Ok I know we are soooo bored


The time change was last week! At least here … :wink:


USA will be this weekend


Funny enough I also thought ours would be this coming weekend. I knew it was in the last weekend of October … just hadn’t expected October to end so soon! :rofl:
I only found out Monday evening that our clock had gone back Saturday night … Funny enough it didn’t get me into trouble at all.


yep bored!





Going to do some crocheting today, can’t believe I haven’t done any for 2 days. Genealogy got me!!
and so bored!! but when I do these it really does me some good! along with watching dramas that is.


ok try this one on for size

its called thunderwalker

image image


So did you find this to self-fulfil your prophecies? :crystal_ball:

Then I for one look forward to welcoming our new crab and alien overlords for the next couple of months!


now we have killer hornets and another wave of conivirus, oh and lets nor forget those asteroids coming to hit earth, oh yeah lets not forget those erupting volcanoes and that huge earthquake, tsunami anyone?? gosh!!!



being thats itsa raining here due to that hurricane, I am going to do my genealogy and some crocheting! hope y all enjoyed the pictures.


Where can I find those plants? :thinking:


really not sure where they are, don’t remember if they have a place of origin. check the links below](



Another kind of animal!
It’s called sugar painting from the Ming dynasty!

Can you guess what animal it is?

Likewise, a greenhouse made of sugar:



I vaguely remember reading that somewhere, is that a Sea Dragon? (not sure if even Sea Dragon is a word :sweat_smile:)


It’s definately a word.

I was thinking it was a butterfly! :rofl:
Well, it does have feelers … :thinking:


the first picture, a salamander or dragon. all; of them made of sugar? awesome!!!


They say it’s a dragon!!

I looked at a sea dragon, leaf-like appendages and its mouth is long!

This one has eggs (male!).


Wait! Sea dragons actually EXIST??? :open_mouth:


Take a look!

They say in the same family as seahorses! They look alike :joy:


Sea-Horses, Sea-Dragons, Sea-Humans (mermaids and mermans), Sea-Stars (starfish), Sea-Hammers…

Why aren’t there Land-Fishes?? :joy:


Don’t forget sea cows! :wink:

Turns out there is a fish that can walk over land! :open_mouth: