Ok I know we are soooo bored


Here are the silicone-free hand soaps!
:soap: olive oil or honey and essential oils (basil, orange, strange flowers, pine…)

We can use the same molds for candles, but I saw many pretty other molds :smiley:

Like these:

3D birdie

Chinese vibes


hey looks good going to sell or as gifts?

maybe another thing to do is for me to relearn to type!.


Gifts! Soaps for coronavirus!
I also want to do body soaps with animal shapes, so a certain young boy will be willing to bathe!

Typing?? What’s wrong with your typing?

I want to make Japanese food like Kimono Mom :smiley:


At first I thought that I didn’t know that channel, but when I saw her I did :laughing:
Her daughter is so adorable.
The Japanese channel that I watch more cooking videos of is Cooking with dog:


I also tried it, and I managed to continue making circles with the foot.
Maybe because as an oriental dance teacher, so-called “isolations” and “layering” are parts of our training.


@frustratedwriter’s exercise reminded me of the fact that drummers need to be able to play a different rhythm with each limb. Seems quite impossible to me, but I guess with enough practice one can eventually succeed.
Btw, my foot automatically went from clockwise to counter-clockwise. :joy:


Yum! I love daifuku with tea or milk, they are very sweet! My brother brought some from Japan and it was the first time I tried them!

In the city, they have a few matcha cafes with matcha pastries and matcha drinks! They’re really sweet too!

Dog everywhere in the kitchen!


Yes, sadly her dog passed away a few years ago, but she put his picture and later replaced it with a plushy version of Francis (the dog).

I love daifuku too. Never had one from Japan though, but I do like making them :smile:
Yeah, we have a few matcha cafes around here too. One of my favs is selling moon cakes and we usually get them… but I’m not taking the train to go there, so I’ll have to skip this year :cry:


Maybe you found your next recipe to experiment! Moon cakes!

I love eating the egg yolk inside the most. I don’t like other kinds lol

Does this cafe sell online?


A few! We don’t even have one! It’s not faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir! :frowning: Then again, these days they might be closed or noone would risk going there any way …

Yeah! I’m sure @feyfayer can do it! :woman_cook:


Yeah, it’s on my to do list, but it’s a lot of work and my list is long, so maybe next year :sweat_smile:

You can order online, but you have to go pick it up, which means I’ll have to take the train and I’m avoiding that… Oh well, lots of other things I can try :smile:


thought y’all would enjoy something refreshing this morning besides your cuppa! have a great&blessed day!


today I have to "fess up. got me some more yarn and material, said I wasnt going to get any more and I got it anyway, heyt free! so what can I say!! got things to make, Christmas and all coming up


What are you going to crochet or knit?

Last weekend, I tried crochet :joy:
I first read guides, I thought it was written in a strange language: sc, inc, magical ring (why is there magic in that?)…
Okay, let’s watch on Youtube normal speed.
Okay, let’s watch with speed 0.25x.
Okay, let’s not try Totoro, let’s try a heart!

This one:

I did about 5 videos to see clearly an increase!

I have a problem with counting:

  • they say, 6 single crochet, then 6 increases, I have always more in the end though I am counting.
  • The heart I did first was looking like a sphere, then the second one has a big hole in it LOL What does that mean?
  • I picked acrylic yarn as a beginner (cheaper if I fail!) => it’s not good material, the thread frays a lot and I have to squint my eyes to count how many “V” I did
  • increase: it is difficult to see where I got to put it after the single crochet, under which stitch?

How do you remember how many sc or increase you did? Any video for absolute beginner?

When I read “knot” and “yarn,” I thought crochet was haunting me LOL


I never learned crocheting either, only “vingerhaken” (crocheting without a crochet hook) and knitting and macramé and spool knitting and even that was all in ancient history.

I just found a video for “absolute beginners”, though:

And here the teacher promises us to explain how to fix mistakes:


ok mladies, how I learned, reminder, didnt have computers 20 or so years ago. so I am getting one of mine first of, I don’t like that magic circle, but here is an easy way to do that if you want, you know how to tie a bow, shoelace? that’s all it is. now get the other one, a slip knot is so much easier for me.

ok just an example;
crochet (single crochet) go to You tube they got a gazillion on the how-to stitches, row 1; chain 11 stitches, then single crochet in second chain from hook and in remaining chain, you chain 1 then turn.

thats it for now; as for the increases just add stitches, wait till you get to decreases, wow! there are some good you tube ones that do show increase &decrease, left& right hand, as for me learning, I got a book called A B C of crocheting, found someone also that crocheted, and youtube, I want to learn more stitches, here’s one you can learn, for your chain and you turn it, do two single crochet in one stitch. not going to do anymore cause it will confuse you.

also if you write those directions out in “your” language, you may understand them better as well, and to keep track? find plastic safety pins and pin where you were. I hope I didn’t confuse you too much

as for my projects, lapgans, y’know where people are in wheelchairs, make those blanket type things, prayer shawls, baby caps, and other things. those that were shown that mirjam shared, awesome!! watch and see.


I am already confused :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you to both of you for the tips and videos.

There are too many videos on Youtube for beginners, I need to find one that is really clear and where we can see clearly!


Maybe this helps:


There was the very best teacher on Youtube, with wonderful, professional videos, clearly lit, slow, light coloured yarn on dark background, she had perfect technique etc.
Unfortunately the lady became a bit “weird”. Now some of her tutorials for hats, gloves or some novelty stitches are still there, but not the beginning stitches. Only the left hand method. Most of her videos are made private, and she rambles on about military matters and other things. It’s so sad.

Generally on Youtube, AVOID crochet tutorials by American and English people. Go for French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or Russian ones (there are some wonderful Mexican Youtuber ladies). I will explain this to you in private because I don’t want to open a can of worms.

A quick search gave me this good video. Careful, don’t watch the others from Bergère de France, they have very poor technique and you will get bad habits which will cramp your hands and make your work uneven.

You can also look at this lady. She has good hand placement and will teach you the basic stitches clearly.

P.S. Why on earth would you start by making a complicated shape instead of a square or rectangle? There is a reason all of us started with dishcloths and potholders.

P.S. The magic ring was something that revolutionised crochet in the round, because thanks to it there is no hole in the middle as there usually was.
Here is the usual way of starting crochet in the round.

I don’t use it the magic ring that much, because you need to fix it really well to avoid it getting undone and the whole work falling apart. But it is essential in stuffed toys because they shouldn’t have any holes.
Here is Mamie’s explanation of the magic circle

After studying those, we can meet up and I will show you. It’s easier that way, because we can stop whenever you’re stuck, instead of you having to stop the video and going back several times. You can tell me whenever something is not visible and I’ll come closer, and I can also comment on what you’re doing. Much less frustrating.
Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment at 10 o’clock *your 8), so I don’t think it will work for you - I don’t know what time you come back from work, and you’ll also have to eat etc. Otherwise, any other evening is fine - just don’t do it too late, otherwise my hook will be droopy and my eyelids too.


@piranna @frustratedwriter