Ok I know we are soooo bored


Yes! :slight_smile:

We call them lidcactus. Wikipedia English calls them Schlumbergera.

I had lidcactussen in my younger years. They got beautiful flowers. :wilted_flower:


That is so cool.

Sounds great to me.


Why? You could easily have done that! Or Messenger. I was at home most of the day, I only went away in the afternoon to give my dance lesson.
Well, the only requirements were 1) not fuzzy but smooth and 2) as twisted as possible.
The Merinos might fit the bill.


What kind of dance? :man_dancing: :dancer:


course we need to know what veggie tales are…


I’m an oriental dance teacher

That’s not me in the pic, of course. (You should double that)


are you sure it wasn’t you?? hehehehe, this senior has always wanted to learn belly dancing in my younger years, so why not? have fun!


for the cactus fans!!


I hope that works! yeaaa! it did for at least me!


Oh, you do belly dance, I did that for 2 years but then had other priorities and it was fun and we had couple of shows even with the hand cymbals, I had some cool outfits :heart_eyes: The lady is great with her hips!
I watched couple YT videos with guys, they were better than me, hahaha… I liked dancing with veils… it’s hard work to be good… and it’s supposed to be healthy fitness for hips and cardio :wink: I love also the music with the drums rhythm! I have 2 CDs from Natasha Atlas an Egyptian/British singer.

Who says men can’t belly dance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


far as I know I sure haven’t


The sound of silence :disappointed:


I didn’t want to bother you and I didn’t know if you were busy or not :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Relieved that this time the yarn fits yaaay!


how about this??

ands yes its a cake


meanwhile in Norway!


thought y’all may need this today


hey you “cactus” lovers, heres the safest cacti for you

image Amigurumi Cactus, and you makew it, so only thing that woujld hurt is your wrists


100% safe! That is a good idea for me!


How cute. Perfect for fall.


I think I am going to make one or two today

moody blues today


well wasn’rtplanning to put anything else on here. but here I am

this is for me today

so do I want to be blue ,moody, sad, nope change the thinking!!! gpoes for others too.