Ok I know we are soooo bored


You can’t eat them raw? How come?
Have you tried with the mini tomatoes seeds? They grow better for my side.

What a beautiful forest and mini lake, thanks for the video!

Got to study, got Chinese tomorrow! Have a good night and enjoy your 10 min drama before sleeping :slight_smile:


I am sensitive to tomatoes, my mouth and tongue will slightly swell up, I am not highly allergic, but well better than green paprika I will get serious stomach pain, doesn’t matter if raw or cooked.

Have fun studying Chinese.
I will enjoy the 10 min no worries.


I don’t always recognize the aircraft, so I call my husband who has more knowledge of aircraft than I do. But I didn’t need any help identifying the Concorde or the Transport Planes which fly over.
Aircraft is quite low as they fly over our house since it’s less than 2 miles from the north runway.
The flight patterns change too, somedays they land from the east, others they take-off from the west.


So i am currently still going to school, hoping to graduate in December if I can keep my procrastination in check. I have alot going on from that though, i have 2 research projects i need to present, while also accumilating 300 practicum hours. I am also a mother to a little hell raiser. In the little time i do have, i do tend to binge-watch dramas late at night, but i also like getting on pintrest and seeing what i can do for updates around the house. lol


oh dear, this is totally me :joy: just can’t seem to stop procrastinating the more stressful it gets… KDRAMALAND BECKONS ME!


ok ok, I gave in, doing more genealogy, and doing other people’s family tree, oh my goodness, yep I am bored!! other than doing crochet and gardening, that is

well the k&c dramas watching them too just finishing up some C dramas, now need to finish some K dramas too.


And after gardening you can make this, hang it in your garden and relax … :relaxed:


just want to learn how to do macrame, I did find a link(you tube, for flowers) may check that out then.

uh oh frustrated writer coming ouit!!


egads! who would have thought!! isn’t there places kinda like this in our Asian friends back yards?

see? we is bored!!


I learned it in school … but that was ages ago and I didn’t practice in the meantime …

Oh, and if you’re still bored, you can always make a YouTube video, showing your yarn :joy: :


I have had the blues for a few days due to my cat heading to kitty heaven. well my son suggested something, DANCE!!

ok one of you mentioned your mom dancing, I turned my music up ,loud ! first was the dancing queen, can’t get enough of that song! anyway I danced, no one watching thanks goodness, then sweet caroline and pretty woman. feel so much better, a good 30 minute work out!

this was for my blue mood, just had to get out of it. who can be blue while dancing!!!


I’m sorry for your loss. :cry:


oh my goodness, yes!! I’ve been feeling extremely stressed and down lately because of studies, and dancing totally got me out of it!! The exhilaration of learning something new and just moving around is so much fun!


aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww thank you vivi_1485 like I said who can be blue while dancing!!


Will somebody play, please!!! I want to see your answers and I’m tired of seeing political posts and stuff about COVID-19 or complaining. Let’s lighten up

  • Age backwards : 47

  • Favorite pie: apple ,&; pecan

  • Steak or seafood: Seafood &;steak

  • Italian or Chinese: Chinese/ Korean

  • Pepsi or coke: COFFEE or TEA

  • Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla or fudge bar

  • How many tattoos: 0

  • Ever hit a deer: no

  • Netflix or Hulu: netflix and Viki

  • Last text from:

  • Favorite season: spring

  • Broken Bones: a bunch just call me cyborg

  • How many surgeries: a bunch again just call me cyborg

  • Favorite color: purple

  • Mountains or beach: Mountains and beach

  • Dogs or cats: mine usually run to cats but lately its dogs

  • Have you ever flown on a plane: Yes

  • Favorite holiday: mainly Christmas

  • Beer or wine: TEA or COFFEE

  • Mild or hot salsa: neither

  • Smooth or crunchy peanut butter: Smooth

  • Waffles or pancakes: neither

  • Who will play: I don’t know

Have a great day!

Just hold down and copy text to your page, add your own answer.

Age backwards : same as forwards :P 

Favorite pie: banana, mocha, chocolate, pistache ...

Steak or seafood: neither

Italian or Chinese: whichever has the vegetarian option

Pepsi or coke: plain hot black tea

Chocolate or Vanilla: depends

How many tattoos: 0

Ever hit a deer: no

Netflix or Hulu: I don't know Hulu, but the name always reminds me of "hullu", the Finnish word for "crazy". So Netflix and of course Viki.

Last text from: phone provider

Favorite season: each season has its own downside ...

Broken Bones: not totally

How many surgeries: none

Favorite color: lilac

Mountains or beach: both, I guess

Dogs or cats: both

Have you ever flown on a plane: Yes

Favorite holiday: used to be Christmas, now I'm not sure ... Maybe New Year's Eve ...

Beer or wine: wine, soju, makgeolli ;) 

Mild or hot salsa: depends on my mood

Smooth or crunchy peanut butter: both

Waffles or pancakes: both

Who will play: Who wouldn't? ;)


heres another one

ps it is a painted rock


lets see…

  • Age backwards : 61 loll
  • Favorite pie: apple
  • Steak or seafood: ummm…BOTH
  • Italian or Chinese: Italian
  • Pepsi or coke: I still think they both are the same :joy: but someone gimme an iced cofee PUH LEASE!
  • Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolateee
  • How many tattoos: 0
  • Ever hit a deer: no
  • Netflix or Hulu: VIki. because im too broke for NF :sweat_smile:
  • Last text from: my best friend
  • Favorite season: spring and fall and winter and summer i just pretend we have all these seasons (we dont.)
  • Broken Bones: im surprised–none (though i have like seven stitches in different places on my head)
  • How many surgeries: none.
  • Favorite color: Turquoise/ Light Purple/ Dark Blue
  • Mountains or beach: BOTHHHH are prettyyy
  • Dogs or cats: Dogs all the wayyy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • Have you ever flown on a plane: Yes
  • Favorite holiday: Christmas
  • Beer or wine: im underage so ICED TEA ANYONE??! :joy:
  • Mild or hot salsa: HOTT
  • Smooth or crunchy peanut butter: the crunchier the better :grin:
  • Waffles or pancakes: Waffles
  • Who will play: hmm…procrastinators like me? lol


That’s what they call “lilac”. :wink:

In my youth the age for drinking was 16 … but since 2014 even here it changed to 18.


ok ok this may be a bit vulgar to the young uns here, but like it says I am bored, laugh enjoy this ok? yeah yeah I could have put on the other link, all I can say bored!!