Ok I know we are soooo bored


Thank you so much!! I’ll take a look!!

LOL the toilet paper and it’s above your head :rofl:
Compared to this house, my house seems overloaded LOL


I feel you on that level to 100%


Just seen something on FB to do the rolls, put glue on them roll in bird seeds, put a string through it and hang it up for the birds, I gotta try that one!


Glue? Wouldn’t that be harmful for the birds? :thinking:


well, let’s see…

While I worked in IT at a University for decades I could not use broadband there for personal stuff. I’d been living on the backside of the rez for years where there isn’t even cell phone service. Only had satellite tv and internet (restricted bandwidth) at home so I could never stream anything. But my husband passed last year so I moved to town because it’s too far out for just myself and my knees are shot so I can’t walk far if my car breaks down. BUT! I now have broadband at home and I discovered Viki and found that I really like Kdramas! But reading subtitles can get old (Thanks be that they are there when I need them though!) Which is why I decided to learn Korean. :grin:

I spend about 3 hours every morning learning Korean. (Except right now I am being a ‘Look Squirrel!’ and getting distracted by this topic. :crazy_face: :rofl:)
Then I do general housework, cleaning, laundry etc. Work on my garden now that it’s spring…
After cooking an early dinner, it’s time to binge watch, either Netflix or Viki. So I get to listen to Korean and see how much I can understand and/or read without subtitles. Oh! I just found a Tagalog version of ‘My Love From The Star’ which I want to watch so I can refresh the language in my mind and I want to see this version. I learned it when I was a kid growing up in a neighborhood where there was a mixture of Spanish and Tagalog speakers. I moved to Idaho when I got married because my hubby was from here but there are no Tagalog speakers in this area of Idaho. I get ‘rusty’ when I don’t hear a language but it comes back after I listen for a while. oh yea, I am a polyglot but not really fluent in anything. I can understand way more than I can speak. And, I have a terrible habit of switching languages mid-sentence. If my audience speaks the same languages it’s no problem but I DO get some blank looks sometimes when I do that. :rofl: It’s really bad when I start out in Spanish. As soon as I get to a word that is used in Tagalog, I’ll switch to Tagalog which is fine as long as that person speaks Tagalog, but if they are Spanish speakers, they just give me a blank expression. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (Lost my audience again!) :rofl: (This is what happens when you grow up in the San Francisco Bay Area.:wink:)

Except the last couple of days. I am exchanging weed pulling for a sewing project. My knees are shot so kneeling is out of the question for me. One of my friends is yanking weeds for me while I sew them a Star Wars cloak they need for a music video.

Other interests that I have are gardening, needle work (cross stitch, embroidery,) sewing, reading (Sci-fi). 3D modeling. Making mods for Sims 2/3/4, watching shows that are science related: the universe, planetary systems, quantum mechanics, basically geek stuff. I used to love to dance back in my young-knees days :rofl:

Oh! I like to cook but since it’s only me now, I don’t cook so many fancy things. My son works in Silicon Valley so he’s too far to visit and I can’t afford to move back to the Bay Area because housing prices there are impossible for my budget.

Yikes! that reminds me! I have to finish that dolly dress for my granddaughter and send that off for her birthday next week!



Oh, yet another Simmer, and a creator at that! Yay!


MIRjam you are right, I think the person used something else, it has to be sticky , OH of course@!!! peanut butter!! yeah thats better!

ok all of you that mentioned that sims, how do I get it, how much is it?
Porkypine90_261 a busy person there! as for kneeling, same here, I am using flower pots for my veggies & flowers, soooo much better. and can sit on a stool, they are tall enough that I don’t have to kneel or bend oh and can place them on a bench as well then put them on the ground


Sorry to hear about your husband :crying_cat_face:

Am a polyglot too and minus 3 languages, am not fluent in those :see_no_evil: but I do understand way more than I can speak. Me and my husband still mix the language we speak, so when we used to do this outside, we got strange looks and for example waiters would switch to English, even though we had an entire conversation with them in Dutch :rofl:

Is it difficult to make mods?

You can buy it on and right now there’s a sale for the base game (the price differs depending on your currency). Just look up sims 4 and make sure you have the base game. You can’t play any of the game packs or expansions without the base game :slight_smile:


thanks for the info!


