Ok I know we are soooo bored


There are Spanish coffees too!


I have heard of some of them, me, I’d love to taste them just to see or taste them, strong,bitter,sweet and so on.

hey other countries how about your coffee’s??




image I’d like to try #6

image I just gotta try this one!!


anyone a chocoholic here?


Italina, I have no idea!!

where you buy supermarket and i m cheating! help me translate, see I wouldn’t be a good subber!!

I wouldn’t even know whrer to start! y all just have fun!!

is amore one? egad me thinks I am stumped!!

Now sign language




well today its rainy chill in the air, so going to have to figure up something to do, its been 3 hours on genealogy, so next? crochet? sew? replant plants? could binge on the dramas whlie sewing or crocheting,

its fun to look up and see what they are saying, then miss part of what they have said!!




Guess I’m old :laughing: or maybe I watched re-runs :wink:

I recognize: the smurf, Garfield, Ninja turtle, Beetlejuice, pinkpanter, the chipmunk and Fred Flinstone (?)


nice to know I am not the only one thats “old” and especially you watched it when your kids were growing up, that makes me even feel older


Hahaha sorry, I watched this as a kid myself, I don’t have kids :laughing:


ok lets have a bit of fun wow you can see it so clearely here!!


anyone got some masks you want to get rid of? look at this and check it !thought this was quite neat


all I can say me thinks my imagination is running away with me! why you ask. see my picture! found my pets!! oops not showing what I changed it to!!






this one is supposed to be a booster," just do something " all in a nutshell, to keep from being bored

Reminds me of the song"Little Drummer Boy"



0 odd things about me . . . Please play along! I love reading them ! :camera:I need something mindless.

  1. Do you put ketchup on hotdogs? Yes, mustard too, pickle or sauerkraut

  2. Choice of Pop? tea or coffee, oh says pop? diet pepsi

  3. Do you put salt on watermelon? salt

  4. Can you swim? dog paddle

  5. How do you eat your steak? medium

  6. Favorite type of food? Seafood—shrimp

  7. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes

  8. What do you drink in the morning? Water

  9. Can you do 100 push ups? yes

  10. Summer, Winter or fall? fall

  11. Your favorite animal? Dogs,cats

  12. Tattoos? Nope

  13. Do you wear glasses? reading

  14. Do you have a fear? Yes heights, deep water

  15. Do you have a nickname?nope

  16. Rain or Snow? rain

  17. Can you change a tire? not sure I can anymore

  18. Favorite flower? rose

  19. Can you drive a stick? yes

  20. Ever gotten arrested? Nope.

  21. Children? Yes 3

  22. Favorite color? Purple of course

  23. Can you whistle? Yes

  24. Where were you born? smith center, kansas

  25. Surgeries? Yes

  26. Shower or Bath? shower

  27. Last song you listened to? dancin queen

  28. Broken bones? yes

  29. How many TV’s in your home? 1

  30. Worst pain? broken left wrist

  31. Do you like to sing? Yes.

  32. Are your parents still alive? No

  33. Do you like to go camping? Never

  34. What do you binge watch Netflix,Hulu, amazon prime, Viki

  35. Pumpkin or pecan? Pecan

  36. A photo of yourself? nope



heres another one

a frozen waterfall