Ok I know we are soooo bored


because I’ve just finished my exams and have all the time in the world! :grin:
3. Do you put salt on watermelon? nope
4. Can you swim? yep, though I don’t breathe the right way lol
6. Favorite type of food? pizza and KFC
7. Do you believe in ghosts? No, though I’m sure there’s one stealing the mates of my socks
9. Can you do 100 push ups? no, I fall after like 10 and @frustratedwriter wow you’re strong!
10. Summer, Winter or fall? we don’t really have distinct seasons but Winter
11. Your favorite animal? Dogs and quokkas because they’re cute!
12. Tattoos? Nope
13. Do you wear glasses? yes
14. Do you have a fear? not really
15. Do you have a nickname? Vivi :joy:
16. Rain or Snow? never experienced snow :relieved:
17. Can you change a tire? no
18. Favorite flower? if someone gives me one, that would be my favourite :joy:
20. Ever gotten arrested? Nope.
21. Children? I’m a ‘child’ myself
22. Favorite color? black/blue/lavender
23. Can you whistle? no
24. Where were you born? karnataka, india
25. Surgeries? no unless stitches on my head count
26. Shower or Bath? shower
27. Last song you listened to? BTOB- Missing You
28. Broken bones? no
29. How many TV’s in your home? none
31. Do you like to sing? Yes.
32. Are your parents still alive? yes
33. Do you like to go camping? yes!!
34. What do you binge watch Viki


Just think about it


make sure not same or very similar topic already exist, check in the search box with key words :wink:



ok everyone, being I don’t want snow here, so how about y’all share your snow pictures! to be sure some of you have that white stuff around!



and nothing about Genealogy? why I never!! hehehehe



  • Try out new baking recipes.
  • Check on your loved ones with a phone call.
  • Take up journaling. Here are 50 journal prompts to get you started!
  • Decorate your desk. Here are some ideas for inspirational desk decor!
  • Solve puzzles .
  • Play video games.
  • Plan your next birthday.
  • Update your resume.
  • Try out DIY crafts you find on Pinterest .
  • Clean out your junk drawer.
  • Have a movie marathon.
  • Organize your kitchen drawers.
  • Plan new outfits from clothes you already own.
  • Clean your car.
  • Nourish your hair with a hydrating hair mask .
  • Paint your nails.
  • Play board games.
  • Learn how to make DIY face masks.
  • Wash your makeup brushes.
  • Sanitize your makeup.
  • Watch videos on TikTok.
  • Learn a new dance.
  • Learn calligraphy.
  • Get into adult coloring books .
  • Play charades.
  • Learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube.
  • Make your own bookmarks.
  • Experiment with different coffee recipes .
  • Soak in a bubble bath.
  • Practice kick-boxing.
  • Experiment with essential oils .
  • Create a bucket list.
  • Recreate your favorite takeout dish at home.
  • Clean out your work bag.
  • Organize your jewelry.
  • Learn how to draw something really well.
  • Learn how to paint a landscape painting.
  • Start a bullet journal .
  • Feng Shui your home.
  • Donate to a cause of your choice.
  • Learn an impressive party trick.
  • Catch up on laundry.
  • Play Cards Against Humanity .
  • Delete old contacts from your phone.
  • Back up all your photos somewhere like Dropbox.
  • Try a new hairstyle.

I saw this and said why not! so I also am going to try and do some too. writing something is my start. I already do puzzles, got a coloring book, I really hope you all enjoy reading these, hey don’t just read, do them… p/s let me/us know how you did and what you did. yes overcome the boredom!!


I study. I work part-time at home. I take care of my nephew and I love playing guitar and singing to relax…


one thing I would love to do is learn to play the guitar, I can hit the cords on a piano and b&c on the guitar but thats it!, that really sounds good! keep it up.

oh I love your anime!!


It’s good to play guitar, we feel better! And how nice… I also play a little piano!


I get facinated at people playing their instruments, they get so involved wth what they do!







here ya go, a Christmas card, wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!




Frustratedwriter! lol
LOVED 'Mattresses piled on a vegetable determine fitness to govern! and wardrobe malfunction prompts strange footwear mating ritual. :smiley:

What am I doing? Having fun!

  • Binge watching Viki.
  • Learning Korean
  • 3D modeling
  • Learning how to segment here at Viki.
  • Puzzles
  • NOT having to get up at 5 am to commute to work!

I am not bored at all. Too busy being retired. :smiley:


Five Asian (one of them is definitely Korean) medical doctors living in Canada all sing a song for us.


Canadian version of Hospital Playlist. :smiley:


I am just tooo busy, got the crocheting, sewing, plants, genealogy, baking etc etc etc! so too busy you bet!