Ok I know we are soooo bored


That must hurt as hell!
Was it a mini cactus?


as for that cactus, painful too

ok try this one ,sorry some of you may not know some of these, but try anyway(ps theres a couple I didn’t know either) yep sooooo bored!!

  1. Largest animal

  2. River after which a waltz is named

  3. David Attenborough’s documentary

  4. Working class

  5. Popular Cop, TV drama

  6. Wireless protocol

  7. Stilton

  8. Brooke Shields movie

  9. Optical disc format

  10. Elvis Presley movie

  11. River originating in lake Tana

  12. Well established company share

  13. Severely bruised

  14. Super hero Ted Kord

  15. Musical genre of Kentucky

  16. Levis or Wrangler

  17. Popular Las Vegas trio of performers

  18. IBM nickname

  19. It comes very rarely

  20. Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi

  21. Aristocrat

  22. Architectural drawing

  23. Beyonce’s daughter

  24. Popular Courier service

  25. Soldiers in Washingtons army

  26. A puritanical person


Depends on what you call mini, around 15 cm high and from afar it looked a bit flurry but that was only because it had many thin spikes, if it only had been spikes like needles, but with those little hooks. I can still recall the pain 4 decades later, that is when it went en vogue that you got a cactus as a present in the 80’s all of these went to my mom, I am “healed”. No more cactus for me.


try to transplant one! I learned to use gloves now


As a kid we would watch Mr. Lollipop, you know who I mean?


Oooooh, that must have hurt, Such nasty little stings… There are also cacti, they look so razor sharp :scream:
I feel with you :sweat_smile:


Still want to try touching it because it is very satisfying to actually see and hold one as I can’t find them in my region. There’s this excitement of touching this plant and everyone calls it painful but it is so beautiful if we compare it to other plants.:slight_smile:


my grandfather used to have this huge collection of cactii growing in his garden since they’re low maintenance and some of them have really pretty flowers. As a kid I used to ‘test’ the sharpness of all the types of cactii. Some of the bigger ones don’t hurt, but there are these sneaky kinds that haveverrrrry thin thorns or little bunches of thorns all over them and so the WHOLE thing used to get stuck on my finger and I’d go runnning with it to my grandfather, who’d pick it out with a tweezer after giving me a serious scolding.:grin:
On the bigger ones, I’d stick confetti on all of the thorns. That used to occupy me and my brother for hours, until our finished cactii looks like a cute green stick with hundreds of multicoloured confetti on the thorns! :joy: One time we did that to my grandfather’s two-floor-tall cactus, and all the passers-by used to stop and click photos! :sweat_smile:



I bought 4 types of yarn in a temple of yarn! I was very lost, I hesitated to skype you while picking it up :joy:

Merinos 3.5
Merinos and alpaga 7
Mix wool acrylic polyamide 6
Wool 3.5

I took white, light colors.


So it’s decided ,I’ll touch the big ones first !! :sweat_smile:


Ya makes me scared with cactus!

I don’t want to buy cactus anymore to put inside my room!


:joy::joy::joy: Is there a code to crack in the list??


but some are pretty, and y’all don’t get me started with the yarn!! heheheh, finally found a pattern I have been looking for, so I am going to try my hand at it. its a shawl with pockets!! I really hope I can do it. looks easy.

did your ggranddad put tobacco juice on it before picking it out? not a joke, buy mine did


Nope. He’d just pick it out with tweezers and then I’d go to my grandmom who put some cream on it and give me something sweet to eat :grin::sweat_smile:


Better buy a cactus without stings. :wink:


Just chose wisely with straight thorns, don’t go for those who look fluffy as you could stroke over them like a furry animal.


oh yeah, I once stroked a fluffy one and spent the rest of my day pulling out thorns :flushed: I remember asking my granddad “WHY are the prettier ones so sneaky??!!!”


Is that possible? A cactus without stings ?


There are some in Germany they are called Blattkaktus, but I didn’t find a word in English for them so far even at Wikipedia.
Succulents might be an option for you as well.


oh yeah there are a lot of them without those. , some of the succlents thats around, are cactus