No Viki Pass Error

I understand also. I’ve already tried also to reinstall, to turn of the phone but nothing has worked. I really think that it’s their last update of our benefits as QC on the website that is not yet update in the app. Now it’s not written as Viki pass but QC benefit and it’s not written on the app. They are surely fixing it. But it’s really not practical for us. I don’t want to pass all my evening watching on my Mac.


I have the same problem. I communicate with support for few weeks. On my webpage I see the QC benefit pass but not in my app. I tried reinstall the app like they said. And everything. Still no progress. Today I sent screenshots of the app. To me it just seems like the app needs update. Not anything in my device. By the answers from support I felt like I am the only one. Glad to see more people have it the same like me.


I didn’t realize that I have two burners on my profile. How about yours? I’m afraid I seem to have been charged for months unlike other QC.


I found this thread because I’ve been having issues with my (android) app as well. In browser, I have my QC (standard) benefits just fine, but the app refuses to recognise any kind of pass. All I get are options to either resubscribe or contact customer service. Did it actually help anyone to contact CS, or should I just wait and hope for the best?


For now, it didn’t help at all

@amm11 I decided to tag you so you can see how long this is going on already and that it needs to be fixed fast. Viki will most likely loose paid subscribers this way if it takes much longer. And some are already lost for sure.

Is it? I thought it was only connected to the change of the QC benefit pass?

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You didn’t unsubscribe before your qc benefits kicked in?

I don’t know but I guess it is not because I also had the issue before we got the new banners.

I thought it already came with the “quiet” change from Standard Pass to Viki Pass … But I can be wrong.


I was a paying subscriber before I become a QC. I thought it will automatically cancel the payment once I got qualified for QC benefits, but it didn’t, so I had to cancel the subscription.

I got stuck with the annoyed ( get Viki pass ) in the TV app, android app and my iPhone app!!

But Rather than this annoying tag, I can watch any show that requires the pass, I didn’t notice adds too. Hence, I didn’t watched any complete show that requires the pass since I am too busy subbing and if I had time I watch another streaming service that have the ( save to watch offline ) option :laughing:
I just test several shows to be sure that I’m not missing a thing! And the two that I am busy subbing requires the pass!

Plllllllz solve it! And add the download option!

Are they crazy? Why would they do that? People would share the files with their friends, it would be easier to upload to filesharing sites (torrent or otherwise) and they would lose money.

Not the actual files! Just like Netflix!! I can download all the episodes over WIFI ( they will be inside the app itself )! Then I can view them anytime within a specific period of time. This way I can ensure good quality + I can watch when I am at place that couldn’t reach internet.

And they always find a way to download the content anyhow :slightly_smiling_face:

Not from Viki, at least not if you’re not a professional. As a test, I tried various suggested methods, but nada. Of course I know websites steal Viki subs, those are easy to get.

They do! I know a website that contains almost every show in the streaming apps ( Netflix, Viu, Disney+, Viki ) and also the ones I can’t find them anywhere, with subtitles! I could send you the link if you want.

The three other streaming services all have the download feature, where two of them you can’t watch anything if you didn’t pay, Only Viki doesn’t! It is a downside for me! If I get the chance to travel someday, I could download any show I want to watch while on the go, so I know I will not use Viki! Just saying :relaxed:

I also know several that are exactly as you say, they have everything, but they are not legal websites, they steal the videos from elsewhere. I use them when I cannot find what I want on Viki.
But we’re only talking about legal ones here. Legal ones have to pay for licenses, so they can’t have everything, and also they compete for popular titles so if one gets it it’s an exclusive licence most of the time. Not to mention the ones that NF produces on its own: they don’t give them elsewhere.

What I meant was, that pirates will get a way to steal no matter how hard you make it for them.
I don’t mean to make it easy for them to do so, but as the other streaming LEGAL websites give their subscribers the feature of watching offline, Viki users deserve this too, they could include it to Viki pass\plus only. Just saying. It was a humble request.

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Oh, I mean it’s okay for me, I wouldn’t mind having this option at all, it would certainly be neat to have! I was just saying that they are probably not giving it because they are thinking of potential risks.

The offline feature is available, though not for all titles, not for all subscribers/viewers/contributors atm, and…

“is still being gradually rolled out…more regions as soon as we can. Currently, this feature is available only in North, Central, and South America.”