Ok I know we are soooo bored


Show us the result if you can!
Maybe we can add some perfume to it so it smells wonderful like flowers.

How about calling someone today?

The story of today:

A pilot in his fighter aircraft broke the sound barrier!
For us on the ground, we heard a big BANG!
Many were worried because of terrorist attacks. Hopefully, it was not!!
My cousin on the other side of the English Channel also first thought it was an explosion.
News travel fast here!

Yeah, I didn’t know when you break the sound barrier, you hear such a sound!

Apparently, he was given authorization by the Air Force to break it to give assistance to an aircraft that lost signal. We don’t hear this every day!


piranna, that was interstting, at least to me. how long ago was that?


It happened just today in France :grinning:

Found an article in English:

A very short video of sonic booms if you want to hear and see!

First one around 0:03-0:04
Impressive one at 0:35


The only thing I remember being worse that cactus spine removal is getting a barbed fishing hook out of my arm (I was just learning how to cast the line and bait with my fishing pole). My Grandpa had to push the hook through then cut the barb off the hook with sidecutters before he could remove it from my arm. I was about 7 years old at the time and I will never forget that experience.


It’s quite amazing (and frightening) to hear the sonic boom. Since 1984 we live just a few miles east and under the flightpath of an international airport so we get all kinds of [loud] experiences.
To name just a few, we’ve seen the Concorde (1998) flying in for a landing, the President’s Air Force One, and US Air Force taking flight on their way to perform maneuvers.

Corcorde departing Sky Harbor International Airport


I live in the entry lane of Ramstein Airbase, well there are all kinds of planes.

This one too, more than once, since every President comes at least one time in his 4 years. The loudest are the transport machines like Galaxy.

Normally you could say between 10 pm and 6 am and there is the quiet phase no planes, but in the last years it changed at least it’s not Frankfurt a. M. The most tragic moment was in the air show disaster in 1988 with 67 death - since then no more air shows are done.


Do you wake up because of planes around 6 a.m. or are you used to it?

That must have been quite a sight!
Have you learnt to recognize planes models from a look in the sky?


A fun clock!


Not always depends on the plane and if the pilot follows the official corridor, but even they changed it some years ago, some still fly over my “head”. Sometimes I have a lighter sleep, so I will hear it more, on the other hand I got the train right next to the house and the first train stops at 4.30 am, so whatever wakes me, I am used to it. What is annoying it when the speakers of the train station are on most popular these days to give guidelines because of “C19” for travelling safely. LOL I am not travelling but staying home and hear them all day, what to do shut the windows, as the weather is getting more chilly, well …
Ah, forgot to note I usually wake up before 6 am, maybe I am unconsciously trained by the US Air force, haha …


OMG You have the combo! Trains and planes!
It is like you’re travelling with them!

Do you take naps? Or maybe you don’t need to sleep a lot. I zone out if I don’t sleep at least 7 hours.


My dream time as well but only got it 2 times in the last weeks. I am taking care of my mom, she is able to walk around it’s not that she is staying in bed all day, but she wants to be busy … And that is keeping me busy, so days are getting longer. I am at the point of turning into a zombie, haha, or almost … Trying my best. I am not really able to take naps, would love to but I will think, oh, I need to do this and that, I need to be sick to sleep at day. Even all-nighters can’t really stop me, I will just go through the day, maybe not doing too much physical work and going to bed an hour earlier or so. Because of this I always salute those who can work shifts, that would probably kill me at the moment I usually sleep 5 hrs up to 6, if I am lucky.


It’s not easy to take care of someone every day.

Does your grandma take naps?

When we take care of someone (elderly or baby), we tend to adopt the same life schedule, so when they take a nap, we take a nap too lol

Can you take a walk with her in the forest or not safe? That would make her exercise and get some fresh air in an open space where people should be far far away from each other?

Do you save some time just for yourself and relax, like 1 hour a day or small breaks?


