Ok I know we are soooo bored


Lol I have been following a few items of your list :joy: On the same vibe, Mary!

:grinning: learning crochet amigurumi (small animals) and sew!
Gift it to your family and friends
I bought a dragon crochet book and a cat unicorn crochet kit… I have no idea how to do it, I will have fun!

:hugs: making soaps tomorrow and gift them!

:thinking: thinking of making candles!

:+1: learning languages games

Other ideas:

:grinning: making these macramé, reorganizing furnitures, rooms, new decoration.

What else?
Pottery? Ceramics?
Updating something on YouTube about all this?
Listening to podcasts?
Trying to make bubble tea!


That’s not slacking off! That’s making good use of your time. :slight_smile:


But that probably also means there’s no food left for the murderer and he will die as well. :wink:


So much fun. I learned how to amigurumi a few years ago at an anime convention, but I didn’t keep up with the skill :sweat_smile:

That’s great. I have already made boba tea at home a few times and was thinking of making some tomorrow if I have enough energy :blush:

Learning new recipes is fun :smile:

Anyone interested in some edible farts? :rofl:

Or improve on a hobby you already have :wink:


If you have any recipe that you’d recommend and tested, I am all ears!

My sister likes brown sugar milk tea and taro bubble tea.
My mom likes passion fruit tea or melon tea.
I like berries tea and rose tea.

No sugar or a little.

The best ones we’ve tasted: Taiwanese ones! Xing Fu Tang with their homemade boba pearls👌
Unfortunately, they told me they didn’t sell these pearls :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Maybe learn how to play a musical instrument? I am taking guitar lessons now.


These two recipes :slight_smile:

I like how Emmy takes you through the process, but I think I’ve used Nino’s recipe more:

Cooking tree’s video is beautiful to look at, but I haven’t tried her recipe yet:

I really like the ‘classic’ version. I don’t think I’ve tried to add any flavors to them, but instead change the tea I’m using - milky oolong, red ooling, jasmine, rooibos, etc. :smiley:


guitar or piano, good idea!! I got a book on the origami and havent tried it yet, and yes I have always wanted to learn those amigurumi. like that octupus, or those little dogs or even that unicorn!
and not even thought about photography! thats one up on me!! let me know how you did on soap making and candles

check the recipes discussion, theres a recipe I just put on there, I can’t eat it due to the sugar. oh mygosh the sugar, of course if you have ever heard of Paula Deen, thats why.

this other recipe, boboa? sounds good!


this is some of what I am talking about


Yum! Want to drink them all! Thanks for the recipes! Gotta to see if I have tapioca!
I’d rather try them than tasting these suspicious farts :fearful:

Btw what amigurumi did you make? Was it an anime character??


Sure I will take pictures of the soaps!! I still have to buy the materials for the candles :yum:
Oh yeah, origami! I haven’t done it for a looong time!

Here are pop-up books! People combine origami and pop-up books!

What else?

There are incredible doll houses crafts, it is really beautiful:

From Chihiro cartoon:

Harry Potter book nook:

Or making key chains (really easy):

Dry clay tray:

Do you know sudoku (numbers game) and nonogram (color puzzle)?

Logic grids are my fave! I bought in the past books from the store just to play sudoku and logic grids lol


Omg, that reminds me, I don’t know if I bought the eyes for the dragons :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Pugs remind me of Mochi, a pug in a comic in English and Spanish on Instagram (Mochi is a pug in real life and the artist is the owner’s pet lol). I find this comic funny:

Credits to the author: 157ofgemma

(Btw, do you know it is a bulldog or a pug amigurumi?)


I haven’t tried it yet, but I just found this recipe during subbing research:


I’ve never heard of Paula Deen, sorry!
Lool too much sugar for you and overdose of butter for me :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (I can eat butter, but very little! When I saw the video, I was :scream::scream::scream::scream: mamma mia lol)


No, we made a little mouse and I got a cute little whale from them that I used as my keychain. After all those years it finally broke though :sweat_smile:.

Btw, the Portugese farts seemed to taste quite good. Even the host was surprised :rofl: I’ve never put dates in meat though, but it shouldn’t be any different than when combining other types of dried fruit :slight_smile:


You never know! It is like orange juice with meat! The meat becomes tender! Let’s talk about cuisine hacks or strange food combinations that are Dayum :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m just hungry now, I ate half of a croissant before running to work this morning LOL There’s a concerto in my stomach.

Oh yeah, amigurumi keychains, that is also a good idea for beginners!


Haha, I hope you can give your stomach some more food as standing ovation for the concierto :wink:
I made pumpkin juk (Korean porridge) with Hokkaido pumpkins. It’s one of my favorite breakfasts.


Hokkaido pumpkins? Are they Japanese pumpkins? You have them in your area? That is so nice!
We share the same timezone, so yaay, we can eat lunch!

Have you watched the recent video of Li Ziqi with food made from/with roses? I thought we went back in time!


If I show my mom this, my mom will kick me out. :joy::joy:


Yeah, apparently they also grow that variant in the Netherlands :rofl: When they are in season, they are delicious and sweet.

Yeah, I saw both her video as Dianxi Xiaoge’s videos on roses. I really like the way Li Ziqi is making her garden - such a dream :smile: My mom now watches both of their videos and every time they post something, she apps me: “Did you see what she did with X? So interesting. I’m going try to make something similar.” :laughing:

Have a nice lunch :wink: