Ninja Academy related query

I have recently decided to contribute and joined this platform.I don’t know much about how things work here.I signed up in the segging section of the academy but i was wonder how long do i have to wait to join as i was going through the waiting list,the last highlight one was 30 October,2023.So let me know if you know .


It depends on how long the waitlist is, how many students the current Sensei’s have and how long they give the students to complete the course. There is a 2 month deadline, but I know some Sensei’s are less strict with that.

Just have patience, you’ll get your turn eventually :wink:

P.s. there are other posts about this subject. In the top right corner you can search on keywords to find the information you are looking for.


Thankyou so muchhh :slight_smile:

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Hi !
where you can see the waitlist ?

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There’s a link on:

It leads you to:


Thank you !!


How can I join the Ninja academy?

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All the information is on the Ninja Academy Viki page.
When you open the link in my previous post, scroll down past the subtitle team to read the information.

The section that’s about the Segmenting academy is titled:

At the bottom you can find the link to apply.
I will share the link here, but please do read that information.

Ninja Academy Segmenting Student Application Form

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