Ok I know we are soooo bored


ok you asked for it! um, me too. hehehehehe

hmmm maybe I should have put this on my laugh for the day! but I think this is sufficient, being someone mentioned clutter, hey! I am not getting rid of my yarn or material OR my genealogy stuff, I got a path you can walk through!!! hehehehehe


would love to learn sudoku looks like I have a lot to watch today!! the keychain, I do crochet ones, but will check this out too, person on the page said bulldog

I did the Korean one, I always forget that lady’s name, but love watching her and how she makes those

sorry Piranna an old southern American icon, she loves the butter and sugar in her recipes, and yes too much sugar for me, yeah butter too. as for your last sentence, yeah I was shocked too! mamma mia!!

I’d love to try those roses, will watch that one, hey wasn’t that a medicinal in one of our dramas? I think I answered every one. so y’all have a great & blessed day! Danke, Merci, gracias, thank you all for making my day today.


LOL that is why you have to clean the house before it happens :stuck_out_tongue: That might stop her!


I didn’t know Dianxi Xiaoge’s video, I’ve just clicked on one and wow! Octopus and meat in big cauldrons :open_mouth:
When I watch them cook, I compare with my oven or small pots and think “Oh, it is too modern! I need something more old style!”

Li Ziqi is a good master of her own “oven”! (I don’t know how to call it lol The super great oven in her garden!)


I need to get permission from the spider in my room.
You know, I and the spider in my room have so much privacy for each other that whenever I enter the room, he goes out and whenever he enters the room, I leave :joy:


Here’s a tutorial for beginners! I don’t know if the explanations are clear, because I don’t have earphones!

The main rules are:

  • This is a grill of sudoku = this big square
  • Inside, you have 9 squares (white and blue squares alternating colors)
  • Each square = 9 cells (ex: 1st white square, you have numbers 938672).
  • In each square, you have to fill them from number 1 until 9

The trick is:

  • each line and each column can only contain each number once
  • each square (white and blue) can only contain each number once


Try to fill the first square on the top left!

Clue #1: look at the square!
1st white square: you see numbers 938672.
What does it mean? The missing numbers in the square are: 145!
But where do you put them??

Clue #2: look at the line!
The first line, you see numbers 93268/1
What does it mean? Since the first line already has the number 1, you can’t fill the number 1 on the first line, right?
Let’s continue and find where we can put number 1!

Clue #3: look at the columns!
The second and third columns, you see number 1!
What does it mean? The number 1 can only be filled in the first column!

The end: thanks to clues #2 and #3, you know that you can fill number 1 in… first column, 3rd line.

Then you continue with filling the same square with missing numbers 4 and 5 or if you can’t find more clues, you can continue with another square, go back to the first square…

A lot of combinations possible! You can begin and continue where you want!


It’s Maangchi!

It’s fine :smile: The apples seem yummy! If she just sells them without showing how she made them, I would fall for the trick and just buy them with hungry eyes lool

Oh yeah, in Chinese dramas? Roses, flowers, pearls, ginseng… Traditional Chinese medicine!
There are even some weird names of flowers or roots I’ve never heard of when I watch or translate and I’m like hopefully we have Google!

Have a great day too!


oh my goodness, brain power!! more to watch today! still confusing but will work on it! and yes Maangchi just something about her, maybe its how she does her recipies simple so people like me can understand!


LOL I can find later a video that will be easier to understand! I searched some already and they were like hacks but not easy tutorials!!


You might be interested in this:
It’s a study on the symbolism of male hairstyles in Korea and Japan.


Thanks, Irmar! Where are females LOL I have taken a quick peak and I read the word “women” somewhere. I will take a look tonight! This is interesting!! 18 pages are good, you made me scared for a second when I read “research paper.”

Btw, since we’re talking about hair, I’ve read that some silicones were damaging hair, like they form a layer and your hair can’t breath or absorb nutrients (like useless if you use conditionner or masks)! I changed again formula shampoo lol


Usually we put silicone only on the very ends, no?


I don’t know, they say it’s in some shampoo formulas and I wash all my hair from top to hair ends.

“You can find silicones in shampoo or other hair products at such ends as -cone, -thiconol, -thicone .”
From this source to the previous one, they say opposite things sometimes.

I’ve decided to banish silicones lol


very interesting! didn’t realize silicone was in the shampoo either


I’ll begin now and show you the results tomorrow, soaps need to harden!!


I found another short video that explains sudoku:

(This time, I could listen to it!)


Yeah, her oven is very cute :smile:


The name alone makes me stay far away from them! :scream:


I love things llike this; oh and I did try it


Your mom too!
I haven’t shown their videos to my mom yet, but she’s already a fan of YouTube and likes to watch and experiment new recipes from locals!

Do you know Kimono Mom? (Japanese housewife cooking!)

It seems really delicious and easy to make!
Ingredients seem good too!