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as far as I know yes, BUT!!! and I put that on a strong note, research is the key, I have messed up one of my lines thinking oh yeah got more info, and not.checked out the stuff.

the DNA shows your ethnicity as well as your matches. I can not believe 1 percent Nigeria, heres the clincher, my ancestors did have slaves, so like anything else research, research, research is the key to that DNA and believe me I have been doing research all over the place. census, other family trees, births, deaths marriages, even military stuff. boy doesnt that sound a lot?

when you do get into this, its history, and theres a lot you will enjoy and learn. heres a for instance, and your side of the world masy have something entirely different, 3 of my ancestors were whalers, as far as I know 2 died at sea

the short answer, you can meet new relatives, yes it does work

I was going to put some stuff on here but it didn’t work,

one person said its a scam, I don’t think so
another said it is really safe, another said depends what you are looking for, there was more but thought that would be kinda helpful. still don’t think the ethnicity is right (me)


Nothing interesting but.
~ Binge-watching
~ subtitling
~ Resting
~ Reading books ( currently 13 reasons why by Jay Asher)
~ Social media
~ Having fun in dramaworld :sweat_smile::rofl:
I guess that’s what most of are doing. Hope this ends soon.
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what" cant find a good hobby ? well you do read so thats good, learn to write (heheheheh me and Atlantis,) In your part of the world to be sure theres something to write about, draw? I’d love to, lucky to draw a straight line! so crochet? and why not? bake something and give it waay, course don’t kill someone ! get out and plant a seed, do something for someone, hey that phone call would lift someones spirits esp today, and yeah I don’t do enough either. learn a new hobby is all. and yeds that is what most of us are doing


ok y’all more on this ancestry DNA, I looked on Youtube,theres a whole bunch on DNA and updated ethnicity.just go to you tube and search for dna and DNA ethnicity updated. an interesting watch. mine has changed a bit but still, just doesn’t seem right. so hopefully that helps


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what" cant find a good hobby? well you do read so that’s good, learn to write (hehe hehe me and Atlantis,) In your part of the world to be sure there’s something to write about, draw? I’d love to, lucky to draw a straight line! so crochet? and why not? bake something and give it away, course don’t kill someone!
get out and plant a seed, do something for someone, hey that phone call would lift someone’s spirits esp today, and yeah I don’t do enough either. learn a new hobby is all. and yes that is what most of us are doing see? genealogy and at times its fun, but times when you hit brick walls or pull the hair out, but its still fun!

more of the DNA testing
The real value of the test is in the list of people who match you. That part is quite accurate and you can use it to help build your tree, connect with new relatives you might not have known about, etc.

The ethnicity results can be fun, but they are going to change regularly and some updates will match what you know about your family better than others. The reality is that many areas of the world have been melting pots for a very long time so there’s just not that much difference in the DNA of someone from England vs someone from Germany, etc which means accurately telling someone of mixed origins that they’re x% English and x% German is quite difficult and the numbers will vary from company to company and can change in a way that appears dramatic when Ancestry updates their models.

If all you are interested in is the ethnicity and you’re going to be disappointed if it doesn’t match exactly where you think you’re from, or if you’re going to let it bother you when it changes again in a year or two, then I wouldn’t spend your money. But if you want to build your tree and connect with cousins then it can definitely be worth it. and I have a 1% Nigeria, supposed to be German, scots,english Irish. but I am saying for my ancestors that had slaves from Nigeria or whatever, thats another thing I am going to research, another brick wall too

y’all sorry this was so long have a great blessed day!


this is for beginners, I may try it too., y’all am I doing something wrong in trying to put links on here?
I didn’t want to put the whole page on here! make it pages. but it had a bunch of beginner stuff in this link, from the chain to neat stuff like shawls and all. I really hope you can get onto the page!!

and found out what I was doing . look this has a lot of other beginner stuff on here, hopefully you can browse this, and translate!! have fun ok?


for you simi11 for me just learning, whats the soap base? would it be soap scraps ?


@frustratedwriter Mary here a good website for tutorial

The soap base is usually made with glycerin and added either oil or goat milk. I don’t use colors, but you can add dry herbs, lavender or mint and or oat flakes, you can experiment and look up online or pinterest for examples. You cut up the soap base which comes in a block shape in squares and let it slowly melt in a pan, you can buy pretty molds or use a baking form.
I purchased my first and last batch here and I got the goat milk SFIC and the hemp oil SFIC, these are the most natural ingredients and come in lb size, I see they got more expensive… like everything else today. I like the soap quality, there are certainly cheaper ones. It depends what your preference of ingredients is.

You might find on Amazon something similar or even at Michael’s crafting or any crafting store, make sure to read the ingredients if you look for something without the typical commercial stuff in it and more natural.

I also don’t use just a fragrance if then some drops of essential oil at the end.


@frustratedwriter thanks for the links!
@simi11 I don’t know the table material, sorry!

For soaps, 2 methods I know of:

  • either melt and pour (follow the recipes you both gave, from a soap base that is pre-made),

  • either saponification (instead of using the soap base, you create the soap base from more dangerous ingredients like titanium dioxide or caustic soda which cause skin burns so you need to be careful with saponification and use gloves, goggles and long sleeves and dose it precisely. If your dose of caustic soda > dose of oils to make soap = your soap will strip the skin from your fingers.)

You can add coffee grounds, cinnamon, sand, oat…


thanks simi11 I will look at that today. thought that would be a fun hobby, but the way piranna descrobed the additives, i don’t know. anyway I will still look. thanks again


Mary, she was talking about lye which is sodium hydroxide a dangerous stuff. When mixed with the oil preparation it causes a saponification and creates a soap which isn’t dangerous, it’s a chemical process. Therefore, I would suggest to you to start with a premade soap base, which is actually a finished soap that you can reheat and transform the way you want. That means you can mix to different bases together, you can add color and dry herbs, spice, essential oil or oatflakes and that sort and you can use pretty mold or just simple molds. That is the difference.

When you make a soap from scratch there is more to the making and processing it as well hardening, it’s more to consider and probably trial and error learning curve.

I took a soap making workshop but I made soaps from premade soap bases since I didn’t want to deal with the lye.


yeah lye ! so I find a premade soap base then, ok I can do that. thanks for that.


The recipes simi and you posted are not the dangerous method.
Using soap base (method 1):

  • buy soap base
  • melt it then add other ingredients
  • pour it in molds
  • Not dangerous at all, easy to begin with!
  • Dry for 1 day or less before they are ready to be used.

Look at the ingredients of the soap base you buy.
If they have palm oil or unknown vegetal oil, I tend to avoid it (overexploited, bad for the environment, global warming, killing orang utans, elephants and forests diversity, adios Malaysian or Indonesian forests). That is why method 2 could become interesting.

If you want to make soaps from scratch, from A to Z, you do method 2 called saponification:

  • Pick the ingredients for the soap and have control of the properties you want to dose.

  • more dangerous when you create the soap, you have to cover yourself up to avoid skin burns in case you spill chemical ingredients.

  • around 1 month for the soap to solidify and ready to use.

I would recommend you, like simi said, to use method 1 with soap base, because it is less dangerous for you.

If you feel more adventurous and your hands don’t shake or you are not clumsy, why not method 2, but still, do it with someone for the first time.


thanks piranna, so another way, I will look in that one too


Before the weather turned so hot I spent a lot of time tending my container garden. Garlic chives (pictured) can be used in many recipes, are very easy to grow and their blooms can be used to propagate more plants.
I’ve grown many things in containers – okra, cherry tomatoes, leeks, peppermint, aloe, rosemary and many types of herbs. Beware of planting basil, mine got huge. :open_mouth:
(This isn’t mine; my picture file was to large to upload onto Viki).


should I take a picture of my beautiful “weeds” thats growing instead of my plants?? hehehehehe


has anyone tried those beginner crochet?

another thing, anyone love to bake cakes and all? have you tried your hand in making them like a boot, or fish or…? I have seen a few links that looked amazing baking those cakes in different sizes,shapes and what not. it facinates me!! nope not a good hand in that one. I would love to see the “creation” made just once, live that is

well I goofed again, this was supposed to be about a cake, but something else. this link is quite good though, got some new found archeology stuff, I have also been interested in archeology, hmmm wonder why thats another reason why I like doing genealogy? my apologies but still hope you like the link.

I found it! y all just scroll on down and you will come to it.


I found another link on soap on dyi,


Lol do you have cactus?


I tried Irmar’s videos and decided to stick to them first before going to next videos.

If I manage not to forget it, I have to buy new yarn this weekend, the one I bought was bad.