Ok I know we are soooo bored


How do I start a new discussion?


You can do that by clicking on New Topic in the main page.


sorry that I have bored everyone


of course you haven’t! I come here everyday to see what you post here and the ‘Your Laugh For the Day’ thread :smile: we’re the bored ones you’re cheering up!


thank you vivi-1485, just needed a boost is all


ok everyone, just didn’t know where to put this next one, so here goes.

anyone remember “the great pumpkin?”


I think I remember that you cannot create a new topic if you’re new and you haven’t posted a certain number of replies to other people’s topics.


ok, I asked the guy and havent got a response, so from maiden to hjowever many times you are married so here goes
NOOOOOO GOOGLING ALLOWED. Use your own brain power. Every answer must start with the first letter of your LAST name. THIS IS HARDER THAN YOU THINK…but a nice change from politics and pandemic.

Wear - what? girdle, s andles

Drink - kool-aid water,ginger tea, soda

Place - Waikiki germany sea

Food - watermelon greens sandwich

Animal – wallabe,giraffe,snake

Girl Name - wanda,greta,sandra

Boy Name - william,george,sam

Profession - waiter/waitress guard school bus driver

Describe Someone - wonderful,gracious,sweet

Body Part -wrist gums sacriklliac


ok your turn

They say if you can find 7 persons &; a cat in the picture, your brain is in top condition.

6 is OK.

2 or 3 means the mind needs to refresh


Found them :wink:


What did you find? :thinking:


coffee drinkers here?? heres one for you!

aw didn’t do the caption! " a moment of silence" for those who love coffee


The 7 ppl and the cat :wink:


Do you know that all cats, but black cats particularly, are in danger of being harmed during the Halloween season? [


yep you can say I/we are bored! have fun with this one, oh boy more plants! what about you?


Pregnant! :open_mouth:


I found them, and I even found a dog on the top right corner. Or rather his head and neck, the rest is under the rubble, poor dear. He’s looking at the little girl who is seated and is playing with a mouse.


Irmar, I found it! interesting.

this is for your fyi

I didn’t know either!


dRUNK?? :joy:


Yeah quilts take so much work :sob:
I haven’t attempted to make one, but I’ve watched videos from people who do and boy, it’s so much work.
I completely understand that they ask a lot for a handmade quilt.


now that I just had to share with our seamstresses here