Ok I know we are soooo bored



As you all know, I’ve been living in Idaho. Trump voting territory but ever since the insurrection, all and I mean ALL Trump bumper stickers, window support signs, vegetable sales kiosks plastered with signs supporting Trump, etc., in this part of Idaho have been pulled down AND all the Yahoos driving around town in their muddy pickups with giant flags fluttering from the truck beds - All those guys have disappeared too. Correction: The muddy pickups are still driving around town but they’ve lost their huge flags and Trump stickers.

A little shame does wonders. :sunglasses:

And here I thought they were using a prism filter on their lens for those fire clouds. :smile:

Is that really a mantis or something the art department made?


I’m not too old and that’s all I want in life (of course, a good helping of Kdramas to go with what’s already listed) :smiley:


as far as I know its a real mantis, and again far as I know the clouds are real too


I didn’t know this one;


Ack! I am out of hearts for the day.

Also add clover to your lawn. The bees love clover.


I remember they had a campaign here, given you a little bag full of wildflower seeds, so you could plant them somewhere for the bees. I planted them on my balcony and was delighted when I actually saw bees near the flowers :smile:


I have a short hill or bank in my backyard that I want to overgrow with wildflowers. I should get out there and plant them even though we had snow last week. We only get about 2 weeks of real spring with no frost before it turns blast furnace hot.

So our seasons go like this:
2 weeks of green
Breathe potato Harvest dirt for 2 months


and YES I do remember the weather!!, but so beautiful there. do they still have wild horses running? I do remember standing on a hill watching those horses run! I’ll never forget that one.

I think the little town was called Buneo, yeah we were there in the BLAST furnace. hehehehe
so seeing a bunch of stuff, yeah including the Indian reservation. childhood mermories, IU guess I ought to write them down, with me getting “younger” some memories are fading

anyway here ya go for the day


yeah here too! wonder if I could find the seeds and do that this spring?


Oh yea, Lots of pasture land with horses. But Do you mean the wild mustangs in Nevada? Those aren’t here.

Oh! If you like to watch good runners, you should come watch the relay races during the Festival! They are a lot of fun! Oh! It’s bareback racing! :sunglasses:


no, they wewre mustangs, and in Idaho. so they must have somehow stopped them. that was awesome, the video


The wild mustangs aren’t in eastern Idaho. It’s pretty much settled and farmed on this side. They must be more westward toward Nevada in the rangelands. :grin:


hmmm, ok maybe. just seemed it wasn’t too far from where we lived. but that is ok, cause we did sight see a lot there, so maybe it was part of Nevada. thos4e horses are beautiful!! in the video


The rangelands of Nevada come up into southern Idaho. So, from Twin Falls south - Boise south . etc.

Eastern Idaho has a lot of volcanic rock islands, full of chuckholes and not good horse rangeland. The places where there is soil are all potato farms. There are no wild horses that I know of in this area. But I am on the Pocatello/ Fort Hall/ Blackfoot/ Idaho Falls corridor. i.e. Interstate 15 from Salt Lake to Montana.


maybe we lived closer to Nevada than I thought.


Bruneau Dunes area?

Location: 64 miles south of Boise, ID | 259 miles northwest of Ogden, UT | 181 miles north of Elko, NV | 115 miles southeast of Ontario, OR

Yea, that’s Nevada like rangelands area. :slightly_smiling_face:


YES! YES!!! ok my mistake, wow! thanks for setting me right! like I said childhood memories…I still don’t know why my dad took us to live there those few months then moved to Seattle but again beautiful countyr, ok another thing, how far is the reservation from there? or is the childhood memories not right?


Here’s a link to a place where you can watch the wild mustangs.


loved it! an awesome site!