It’s my mom. LOL If my grandmas where still around they would be over 100 years already.

Oh, well. She rarely does, and when she does, I will use the chance to do the work that I can’t do otherwise.

No, she had two broken lumbar vertebras at the start of the year. She got her mobility back but not the stamina as before. Safe is relative, you would say we live in a safe area, but a few days ago someone was robbed while going upstairs to the train station, but we have a garden and in times like these you appreciate it even more.

My small breaks are the walks for grocery shopping. Little breaks like coming here to discussions. Or going to cut plants or pull weed in the garden for half an hour. A full hour sometimes watching drama. I usually put myself to sleep start an ep of some drama and zzzZZZZzz … Rarely remember more than 10 minutes but it keeps me from thinking about what I did over the day and may work on the next. The minute my head touches the pillow you can start the countdown … LOL It’s really true, when I was younger I was scolding my dad, for just lay down and sleep right away, but I think there is a hidden gene in me, I am now like that too, only difference I need the night.


and then you hafta put math on here ! and whats so funny about this, note crocheting AND sewing use math, even baking! silly me.


Oops! We talked about it before, right! A slip of the keyboard, talking about elders made me think of my grandma.

That must hurt like hell! Is it because of aging?

Your garden must be clean!!
Do you grow any flowers, fruits or vegetables in your garden?

Do you take breaks to snack?
Have you already slept in front of your computer?
Previously, it often happened to me.
The next morning, still have the computer on my lap.

Agree, that helps to put things aside to focus your mind on something else.

Lol can you sleep immediately wherever you are?


Yes, she had to take strong painkillers, well her bones aren’t the best unfortunately.

LOL I wished, no this year has not been too kind on my own health, so the weed is always faster in growing than me going after it.

I have some plants and flowers, no trees though I am not allowed, I didn’t have to many things this year in the garden, what I have since about 4 years are strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb (officially vegetable) I usually grow sow some roots, those usually growing well, some onions, things I can get one by one. What I had a lot this year were herbs not that much to eat but those with smell, because with my mom we couldn’t get out, so she could at least enjoy some strawberry mint, citron thyme, peach sage, basil, chocolate mint, lemon balm, …
I look for plants that do not need too much care and water, and became a huge fan of sage.

No, I take drink breaks, because I often forget to drink enough.

I have my laptop next to my bed, if there is no action for an hour, it goes to sleep as well. LOL

Luckily I am sleeping on one side so, no chance for that.

No. Best in my own bed.

How about you, were you the one with a balcony, such things always slip my mind since I am not always following the topics with full attention.


Lol imagine!

Recipe of mathcakes!

Add 156/8 cups of flour
Mix it with (2047+142)^2/100 cups of milk

Crochet + maths… Lol help!!



Wish your mother get some stamina back!
You got sick this year?

As a child, one of my favorite activities was weeding!
Yeah, they always appear like mushrooms!
Oh so nice fruits! You could try tomatoes, don’t need much care and raw seeds inside tomatoes don’t cost anything more.

I’m like that too! I can’t possibly read everything, could spend a month or a couple of months!

No balcony! I’m the one with the avocado seed :joy: I don’t spend much time in the garden, I live most of the time at my work.

Even during corona, I didn’t spend much time in the garden.
I would prefer to go in forests, but it’s not very near, so…


Not really sick, but not with full energy either, nicely put …

I had last year 5 plants, and had about 3kg tomatoes. This year I bought a tomato plant got 1 tomato. LOL. I still have some seed from last year, tomato seed usually works for longer, if stocked dry and dark. Unlucky me can’t eat them raw.
I think you would like my city, all around there is wood.
I found a nice video at YT it took a while to surface since they do not mention my city’s name …
The first 2,5 minutes you can see my town and it is indeed one of the best in English I have seen so far, later they go hiking in the forest that surrounds us, it’s pretty long, I haven’t finished watching it myself. Plane included by the way.