Ok I know we are soooo bored


love all theser! and sorry I will keep to the english side to this. can you get allfreecrochet, how about pinterest? thats two I do like, including youtube, and yes it is good to have someone with you to show you. don’t make it harder than it really is,


I hadn’t heard of it before, but I’m looking at it now. :slight_smile:


Thank you to everyone! That will make me occupied for sure!!

I tried tutorials from France, Spanish-speaking and English-speaking countries. I also tried 1 from Asia but the woman didn’t speak, there were subtitles.

Their titles are really catchy, like “for Beginners”!
When you watch, they made it so easy and explain you step by step… but there are too many threads entangled in my crochet that I don’t know where to put my increase!

I will try the videos and get back to you when I will be ready to do all this, Irmar!
I come back around 8 or 9 p.m. but as you say, shower, dinner, resting… so maybe it might be a little late for you. Or I can take pics.


After @irmar’s private lessons and some practice, I’m sure it will all go more smoothly and soon you’ll be ready for even the more advanced videos. :slight_smile:


Thanks for you words of encouragement!! :smile:


@lutra…“making my mom laugh, talking, playing with her and watching her favorite movie “Dirty Dancing” together 2 times already”

Love this! My mom is 88 years old and her sense of humor is not what it used to be. She laughs and smiles a lot but I haven’t seen her infectious belly-laugh as much as I used to. I try like it’s my full time job to get her to laugh hard every day. Have started to record things although it’s challenging to hide the camera sometimes.


the granny square is the best one to learn for beginners. just have fun, don’t get frustrated


Some days and if that’s possible, preparing an interview? Talking about good memories in front of the camera.


Don’t think of increases for now, just practice the plain 4 basic stitches. Would you teach your niece ballet when she doesn’t even know how to walk?
chain = maille en l’air ou chainette
single crochet (double crochet in the UK) = maille serrée
double crochet (treble in the UK) = bride
and slip stitch (single crochet in the UK) = maille coulée (ou petite maille)

Again, not all tutorials are the same. Not everyone knows well. You want to avoid tension of the fingers. Keep all the fingers near each other, softly touching your hook and holding your work like in the videos that I have recommended. You will see the utility of that later on.
And see this useful picture about what to do with your left hand, so that you keep a slight tension on your yarn:

We can meet tonight if you want. There’s no need for a marathon, we can do a little each time. The times I fell asleep on you we were doing hours of editing or discussing stuff.
Drop me an email to tell me when, I won’t be visiting Viki several times per day.


Is it by PM or you still use the email address you gave me last time?

I am not sure PM notification or PM work currently.
I still haven’t watched the videos you posted yesterday or tried them with a hook, you sure tonight? I can tonight or tomorrow night at 9 p.m. As you want!


Watch the videos tonight then and we can do it tomorrow.
Yes, the mail is still valid, I just sent you one to refresh your memory.


Thanks, Irmar! See you tomorrow then :slight_smile:


ok I know most of you don’t need subs, the ones that do, try to crochet and watch the dramas! oh my goodness! missed rows I am telling you, trying to watch look at subes and crochet, that just has to gotta be an art!!


My mom often used to knit while watching tv, even if it was with subtitles. Later she replaced the yarn and needles by crossword puzzles. Haha, she could even follow the storyline on tv while she was on the phone! :joy:

Come to think of it: back in the days I used to learn vocabulary while watching tv! :slight_smile:
Oh, and once I learned my physics homework (from a tangible book, I might need to ad for the younger generation :wink: ) while listening to music and folding origami cranes. It resulted in a high mark on that test, haha.
Having something to do with your hands can help you focus on the show (or whatever else you want to focus on). Some people use crocheting, others let their hands go through a bag of potatoe chips while watching a show, haha. :wink:


The trick is to

  1. Choose a very simple, repetitive stitch where you don’t have to look all the time.
  2. Choose one of those boring dramas where, even if you miss a couple of lines here and there, it doesn’t matter, because you know anyway what’s going to happen next.

I used Secret Romance and Starry Sea Starry whatever (the one with the merman) to finish a blanket.


This one?

I must admit I haven’t seen it …


[quote=“mirjam_465, post:216, topic:27936”]
This one?[/quote]

Don’t! I only kept it as visual and auditory background as I was making the blanket, otherwise I’d had dropped it like a hot potato after a couple of episodes.
The merman costume was very good. But that’s the only positive thing I can say about this whole fiasco.


yeah it did get boring, I really thought it would be a very good one, and guess I was the only one that hated the ending, and won’t spoil it for mirjam.

see? I keep telling y’all wheres the Atlantis stories??? thought that might have been part of the stori but wasn’t disappointed there too.

hehehe, and yes about a boring drama, I will check that out then, will do the crocheting then.


What? We all hated the ending! We even made a thread here on Discussions to vent about it. If the bad ending is a reasonable outcome from the whole story, I don’t like it, but I’m sort of okay. But it it is completely needless, if the story could have easily ended well but they made it sad “just because”, then we have every right to be mad.


well I guess I missed it then

ok try this one
This is another easy crochet tutorials and beginner friendly. Great for gifts. The yarn I used is available on this link👇… This is just a single crochet row. All the terms used is in US terminology. Feel free to leave a comment! Share this video in Facebook/Twitter/Google+ and show to your friends! Happy crocheting and feel free to subscribe :ok_hand: More Crochet Tutorials :point_right: