Ok I know we are soooo bored


What was bad about that yarn?


Idk about @piranna, but I just got a whole box of sewing thread from a neighbor who is moving and I have to check whether the thread is still good by pulling on each one to see if it snaps. I fit does, I’ll throw those out :sweat_smile:


There might be some other use for them … :thinking:


The forums online said that it wasn’t suitable for sewing anymore. I would be fine in art projects or something, I guess, but I wouldn’t have any use for it.


Pillow filling? :rofl:


It was a bit fuzzy and you couldn’t see the stitches. It was also not twisted enough, so the strands tended to separate.


We have cactus, more than you can imagine.

This is a photograph of Saguaro National Park.


yes I do have cactus hedhehehehe, not that much though


have a great & blessed day!


That is so cool I mean who doesn’t want to actually touch a cactus and see if it hurts or not.:):rofl: atleast me


Did you make that yourself?
Looks cute :smile:


Oh my!!!
I love it.



That is so cool I mean who doesn’t want to actually touch a cactus and see if it hurts or not.:):rofl: atleast me

Trust me! It hurts. Some cacti (plural of cactus) needles are much more painful than others.


Great topic for a horror movie! :scream::cactus::cactus::cactus::cactus:


Let’s prepare for Halloweeen! :jack_o_lantern:


Irène! Can I book another crochet lesson for next Friday night? (That would make a nice catchy song :joy:)


no, I would love to make it though


It hurts, and sometimes you can’t get those barbs out either



What about tweezers or hot water?

(I had many red dots from applying eosin when as a child, I fell in a range of rose bushes while riding a bike (with 4 heels). All over my body :joy::joy::joy: I can’t compare with cactus barbs, never tried and not sure I want to LOL)


Cactus, well I got to “meet” a cactus when I was 9 years old and spend my summer holidays at my grandmother’s place. She used to live alone since my grandfather’s death. Normally she would open all the windows in the morning. By the window there was one cactus, I always must have overlooked it. So while the windows were open she put the cactus on the sofa and I liked to sit on the armrest of the sofa looking outside. When I saw someone walking outside, I wanted to look a bit more and reached behind me with my hand. Trust me, you don’t really want to get to know that feeling, I don’t even know how many barbed spikes my grandma had to pull out of my hand, but it really took a lot of time.
From then on the cactus would be moved to the table, it was a bit further away from the window and the sofa.