QC Gifts Winter 2017


Has anyone received them yet?
I’m curious what they are this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

QC gifts for volunteers
Old school "girl" and Viki QC gift 2018

If I remember correctly, last year it was after the end of the year.


True, BUT: Didn’t the QC message from Viki (the one asking for our adress) say, that they would start shipping at the 30th of November? People that live in America will probably start getting them soon (if they haven’t already).


Ah, I didn’t read that.


Maybe in previous years it was like that, I don’t know, I haven’t been such a long time here. But last year it was a 20 or 30 euros coupon to buy what you wanted from yesstile, and there was no shipping either. I bought eye and brow makeup things.


I checked my email and only saw that you had to confirm your info by the 30th. I personally don’t think they’ve sent anything out yet, but if they have, it would have been pretty recently.


So far we never received our QC gifts before Christmas but mostly around spring or later.


Did you guys receive the coupon code? I recently got a reminder about using my QC-gift before december 31th…however I never received an e-mail with the coupon code… its really weird…


if this this from the YESASIA or something like that, that was a gift for 2016 received in 2017… Im not aware of something for 2017 yet…


In that case contact Viki directly and tell them. There were some problems with getting the code, than getting a new code … So just write them, since it only is a few days till the 31st december.


Thanks! Do you perhaps know how to contact Viki? I couldnot find an e-mailadress ^^’


Try this one and make sure to put in an accurate reference line. Good luck^^


same , reminding me to go redeem my coupon … but actually no coupon code :S last time , they gave me an expired code … i never received anything from viki :frowning:


You should write to them, I don’t know how accommodating they are in this matter today 31st december was/is the last day to use it.
I got a notice about the problem with the coupon too and that they would send a new one, I never got a new one either but a reminder that I have not used the coupon yet in december.
But since I didn’t attempt to use it, I did not write back.

Even at Viki there are only humans working so mistakes can happen.

Happy New Year to you and good luck!


Still haven’t gotten any news about it


I have not received anything yet :expressionless:


2/1/18 - and nothing.

Doesn’t look like anybody has got anything and this was months ago now.

An explanation as to why they wanted our addresses would be nice, if nothing else at this point. After all, I don’t recall having to give them our physical house addresses for the coupon?

Noah Veil


The coupon was a bit different in the sense that the gift was from YesStyle.

This time we’ll probably be getting Viki merchandise, as was the case in the past. Several people have mentioned that QC gifts usually arrive in the spring, but we were contacted regarding them in November…


I contacted Viki in December because I received an email in which they reminded me to redeem my coupon, but I hadn’t received a coupon code yet! And they told me that the coupon they were talking about was the Yesstyle coupon they gave us in spring or summer, I think? I don’t really remember. So they meant that we could use that coupon until December 31st. So the winter coupon or the winter gift will arrive in spring, I think :slight_smile:


Hello there ~

I’m writing this for those who still have the doubt, and to reassure them a bit, I’ve already received a message at my email address saying that my shipment from Viki is on its way, so you can relax a little and just wait a little bit longer, surely you’ll receive your message soon.