I wish I was fluent in all the languages I ever learned … Well, it might still come, haha.:wink:
What is your husband’s mothertongue? Your story reminds me of my time in Finland. Part of the time there I had an Italian flatmate, who was born and raised in Germany. And when she was on the phone with her parents, she would switch from German to Italian and back all the time, without even realizing it.
And when my Korean friend was in the country and I showed him the city, I had to interpret for him all the time, cause even though he did speak (some) English, I seemed to be the only one who understood his English.


lol. It’s fun with the languages, especially guerilla listening. lol. They don’t expect this blonde to understand Tagalog, Spanish, and my other assorted languages. and you know what’s weird?!? I DO not speak French at all! However, when was in Quebec several years ago, I understood what people were saying. I couldn’t respond in French but I understood them. Now that’s weird!

Oh! My polyglot habit caught me one time. :rofl::laughing: I used to work at a professional camera store in San Francisco YEARS ago! And we had these sales books with all the camera prices, etc. On my binder, I had written in fancy Celtic script, “Ta fios agam sin airgiod gulore aghaibh!” :rofl: That’s Highland Gaelic. I got out of a translation book. I thought it was hilarious and put that on my sales binder. The book said it’s what Highlanders say, with a smile, whenever they see an English tourist coming. “Knowledge is on me, that silver, and plenty of it, is at you!” (I know you have lots of money!)

Of course, it being San Francisco, WHERE EVERYONE in the Whole World visits. Yes, a gaelic speaking couple came in one day and eyeballed that, said under their breath, “Deithe guit” (Basically “Oh, God!”) and looked at me with a smirk. I just laughed. (BUSTED!)

As far as mods go; It is not difficult, but one has to pay attention to detail. There are a lot of Modding tools available . has their ‘Workshop’ (free). (free) has their software. You’ll need (free) for Sims 4. You can use Milkshape ( for Sims 2 and Sims 3. I used to be a moderator at for a long time. They have lots of tutorials for all 3 versions. I retired after my hubby died and have not done much of anything with modding since last year.

Oh yea, if you are interested, here’s a link to some of the stuff I’ve made for the games. Some of that stuff was made for April Fool’s day. :crazy_face:


Try Carl’ for sims cheats codes. (free)


I loved your Serenity House and the classic paintings collection!


Thank you. 감사합니다 I had fun making them.


Hahha I wish that too. Unfortunately, when you don’t use a language it starts to fade. I haven’t been to my Chinese classes since last year due to circumstances, and I have a hard time recalling how to write characters. Once I’m done with my current projects I’m going to review my old books to refresh the knowledge so I can start on the new semester’s books.

Yup, pretty much his story. His family is Dutch, but he grew up on Curacao, so he speaks Papiamentu. Here in NL, he can pretty much listen in to all the conversations in that language, without being “caught”, because he’s super pale haha. His family members speak a different combo of languages, so based on how he replies, I can guess which family member he is talking to :rofl:

Thank you :smile: Your story made me smile.


Yes, that’s true. Although the knowledge doesn’t completely disappear. It just gets lost somewhere in the big “library” in our head …
How long have you been learning Chinese?

Do you understand Papiamentu? And all the other languages he speaks with his family?


now you all have “egged” me on, I will go back to learning a different language, German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese which I really enjoyed learning these languages, and one word from each guess that doesn’t coutn, huh? hehehehehe, comsameda Cici, Danka, gracious and if I didn’t spell them right, please excuse…


Let me teach you a few more ways to say “thank you”:

Dutch: bedankt
Finnish: kiitos
Swedish: tack
Norwegian: takk
Estonian: aitäh
Russian: спасибо (spasibo)
Bulgarian: благодаря (blagodarya)
Czech: dík
Icelandic: þakkir (first letter is pronounced like “th” in “thanks”)
Latvian: paldies
Welsh: diolch
Albanian: falënderim
Mongolian: баярлалаа (bayarlalaa)
Romanian: Mulțumesc
Japanese: ありがとう (Arigatō)
Belarusian: Дзякуй (Dziakuj)
Esperanto: dankon


Czech: Dekuji or very casual diky (dik must be some slang or texting language)
Chinese: Xie xie
French: Merci
Spanish: Gracias
Italian: Gracie
German: Danke, Dankeschön


Slovak: ďakujem