NEW FEATURE: New keyboard shortcuts added in Subtitle Editor

Dear Volunteers,

To speed up your subtitling work, I would like to announce that we have added new keyboard shortcuts in our Subtitle Editor for you to input commonly used HTML tags easily for font formatting and structure. Try out the new feature today!

Have an enjoyable time subtitling!
Product Manager for Community, Viki


@anon78441343 Thanks for sharing this new update to the subtitle editor for us. Very excited to check it out and apply it to our work.

It would be amazing if a new keyboard shortcut can be made to join segments together. It would be a great innovation for segmenters, sparing us the work to delete a segment, save manually then extending either the beginning or the end of a segment then save again. That way four steps can be narrowed down to one!

Would you be able to bring new innovation to the segment timer like these suggestions too? p(^_^)q



I needed that feature :slight_smile:


Great. Thank you!

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(and no, I’m not sorry for shouting. This warrants shouting!)


I already programmed these shortcuts in my keyboard and thought why Viki didn’t have them in their JavaScript. ;o)
Great job.


what a great idea, super cool


:heart_eyes_cat: It’s great!! :heart_eyes_cat:

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You did? Oh, that’s so cool. If I had known when I first came here…

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Yay! This is wonderful news!
Thank you so much, @anon78441343 for spearheading this for our Community!


Thats great and will help a lot

These are excellent additions. Thank you!

finally - Thank you <3333

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I can almost hear all the people not using the Roman alphabet go YAAAY! :smiley:


YAAAY! That’s at least 4 less clicks each time, I love this!

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Just a quick question. When pasting in the notes for the song, could we have a space between the note and italics sign?

Also, is it possible for the cursor to automatically be set in the middle of the field, for all three functions, so that we don’t have to go back every time?

Thank you for your help.


This is amazing! I actually used it and it’s very helpful as a subber. I just need to get used to the shortcuts, but if I do, the process will be much quicker. I especially find Ctrl+J to be most helpful. I always had to go to the subbing notes to copy and paste the musical note, but this makes life much easier. Thank you for this!

AHHH! This is so useful! Can’t wait to try it out especially the Ctrl J and Ctrl+I

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Fantastic! But spaces between notes would be totally appreciated. All these improvements will make subtitling and translating even faster!

I knew this volunteer community has many, many, many(!) smart and resourceful peeps. THIS smart is cheer-worthy :slight_smile: two thumbs up

Btw, WOOT! Another badge of ‘good upgrade’ for Viki! Errr… please keep on upgrading :slight_smile: Thank you!