Ninja Academy related query

I have recently decided to contribute and joined this platform.I don’t know much about how things work here.I signed up in the segging section of the academy but i was wonder how long do i have to wait to join as i was going through the waiting list,the last highlight one was 30 October,2023.So let me know if you know .


It depends on how long the waitlist is, how many students the current Sensei’s have and how long they give the students to complete the course. There is a 2 month deadline, but I know some Sensei’s are less strict with that.

Just have patience, you’ll get your turn eventually :wink:

P.s. there are other posts about this subject. In the top right corner you can search on keywords to find the information you are looking for.


Thankyou so muchhh :slight_smile:

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