why some people loved it.)

Marriage, Not Dating (I had to force myself to finish this one as well. -_- )

Hotel Del Luna (I started watching because it was so hyped up, and only finished it for IU. I have a lot to say about why I don’t like it very much…)

Autumn in my Heart (It was okay, but it wasn’t so tragic to me. Maybe because I had already seen Stairway to Heaven, which was waay more heartbreaking)

49 Days (Again, I didn’t dislike it, but I barely remember anything from this drama. I do remember wondering why people felt so strongly about it, since it wasn’t anything spectacular)

1% of Something (ugh, I really didn’t like this one. The ML irritated me to no end, but I still watched it to the end).

The Innocent Man (It was ok, but I felt that the ML actor could have been different. The plot is certainly my type of drama, but the ML’s soft eyes and face really didn’t give off the ‘revenge’ vibes. Other people raved about this drama, though).

Legend of the Blue Sea (dropped it halfway through. It was getting boring and Minho’s character was becoming overbearing).

Dramas I Won’t Touch (Probably Ever):
It’s Okay to Not Be Okay
Gangnam Beauty (not a fan of the plot line or actor)
any high school romance drama (sorry School 2015)
The King’s Monarch (I like the FL actress, but I have mixed feelings about the dramas that Minho plays in…(it’s all the fault of BOF))
Her Private Life (I don’t really like the FL actress, sorry to offend anyone)
Squid Game (too violent for me)
Descendants of the Sun (just not appealing)
Coffee Prince (also not appealing)
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (I stay away from crime dramas nowadays)
Kill It (violence)


We are! But we didn’t get married until 7 years later, so his family had plenty of time to throw water in my face or give me a fat envelope of cash. (Alas, they didn’t, so I’m stuck with him :rofl::rofl:) We’ve been married for >15 years now. I know a few people who met their spouses early on, but so many more have gone separate ways… I much prefer dramas where the families trust their children. I mean, you raise them with your values and helping them how you can and then you just have to trust them to make good choices! I can’t imagine micromanaging my kids’ lives once they’re adults. Yet there are so many dramas where the parents are trying to manage their kids’ personal lives into their 30s. I’m sure it is partially a cultural thing.


Birthcare Centre - maybe I’m just not at the age where I’d appreciate a drama like this, but I really didn’t like it. First of all, the birthcare centre was the source of most of their problems. It was hardly helpful - I wished they would either find another or just go home because that place was WEIRD, like a period drama harem with everyone pecking at each other and forming high-school-ish cliques with mean girls and everything.

I also thought the FL was taking it too far with her “I’m going to balance my career and pregnancy at the same time” like EXCUSE ME i understand you want to do that but what good comes out of sending your husband to do pregnancy exercises at birthing classes while you drive around at breakneck speeds and refuse to do anything to care for yourself and the child? Maybe it was meant to be funny but I found it so ridiculously pointless. Even the romance was annoying - I understand that women go through a lot of emotional changes throughout the pregnancy and post-partum recovery but really did she have to be so mean to him all the time? The guy was the only man who hung around the absolute hellhole of a birthcare centre and the amount of ridicule he went through… he even commented about it in some interview, albeit in a fun tone.

And however sophisticated a birthcare centre is, I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to encourage mothers to spend time with their babies. All the ladies seemd to be running around tearing each other down or playing around most of the time, while the newborns were all in some enclosure, being cared for by nurses. The ladies would just hold them for some time to show each other that they were model mothers, and then go right back to doing whatever nonsense they felt like doing - no wonder the FL found it so extremely hard to say “I love you” to her baby(I probably would have cut her some slack if she was being forced to have a child or smn, but it was out of her own free will)! idk maybe I shouldn’t talk with no experience but it felt so weird watching them…


Thanks, I’ll remember not to watch this. Although, I’m not interested in birthing at all. LOL


I understand that! I have some that I feel that way. The part of me that wants to “finish the job” has to remind myself that it is just a drama so if you do not care about the outcome, drop it.
Hard to do but I have so many that I want to watch. I know I picked King back up after 2 years so this time around it was a little easier to finish but it was not one I watched everyday.