Ok I know we are soooo bored


ok do you know??


Is it to open the traditional bottle caps?


yes it is.


things to do when bored

  1. learn stuff on the internet, and relearn what you do know
    2 a biggie for all of us, learn a new language
    3 improve your vocabulary
    4 learn a new sport, I have always wanted to do tennis,
    5 learn a new hobby, I got more than I can handle right now
    6 sightsee in your city, go somewhere you haven’t been before or just revisit
    7 start reading again, pick up a book and start reading! with us doing our dramas, it can be done!!
  2. organize your closet, if you havent worn in a year get rid of it
    9 get crafty! I am working on this one, probably could connect to #5
    10 bake and even learn to bake, how about learning new recipes,
    11 be a volunteer
    12 charity work ,
    13 learn to write, write better and so on.
    14 learn to be a motivational speaker
    15 learn to teach children or senior adults
    this is pointing at me too, so there are things to do, lets do this!!
    and theres so much more,



This is definitely something innovative :snowman:


I was soooo bored, I gave my about me page a new makeover. It’s still really basic but my small brain couldn’t search for something creative :kissing::kissing_smiling_eyes:



If no one knows these are charts you put families on and do research with them

yep bored!!!


Haha… :laughing::laughing: Yeah, Viki community is my tribe.


no fear what so ever! it even comes peck at my door

this is my stray, she sits there till I get her something to eat, so friendly but wont come in the house


That M mark just above her eyes is so adorable :blush:


and just wonder if she has some maine cat in her, y’know those big cats, there was one around here some time ago, but haven’t seen it. she is so friendly!! Main or moon cat, they have those markings


You even have animals visiting you! That is nice!


that chicken pecks at my front door to get my attention!


Or it saw you give food to the cat and it is hungry?

Or it saw something yummy at your front door that became its new hunting ground! No more insects, it will be better than spray!

If you want to feed the hen, don’t give it any food, apparently, they can’t eat this:

The raw eggs uggh :fearful:


so why not pick up a book, or on Kendle?


I should do that!

(To keep you updated, a Viki staff answered me in the early morning about the request we talked about, you know it was about the deletion of one of your posts.

I asked if they could forward the answer to you.

In the end, I don’t know what happened or how it happened, it’s a mystery, but at least you don’t have to worry anymore.)


great, and thank you!!


No problem, tell me if you don’t hear from them after a few days. I can screenshot you the message, but you might prefer the more official message.


I would put this next one on laugh for the day, but being we are soooo bored, thought it would fit nicely here

oh you caught me!!!