Newbie struggle "English to Arabic"

Hi! I’m a new Viki Volunteer. I can subtitle from English to Arabic. I can’t seem to find any projects to work on. As a beginner, I should work on older ones, but neither Channel Managers nor Moderators are active. Others, I’m guessing, don’t really want to take newbie… so I can’t gain any experience. :sob: Do you have any advice for me?

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I am positive that there are some active ones. Have you gone to the pages of recently concluded dramas to “fish” names of Arabic moderators, make a list which you will save on a document, and then, one by one, write to them?


Thanks :heart:

Also, you just posted offering your services in the thread for new volunteers. These things don’t happen overnight. You have to give it some time. Wait for a week for responses from Arabic Moderators. Then send a message to another group of them.

Some moderators would be happy to have you but not right away, not on their current project, because they perhaps have enough subbers. But they would like to recruit you for their next project. So it all takes time :blush:

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Thanks a lot :heart:

انا أيضا :تنهد:تنهد:تنهد:تنهد: