Ok I know we are soooo bored


Hahaha the appie choco? They have some weird flavors indeed. Not all of them are good combo’s though :smile: I have a few chocolatiers that I like to go to for chocolate (although, some of their chocolate I’m not a fan of either), and there is still a chocolate factor in the Zaanse streek that makes their own chocolate and it’s great. My favorites are their 65% and 80% chocolate :smile:


Indeed. :slight_smile: Jumbo has some weird things too these days (apple pie chocolate, vlaflip chocolate …)
I tried most of the Appie ones out of curiosity, but you’re right: not all of them are good.


They’re doing some sales on Sims 4 at the moment and 2020 is the 20th Anniversary of Sims :tada:

For sport sessions: Nike Training Center app has +100 videos (free).


Hi Piranna, an Avacado hmmm I’d like to try that one. as for genealogy research, I do my family tree, and when people need help in their family tree ,I help them. as for crochet, I do towel toppers, hair scrunchies, scrubbies, grannie squares, prayer shawls. and more no picts at this time.
and y’all just messing up the chocolate, BUT will try them anyway. dill? uih don’t know about that one


Thank you, yes I know about Sims 4, I been playing the Sims for a very long time.
In my opinion the Sims 2 is the best out of all the new versions of Sims all of the new version of Sims have taken ideas from Sims 2. And until this day the newer versions have not outsold the Sims 2.
If you play the Sims I can give you the best web site to go to it have items you can download for Sims 2, 3, and Sims 4 all for free you need to sign in with a screen name and password. I been a member there for years and the people are respectful and friendly. :smile:
Check out


Me too, since Sims (1). Every single version, every single extension.
I loved the Sims 2 as well, they had the most wonderful CC (custom content, for the non-initiated. But when the horizons opened up with the Sims 3, I found it difficult not to be charmed by the newfound freedom to roam about the city. That’s why The Sims 4 with their closed view and their so-so graphics seemed claustrophobic, and a step backwards.
On the other hand, even with my very good and quick computer, the Sims 3 took AGES to load. Especially when I added CC - which was essential, because the clothes and furniture given by the base version really sucked! My son, who played very demanding games that loaded in seconds, was watching me in disbelief wait and wait until the game would start. I wonder why their engineers never got around to combining high-end graphics with quick loading times.
The company is crappy too, it hasn’t been treating loyal customers well. Remember when they wanted us to pay for CC, and that’s why they gave such ugly and uninspiring stuff with the base game.
And the most basic features that the previous version had were not included (like seasons, pets), but you had to wait and then pay for separate extensions. I call that greedy.
Plus every new version is super-buggy when it comes out, and you have to apply patches and wait for fixes. So unprofessional.

Another of my go-to sites for CC is


I can tell by your comments that you are a long time simmer, I started playing Sims 2 in 2006 the game is now about 10 years old but there are die hard fans who still play Sims 2, I never like Sims 3 plus the Sims faces in that version look like Pillsbury doughboy an image from a brand name product. I never like the fact that you could not control aging in the neighborhood as you could in Sims 2 and also Sims 3 rabbit holes where you can’t see what they are doing once they enter a place was a no for me. The only thing that was kind of good was open world. Now as for the Sims 4 there are some things I like and some I did not like.

In essence EA / Maxis took all their ideas from Sims 2 for both versions it came from Sims 2. I did not buy either 3 or 4 of the Sims there was enough people who complaint about it and what was missing, Instead of bringing the game to a higher level of game play it seem to went south. Yes I am very familiar with “The Sims resource” I only go to that site only if I really need something there I don’t do pay site who charge you to download items, but now since Sims 2 is older they let you have it for free.

There are other Sims sites I go to if I need something " More Awesome Than You" or I go to the “Index of Booty” where other created items are there especially some sites that want you to pay you can get it for free there. I can name Sims other sites all day long some are gone a few are not, some items can be found at “The Sims Graveyard” items there are creators that are no longer around but there items are left there. But I hang Out at “Mod The Sims” most of the people there have been around a long time and they have excellent Forums there for Sims 2, 3, and 4 and maybe as far back as Sims 1 :smile:
I never would have guess to find another Sims player here at ViKi this is a pleasant surprise. :astonished:


Ha ha, for me too! Viki has everything, hasn’t it?
I have been teased no end by people (my kids, essentially) because I would play almost only this for years*. Yes, I also never purchased CC, there was so much for free!
I have long wished that this game was taken over by a more capable company.

*That and, sometimes, a few at the very other end of the spectrum: simple match-3 games, Luxor-type ball shooters and a few others like Kyodai Mahjongg (the latest version from 2006, still playable on Win 10!), Magic Garden, Build-a-casle:Fairytales or Cake-mania (I almost hurt my wrist with that one) or Farm Frenzy.


Netherlands is like the Japan of Europe.Wahahaha! :rofl:


@mirjam_465 I was only on a short trip in the Netherlands, 3 days, but I can’t recall any sweets at all. Normally there is at least one chocolate bar, or drops, or chewing gum, whatever, … I can’t recall any but I remember, when we went to the hotel, and we were starving for the first time I was going to the hotel’s restaurant. So after the meal we ordered some hot chocolate, and we got a cute etagere with a lot of homemade cookies, delicious and the best thing to round up a nice day.


Haha You said you been teased no end by people, yes I too have experience that as well. People think the Sims is only for teens. You would be surprise how many older people play this game and surprisingly men that is grow men :rofl: there was once a survey done at “Mod The Sims” asking what age or group for playing the Sim did you fix in ?

There was more older people like even in their 60’s one member said “well just look at my picture icon you can see I am an old man.” I think we play the Sims because we can create and control our own fantasy world. Well I think I will stop talking about this since everyone here is all about Asian dramas. Oh I also have homes I build at MTS some receive Stars.

I also have a custom neighborhood in my game build by me name “Shanghai” ( all Asian Sims ) some Sims I downloaded some I created. If you ever want to find me let me know send a message I will give you my screen name there at MTS. I really enjoy connecting with you.:smile:


I have been playing it for so long that we can say I grew up with it.
I think it’s the versatility. You can make it as bland and wholesome or as wicked as you like. I am not the one to make my Sim swim in a pool and then remove the ladder until he’s drowned. I would hate to do such things.
I think the reason I liked it so much is that my life was not what I wanted it to be and I felt I had very little control over it. So it gave me great peace and satisfaction to at least be able to control those people. To help them have a good life, beautiful homes, not procrastinate, do their chores on time, study instead of loiter around, choose the perfect partner and educate their kids well.
My children said the way I played was boring, but for me it was therapeutic.


@irmar @peggyroyster_409
I don’t have the Sims, but my sister does. She also has a cat and whenever she has to leave her house for more than a few days she asks me to come stay at her house and take care of the cat. Then I will use those days to play the Sims. My sister plays The Sims 2, so she has a computer specially for that game, because nothing else will work on it. I would really love to have the Sims, I used to play a lot when I was a child, but I don’t know if it would work on a laptop. I have a secondhand refurbished one so I don’t know how old it is exactly.



There’s the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection that contains all expansion packs and stuff packs (except a part of IKEA pack if I read correctly).

Credits: theSimscommunity

  1. How to have it?
  • Either buy the Sims 2 from other retailers (1 pack or more):
    (Be careful of scammers)

  • Either there are websites that offer the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for free because it is abandoned by EAgames. (Since the Sims 2 is an abandonware and was provided for free for a period of time by EAgames, there is a grey area between legal/illegal. Some companies don’t do legal actions for old versions of their games because they don’t gain something)

  1. PC configuration requirements to play the Sims 2:

"Here are the recommended specs:

CPU: Pentium III or Athlon
CPU SPEED: 800 MHz with a T&L capable Video Card (2.0 GHz without Hardware T&L Video Card)
RAM: 256 MB
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
VIDEO CARD: 32 MB 3D accelerated video card (NVIDIA GeForce2/ATI Radeon VE/Intel Extreme Graphics or better)

This is the minimum. If you have a better, I don’t know, CPU for ex, it’s also working!
Works with Windows10

You can check your PC config and graphic card like that:

  1. For crash and bugs, improve the resolution:

And other forums

(Right now, the basic game of Sims 4 is about 10 e, just in case)


@peggyroyster_409 @irmar

Thanks for the links!!

It’s been a very long time I haven’t played the Sims until recently :laughing:

After a few hours of playing the Sims v4, I think the gameplay is still the same (life simulation with a high price for more gameplay and customization: expansion, game, stuff packs… a lot of packs).

A few improvements that I love:

  • the building mode

Picking their pretty models of rooms, placing objects in diagonal, changing the rooftop form and its height, the counters (kitchen and bathroom counters) can have different shapes…

I don’t remember very well how this mode was in the Sims 2, is it possible to do that in the Sims 2?

