Ok I know we are soooo bored


Mary, time flies each year faster and faster, why is that, I only wonder, making me aging faster too :rofl::sob:

yeah thanks corona (not the beer), because of you, the world has completely changed, nothing will be ever normal like before… the new generation will never know how good we used to have it, I know war times were very difficult too… that’s my parents and grandparents generation… boomers had it all I can say, because we won’t have it again the same… the modern development/advancement with technology has made us more like robots… our brains transferred to mobile phones and computers… yes some things are easier and faster, but we are more and more becoming dependents.

anyway stay strong and healthy, I enjoy your positive outlets :muscle::+1:

Too bad you are so far away so that I could share yarns with you, I have so much yarn wool left from my mother 3 large storage bags… I hope I will find time to knit or crochet again… :blush:

Have fun crafting!! I usually make pot holders, cos it’s so fast, I did some hats in past as well and would like to to again for my grandkid.


I made years ago soap from pre-mixed soap squares with glycerin and goat milk the other with hemp oil. I cut them up and warmed and poured in molds I did 2 layers and added grounded banana peel or grounded orange peel. (it was a messy job, but soaps were great) I still have some squares left. My friend did regularly soap from scratch with natural oils and or with goat milk. I cannot find good goat milk soaps (not the commercially made) here… in US it’s easy to find homemade goat milk or tallow soaps.

Is that a natural stone the countertop in I’m guessing your kitchen?


ok y’all here is a puzzle lets see if you can find the hidden tiger!!


I am still infected with the travel bug (a tragedy because of all the Covid-19 travel restrictions) but I venture out and check out local parks in our area and hike the trails and then I offset all of that physical activity by baking (and then eating the baked goods :tired_face: ). My favorite nursery closed down for the season so bye-bye plant-shopping therapy. School and work fills up the spaces though…


maybe you can find people that would give you pieces of plants to grow, I got me a canna lily, and a rose, but rose isn’t doing very well, just ask some people, with all this rain here in NC due to hurricanes the cana lily is flourishing, oh did you know its a swamp flower(marsah)?


genealogy research, is mainly my family tree, I have gone back to 7 generations, I also love to help others with theirs too. as fopr crochet I will put a picture on here later


Those Cana Lilies are so pretty. I may like plants but I don’t have a green thumb. That’s impressive that you have gone back 7 generations. I bought my parents those DNA ancestry kits and it took my Mom a year to send her sample, my Dad still has not done it they’re so bad.


I heard about those. Does that actually work? :thinking:


Whether it’s my eyes, my rich fantasy, or my awareness of your love for Healer, at first glance I read:

:drum: As for crochet, I will crochet a picture of Healer later! :drum:


I’ve read and watched too much science fiction in another decade of my life, that giving my DNA to someone I don’t know has a strange vibe.
LOL I just can’t help it.


From what I read about it - not all offsprings of the same parent will show the same ethnicity make up. The ones that I got my parents are just to see their ethnic make up because I love history and culture. My Mom so far came up with a few shocking ancestry that I was not expecting aka more reason for me to celebrate different holidays and traditions.


how did you manage to get JCW into this??! :joy::joy:
been reading through this thread while you guys talked about crocheting and knitting and remembering my poor unfinished ‘scarf’ lying deep in the back of my closet :flushed:


I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I can see the exploitative power it can bring. There are those who show your genetic make up and even connect you with blood relatives while there are products that take it a step further - telling you what diseases you may be genetically be predisposed to and things in your genes that may help you modify your lifestyle to increase health and well being etc…

and there is a “public one” that was used here and it traced someone back to a serial killer because the serial killer’s distant relative signed up to connect with blood relatives :neutral_face:


Woah , can you really do that? So talented. I think I may want a pillowcase with Healer’s image hahahaha


Really? Just sounds like a K-drama, LOL if I were into crime and fiction I probably would get my pen ready by now and start writing …

" On Cristmas my family got a gift, each one of us got a DNA test kit, to find our roots and look for branches. It only took us a few minutes to do it, little did we know, that our lives would …"

Haha, sorry, I just had to. It’s not really funny though if it happens in real life.


You’re already ready for November! :wink:


LOL will look at it later never heard of it. Years ago we had a writers group in my town, and we would hold readings, but I have not written one story in 5 years. So, I need to look this up properly.


So the talent is there. Try it, it’s fun! :slight_smile:


Golden State Killer,crime%20sprees%20in%20California%20history.


I am not going to read it, I am already sleep-deprived so at least those hours I sleep, I must use them well. A reason why I am off many crime dramas these days. Such stories follow me for days/weeks … Especially if they are based on facts. In my childhood there was a TV-show in Germany called Der weiße Ring, it was trying to solve crimes where the culprit was still missing and accidentally saw a scene where a mother with a child my age was tramping, and they took a rest and at that place a man came and first shot her and then the child, you didn’t see it actually, but you could guess as it was staged by actors, but till this day I can’t forget that story. I only read or watch such things if I am not as sensitive, now is not the time for me.