Ok I know we are soooo bored


I am going to give this a shot. I am not sure other countries have food banks, but heresa a thought if you do



  1. Why doesn’t glue stick to its bottle?

Yet Super Glue know glues only the lid tight after one or two uses so you can’t get to the glue you know is still viable inside. Resorting to biting on the lid like pliers to twist the tube, hoping not to squeeze too hard causing the glue to leak out and gluing your fingers to your face!


yeah, had fingers get stuch when I finally got the bottle open!!

next!! Did you know;

I sure didn’t!

wouldn’t thjat be a neat beginning of a story??!


Nail polish remover (acetone) is good for un-gluing Super Glue accidents.
It’s also good at cleaning the really sticky glue left behind from failed peel the label off surfaces in one go. You know the game, varying the speed of peel, stick it back down to try and pick up more glue, start on another corner only to fail when the paper bit tears away from the glue followed by 10 minutes of trying to scrape the glue off with fingernails.
Takes the gunk right off where washing up liquid, soap or shampoo fails. Usually safe on metal, glass, wood and some plastics (although it can dull the finish on some plastics and varnished wood)
What isn’t safe though is using up teenage daughters last bit of nail polish remover.


lets see your writing skills




pick up a book , any book, page 45, second paragraph, first sentence, write your crazy story

Looking in her direction, Anna replied “I am not going to look atg that alien, its gross freaks me out!” JJen replying But Anna that thing is afraid of us too, so we both can finds out where it came from at least!!


Thanks for the prompts! I’ve taken a much-needed break from writing (although that didn’t really help when I was assigned essays and writing prompts in my English classes this past December), and I recently decided to get back to writing. I was actually looking for some prompts, I think I’ll use these ones!

Every winter and summer break, I like to have a long term craft project to work on. This winter, I’m working on crocheting the sweater from the Kdrama I’m Sorry, I Love You. I absolutely love that show!
Im Soo Jung’s sweater is actually knitted, but because I cannot figure out the measurements via knitting, I decided to do a similar stitch via crochet. I’ve got the first panel done, and I’m working on the second.

This is my version. Finding the right colors was very difficult since I refuse to buy yarn online. This was my first time doing the entrelac stitch, so some of the diamonds might be messed up, but the second panel should turn out much better. I plan to finish the sides of the panels, sew them halfway, add the ribbing to the bottom, make the sleeves, sew them on, and then finish up with the ribbing on the collar. It’s a lot of work especially since I’m doing this based on the photos and without a pattern. Hopefully this sparks a flame of creativity in anyone who’s feeling like they need some :slight_smile: You Can Do It!


Very cool :smile:

May I ask why you don’t buy yarn online?


beautiful! soto answer feyfayer, sometimes when I do order online the yarn isn’t what I asked for colorwise, the size and sometimes just a handful. when I do order I want a pound or so, not ounces

It would be great to order online, (say Amazon) and sometimes they do send the right kind, I’d rather go to a place, onsight, and get my yarn that way.


heres a picture, writers write something about it


in the eyes of a lone wolf (night stalker)


another I had to give in

the legend of the wolf is interesting, and yes other countries too. so what does this say to you as a writer, “I am watching you” My spirit is with you

ok I had to give in


frustratedwriter is spot on! Sometimes the colors look different on the screen than in person. Also, I like to feel the yarn’s texture. Yarns labeled as a medium weight size will vary considerably between brands and sometimes colors even if the yarn is the same brand.


Oh I see, that makes sense :blush:
I haven’t yet bought yarn online, but I know there are specialty stores for it (online).


all I can say is you have to try it, and see how you do like it.


I sure needed that this morning!!


mind is the don’t look at the mess








But I sew and gave my scraps to my mom who then made quilts. I do needlework when I have to sit around where there is no computer to keep me occupied. HOWEVER I do have to blame kdramas for the demise of my needlework. Why! Because I have to take my eyes off the subtitles to sew and we can’t have that now can we?