I’ve always enjoyed the building mode in the Sims.

A lot of players created a lot of beautiful houses, gardens and also characters (more beautiful than their official characters models), which amazes me when I look at their creations.

  • the graphism: I prefer the one in the last one.

  • the living mode

Some packs are a novelty. I think they didn’t develop it in the Sims 2, or at the level it is now, but with my bad memory, you’re welcome to correct this.

We can do a few more activities or things with our Sims:

  • the Realm of Magic game pack: this one I love it because we can fly on brooms, make potions, learn spells, have magical pets to protect us like a dragon, have duels (it’s not like a real game in this genre though). We can be attacked by fairies? There is a fence anti-fairies?

  • At Work expansion pack: 4 careers. Normally, we can’t follow our sims at work, but this one we can, which adds to the gameplay :slight_smile: doctor, detective, businesswoman (already a version of this career in the Sims 2), scientist. I’ve never played the Sims 3 that might have a version of this extension, looking at some pics.

  • Parenthood game pack: I love this one because it becomes a little closer to real life with human interactions and human devopment. We can interact more with children and help them develop their personal characters traits. More activities with children.

I haven’t tried the Sims 3 or all the packs of the Sims 2 and 4, more packs might add more activities or more stuff.

For stuff, rooms or characters, a lot of creations from other players that share them on forums, so if to spend money, it would be for the gameplay and after watching videos reviews from other players.

PS: the Sims 5 maybe for 2021-2022 with multiplayer mode?


I had played The Sims 2 only on computers on friends who had the game so maybe once or twice. I hadn’t played sims 3 till I was living by myself and a friend gave me a copy of theirs. It was a lot of fun, but the game crashed a lot with all the cc and expansions I had.

I have played Sims 4 since the beginning and am kinda sad that they are moving onto sims 5 instead of fixing the numerous problems in the game and focusing on making it really great, before resetting everything to get people’s money :disappointed_relieved:

I still play the Sims 4 and I occasionally buy one of the game packs or expansions to add a “new” element to the game. I find it fun to play :smile: I recently got into cc’s and mods again (I’m talking about weeks here) and at first I was quite overwhelmed by everything that was available, but I found somethings to improve my gameplay. I will check out the sites mentioned here.


aawwwwww sorry guys, whats sims? are they games or dramas for the younger groups

ok back to my “hydroponics” garden I got a cucumber, tomato, squash, going to plant a couple of the seeds in water, the other few seeds in a pot with soil, I will see what one is better.



It’s a life simulation game on computers and consoles where you can build your house, create a human character and play with them like in real life.
You fulfill basic needs of your character like eating, washing, sleeping and other activities like working, studying, reading a book, repairing your broken shower, shopping and having fun. Creating a social life for him, have a family…
You can also have pets, go on holidays… like real life.

Do you know Tamagotchi? This is like taking care of a virtual person, but more in depth compared to Tamagotchi: they can have their own emotions and inspiration so you have to adapt depending on their feelings of the moment or what they want to be or do, their interest centers.

If you like creating houses or castles or interior designing, wow, it’s super cool. A lot of people created objects, houses or characters (looking like real celebrities or Kdramas celibrities).

A lot of videos on Youtube, like this demo:

You like gardening! Send us pics if you can :slight_smile:


Which are the packs that you liked in the Sims 4?
That could help me!

Last time I downloaded customized content from forums like houses and Cloud, a character in Final Fantasy, and added some packs, it was really longer to load the game on my previous laptop.

I think the computer configuration is really important to play games like the Sims. More I added packs, more it took time to load on my previous computer that died.

With a new computer with a better performance for gaming, I noticed that I have no longer this problem of loading time on the Sims 4 and I could install other games and play without crashing or lagging :ok_hand:

:thinking: I also haven’t downloaded custom content on the new computer. So maybe it was because of that.


Yup, my husband build our computer specifically for games, so loading time isn’t such a problem indeed.

The packs I have and enjoy are:
Get to work
Dine out
City living
Get together

The last one I bought was jungle adventures. Still exploring that one.

I find this guys reviews for the sims 4 expansions quite amusing and helpful:

Btw, I don’t know if anyone else is playing this game, but I also really love Stardew Valley. I’ve played it clean the first time and now I’m playing it with mods.