Need CHI-ENG subbers

Hello everyone!

I am a Eng moderator of several Chinese dramas and I would like to recruit CHI-ENG subbers!

1)Destined to Love
I really want to finish this Chinese historical military drama. Most of the episodes are more than half done and we just need a bit more to complete! This is my top priority and I really liked the actors :slight_smile:

2)Dreamer - English Mod & Subber

3)The Sleeping Beauty: English Mod & Subber

Please leave a comment or pm me. All is appreciated, thank you!


I’m happy to help sub Chinese --> English! :smiley:

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Thanks !! Which dramas whould you like ^~^

Hello! I am interested in sub chinese to english for Dreamer!

I’ll add you the team thanks for joining :slight_smile: