NEW FEATURE: New keyboard shortcuts added in Subtitle Editor


Dear Volunteers,

Thank you all for the generous feedback given. We have added spaces between the Music symbol and the Italics in the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + J) for your convenience.



Thank you so much!


@georgeyporgey since you are at it, I’d like to suggest the following. Yesterday I looked for the Em dash the long uninterrupted – also for the [ ] brackets that come often would be helpful. < i >[ ]< /i >
Otherwise using the new shortcuts is a breeze since I have to switch language keyboards from E to G and some characters are hard to find so I had to switch back and forth but not anymore!!
Thank you for the 2 more shortcuts if possible :rose:


This one would really make the work easier when reviewing your own segments or already existing ones!

Thanks a lot for the other shortcuts and for adding the spaces between the notes and the tags!


Thank you, it will make easier translating or transcribing


wow I didn’t know the last one cont+j !!! that is good I have one video in my site every time was running on. Then I inserted external link. I will use this one now.