Name a drama everyone liked but you hated/dropped


I never even thought of this one. Was it well received by the general public? I started watching it, thinking it was going to be a thought-provoking, interesting exploration on this difficult time for new moms, but I could barely get through the first episode. I then read some recaps/reviews and knew that I had NO interest in watching a bunch of mommy melodrama with all the new moms trying to outdo each other in ridiculous ways.


I feel like this could be the third thread in the series :smile:: Dramas everyone loves/recommends, but you have no interest in watching.

‘Goblin’ would be at the top of this list for me. ‘Squid Game’ would also be included.


Idk, i watched it when it had just aired. There are so many rave review talking about how relatable it is but i hate it. Its not mommy melodrama. The babies are just accessories, tools for them to prove how much better they are, so they can form their perfect little pecking orders. The whole birthcare center is such a weird place… i feel like I’d run away screaming if someone ever forced me to go there. Having a kid must already be so stressful, without you having to compare your performance and experience, and get “mommy points” to ascend the perfect mommy ladder :roll_eyes: id much rather opt for the tropey mother in law - at least there’s only one of her


The number of OG/ long time kdrama fans who watched Squid Game is actually pretty low… it’s mostly non-kdrama fans who hyped it up so much that it became a sensation


What you described, though, is what I would call mommy melodrama, or maybe more accurately ‘melodrama between mommies’. I just pictured a bunch of them being passive aggressive towards each other while also feeling the pressure to be perfect.

I did think of another drama that fits the theme of this thread:


Love Alarm
I was so excited when I first heard about it but I didn’t like the first episode. :pensive:

I was forcing myself to watch just because of the cast. :expressionless:

The Uncanny Counter
I liked the first episodes but the last ones…


Well yes you described it almost perfectly, so i guess it is mommy melodrama. You may drop the “passive”, though… they were clearly out for blood


I am glad i discovered an amazing singer in this drama, Omara Portuondo. I dropped it on 5th episode.


Interesting that you seem to have a problem with the dramas with Min Ho in them, as you seem to be aware of.
Might do for another thread, as Min Ho seems to be an actor loved by many.

I am a little bit surprised, that you like revenge dramas but avoid crime dramas.

I also like revenge dramas in general but tend to like crime dramas, too.

I understand that you do not want to watch violent dramas so. If something in the drama is too violent for me I just close my eyes.


Was True Beauty really toxic? I never seen the drama but I read the webtoon, I was planning on watching it to see what justice it was given but if they made it toxic then nvm…


Flower of Evil is so suspenseful I had to take a break from it :see_no_evil:


Nevertheless and Goblin:sweat: I had good comments on these dramas but… over rated in my opinion.


Totally agree. Although the thoughtful scenario is cool but the media flow was huge for what it is.


yea I have no desire to watch Squid game.


I watched Squid Game before I started watching KDramas, and to this day I would still like to see a season 2. Same with All of Us Are Dead.
Well, I watched All of Us Are Dead after becoming a drama watcher so idk if that still counts.


What drama did you drop/hate?


The plot was a mess. “Toxic” is overused sometimes but it does feel that way with how they perceive beauty from the exterior instead of within. It would have been a great plot if they didn’t throw so many useless misunderstandings into it. For a school drama, it leans toward melodramatic.

I will say, ML had a weak character development. The whole plot in general wasn’t strong enough. I think if you’ve seen a great number of kdramas, this one will feel kind of underwhelming.

But, somehow there’s a lot of ppl that really liked it. I was one of the ppl that dropped it.


I am in the minority as a straight male so this is going to be easy for me. I just looked at the most popular shows and can easily say the top 3 which is, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, DOTS, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I like the less popular shows like Sageuks. The most popular show on the website I like sits at #16, I Am Not a Robot


Yes, my opinion is definitely in the minority :sweat_smile:.

I think it’s the characters that Min Ho plays. Min Ho himself is a fine actor–I have nothing against his acting skills. I liked The Great Doctor, but he was playing as a mature character in that drama. But overall, I don’t feel drawn to the characters he plays.

I used to be okay with crime stuff, like movies or shows. However, somewhere along the line, I discovered that watching an excessive amount of shows that show the evilness that people can get into really began to affect my mental health, so I had to stop. I try to avoid news stories about that as well.

Revenge dramas, on the other hand, tend to be melodramatic more than downright evil. I like the suspense that comes with revenge dramas, especially ones where love is involved (whether it be romantic or familial). The conflict of emotions is what draws me in.

There are some great crime shows, that’s for sure!


I see. I feel the same. Even though Revenge and Crime Dramas are easily the once that impress me the most and the once I tend to remember as great shows I can’t watch crime and revenge dramas only, either. You have to be prepared and in the mood for these kind of dramas so that they won’t affect you.
And there a times you can’t watch them because it’s the lovey-dovey romance you need to boost your mood. And that’s ok. I like romance a lot, too. But the plot of revenge and crime dramas is more complex and surprising.


I dropped Rattan.

The leading actress ruined it for me, because she made use of her beauty and nothing else. The other actors did their best (not very good, though) and the setting and storyline could have been interesting, but I suppose the director and producer simply wanted some nice shots of the girl and didn’t care at all about the show. The ideas and planning behind the directing choices were confusing and conflicted.