Ok I know we are soooo bored



Ooh so cool, you have so many expansions!
I’m really curious about Jungle! I didn’t buy it.

Watched the review: Shame on them, they don’t have Asian food!!
Where are sushi, steamed pork buns, Asian rolls or kimchi??

But the lightning effect and the different plates… love it! Love details

Oh yeah, Adrian recommended me the game! I started playing just a few days ago.
The first day I thought that the big wooden box outside was a stash… until I discovered it was to sell items…
Now I am stucked at gaining enough money to have a better bag (the red one in the supermaket), but the clerk was absent. I have to sell things, but I also need them later.

Do you have any tips for beginners?


They do have nigiri now if I’m not mistaken… because you get foods that prompt the ‘bad chopstick skill’ in your emotions if you are a beginner.

If you aren’t already, gift the appropriate gifts to the villagers or just give them the ‘safe’ presents such as a few flowers (the stardew wiki has such good info on this), because they might send you stuff that is useful.

Uhm… what else? Do the quests to unlock the town hall, because this will unlock a lot of useful stuff.

And have fun :wink: Some players play for the story, others to earn as much money as possible, other want to play at their own pace (the biggest moneymakers are some of the more expensive crops. The cheapest one isn’t worth the effort that much, buy ones that have recurring crops and plant them first.)

Harvest the berries in the forest - salmon berries aren’t worth much, but later on you can process them and earn a lot more.

Dunno what else to say haha


About building your own world, the Sims world aside…
Hmm… why has no one talked about Minecraft? It is quite like Sims. It’s so much fun! We used to love it to bits. And now with this lockdown, we are finding our way to it again. lol. :wink:

CR: Screenshot from


Hello again we have more in common than you think especially when you mention your life. Well it look like You and I have “Open A Can Of Worms” now other Viki members are coming out of the woodwork saying they too play the Sims. :rofl: Oh I hope you know what to do and what not to do to keep your game from being corrupt.


Ah Minecraft! I last played it years ago, when the rabbit mod was newly introduced. However, I still remember just about everything from my world! It really is the ultimate world building game. I never played multiplayer, and I always felt that the world was too empty and lonely by myself (even when I surrounded myself with chickens and pigs). Multiplayer and large servers would have made the game more fun.


Thank you very much for your tips!

I must note them down somewhere before forgetting! Yeah, I decided to first improve my stash with the red bag because I have not enough place in the inventory to stash flowers gifts, minerals we find in the cave and seeds!
But for that bag, money…

I’m really at the beginning, not much money and no berries yet :slight_smile: but I will note these tips for next steps!


Sharing and including, that’s the spirit :muscle:
There’s something else behind it, can’t tell

:grin: indeed! Their title was such an international success! (Or we all have a bit of gamers spirit xd)


well y’all opened a new world to me, that looks fun!! my son has those virtual goggles things and that right there amazes me. neat how that stuff is produced too. as for the garden, nothing has come up yet, but I can share flowers for now . does anyone get pinterest in your area? today I found something interesting, about plastic bottles a lot of crafts on there besides the bottles.
and how do I download the pictures to here? oh and thanks for the mind opener


You can just right-click on the picture, then click on copy and paste them here.

Or click on afbeelding

If that somehow doesn’t work you might use an image-sharing website:


thanks! I will try that


Isn’t it? It is so addictive. I’m not big on such kinds of gaming, actually. But my dd and her friends have managed to draw me into her/their “world” lol. It’s pretty eye-opening, and very therapeutic, to say the least. :wink:

Aww… you just managed to “squeeze” my heart with this line. It’s good to play on your own at times. On the other hand, it’s good to play in groups at other times. Try it.

Absolutely. It does elevate the level of fun.

However, be careful and play/connect only with people/friends you know. Not with strangers you have never met or communicated before.


That’s awesome. I tried my lil avocado seed experiment. I must not be doing it right cos they didn’t sprout well for me. I will try again when I get some fresh avocados. Love avocados on toast and in salads!

I chanced upon this YT and am so impressed by the variety of gardening hacks. So gonna try a few. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the future pics! :grinning:

What kind of craft? A lot of plastic bottles we use every day.


Love guacamole with tortillas chips!

:open_mouth: The banana!
Any gnats?


LOL. Haven’t tried the banana hack. :sweat_smile:


Btw, another fun thing I like to do in the sims is to redesign the existing houses. I have already changed all of the museums, libraries and some of the parks. Now moving on to the existing houses of the families already living in the sims :thinking:



How can you do that? Is it a particular cheat code?
Share some pics!

Just a few days ago, I wanted to add a toilet in the Magic Island because the guy was taking so much time in the WC and my girl was in hurry, but I couldn’t add anything in the Construction mode. It is like a public space where other sims learn magic.

I’ve discovered teleportation spell, so now she can just teleport from a place to a place. We can also calcinate objects lol and one spell I love is washing oneself. I’d have to see if they have a spell for toilets need.
I didn’t try drinking potions yet. I saw that when they cooked food in the magic cauldron, there is no due date before eating! Pretty good :slight_smile:

I stopped the aging for my sims (or was it for all sims in the game?), it was in general settings.


I don’t know about Magic island, but if you go to manage worlds (the world map before you play with any of the households), you can choose to edit or build on a lot.

You can also press F4 and download and place lots designed by others. This is what I used for the libraries, musea and such. The houses however, I like editing myself via the build mode in manage worlds. Hope you understand what I mean :smile:


I have to see that!
For the moment, busy discovering all the spells and planting mandrakes xd they have to train for a long time before it unlocks new spells… crazy!
The girl is definitively more clever than the guy who takes his time to lvl up in sorcery lol

No babies yet, only 1 kitten and 1 puppy.
3 familiars with glowing eyes: 1 dragon, 1 crow and 1 owl.


Here are some youtube video’s that might help :slight_smile: She’s a bit of a rambler, but I don’t mind.

I picked this one specifically for you :wink: