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Hey i wanna be substitler but everyone just dennyed me bcs im new can you give me any tips how to become and subtitler im some project please?

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ahoj, tak si napíšeme? Já taky začínám :smiley:

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Hello and welcome! For what language?

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From english to czech

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Určitě :grinning:

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Dear Eliška,
first of all welcome to Viki!
You will slowly find your way here. I think they didn’t deny you because you’re new, but because you have no Vikipass, and therefore most shows are not accessible to you. What I mean is that if you cannot see them as a viewer (some of them have the first 2 episodes free, but after that, you have to have the pass to continue), you also cannot work on them. Because in order to translate you have to watch the video, right?
Once upon a time, when I joined viki, there were many free projects for new volunteers. Now even some old and boring dramas that nobody wants to watch are behind vikipass, making it difficult.
One way is to search for free projects (there are a few) which haven’t yet been subtitled in your language. That’s very laborious.
The other way is to write to the moderators of your language telling them that you don’t mind paying the 6-dollar subscription for one month or maybe two, if they can give you a position that will allow you to produce 3000 subtitles and become Qualified Contributor, after which you will get a free Vikipass, you cancel your subscription and you won’t need to pay anymore.
I know, it sounds crazy, having to pay in order to work for free, and I totally understand if, for a matter of principle, you don’t want to do that. It’s just the quickest and easier way to get your foot in. After that, you will never have to pay a cent anymore, as a volunteer.


Hey thanks you so much for some information. And also i wanna say that i have Viki pass

I went to your profile page before writing this, and it said you haven’t. But maybe it’s a technical thing, a bug, who knows.

Ahoj Elisko,

Check out also the Project Finder, don’t click on Apply, see drama’s main page for information and the Czech mod, some On Air might be already full but if you write to some Mods they could guide you to perhaps other Mods.

Project Finder

Hodne stesti a mej se, Simona
(ja nepisu ceske titulky)

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I hope its only technical thing because i pay for viki pass from when i joinimage viki

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Hi Eliska, what I did when I started out was seeking out a drama that was broadcasted a couple of years ago. Nobody from my language group was working on it anymore and the moderator had given up halfway. The Channel Manager was so kind to let me on the team. Because the drama wasn’t airing there was no pressure and I could take my time to get acquainted with the translation tool and slowly gather 3000 translations to became a QC. The free subscription was a nice reward for my efforts.
Hope this helps and good luck!