Ok I know we are soooo bored


You just taught me a new word! :slight_smile:


and what may that be?




today I got a notice from Viki, that I offended someone so if I did , I apologize, that was and is not my intentions here. so my apologies to whomever I did offend


just discovered it won’t be shown here in the USA don’t know about the other countries


That’s strange … :thinking:


I know, but I am going to give this another try, so here goes

oh and supposed to be an elephant there too psssst, found it, on left hand side


Maybe it was a mistake from the system?

You don’t need to feel that bad about that.
It’s not that important and I don’t believe it’s against you, more about the pic or words that might be controversial. Nothing to do with you lol
We also take offense for various things other ppl won’t take offense for.

I think it’s something like that, but I don’t know for sure.

All in all, don’t feel bad without explanation lol It could be a topic someone is sensitive about whereas I or anyone else are not sensitive about it. Or because of the difference in culture, one can laugh more openly about a topic.


thanks piranna, I really needed that, cause I was really thinking of just stopping doing these things I have put on here. for me it was an outlet, letting others feel good about themselves. a booster shot if you will


Of course, we all know that!
Don’t worry, you don’t need to justify yourself, we already know!

I don’t think your posts or topics in general are problematic, because we’ve all seen / read them for a long time and no one told anything. It would have been closed by Viki if something went wrong.

Conclusion: your topics or posts are pretty inoffensive for about everyone here!



I must say that put on smile on my face! you made my day!! that is so cute too


thanks for the uplift, I really needed it!


Re: quilt.
They forgot to add the initial cost of fabric (159.88) for the grand total!

Of course, labor based on 10 dollars per hour is laughably high in our countries, where a skilled secretary (MS Office, typing, English etc) with more than 15 years experience gets less than 4 euros per hour. Who on earth gets paid 10 dollars per hour for manual labor, even if it requires some knowledge and experience?


today I discovered this in the USA. santa wont appear first time in the macys parade in 159 years. how sad


mine is Thanksgiving





croco0dile farm, did you know they had eyes that shone in the dark?