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2 lee min ho and 1 Kim Soo Hyun …Character : Lee Min Ho - Kim Tae Hyun ( Very Nasty Personality ) and Lee Min ho - Lee Song Ki ( very Nice and Wonderful Personality ) … and Kim Tae Hyun Bestfriend is Kim Bum … And Lee Song Ki bestfriend is Kim soo Hyun… The 2 twins Don’t know each other… Tae Hyun is in America Planning a revenge for the 3 people who killed his parents … while Song Ki is having fun with life in South Korea… Till When Tae Hyun Decides to go South Korea to get his Revenge Ready,But After He Comes to South Korea, Tae Hyun gets in a Little trouble wich is a caught for beating up a gang till the cops comes and everyone disappear but everyone is running and they decide to chase after Tae Hyun but while running away. Song Ki is walking around with an ice cream cone, the cops are surpised by seeing how he changed so fast… Later… While Song Ki is at the Police Station, He Rejects Being In a fight and he was buying ice cream for his girlfriend, They let off the hook, while Song Ki girlfriend is seating down waiting for Song Ki, Tae Hyun Appears and Thinks it Song Ki and asks him where is her ice cream and why he changed his outfit, Tae Hyun gets confused and starts lying and looking out if the cops are there, she ask him if he is okay… Suddenly while coming out the police station, Tae Hyun Girlfriends pops out and slaps his ass and tells him your already in trouble on ur first day in korea, Song Ki gets confused and asks her who is she, she laughs and grab his hand, song ki let go and asked her again, Kim bum appears and says man whats wrong, Song ki goes along with it, while getting inside the car, Tae Hyun girlfriends tells him here are the 2 man and 1 women you need kill, Song Ki Yells what?! And She gives him a parent of Tae Hyun’s Parents, Than she says for your parents, remember… Song Ki Surprise to See his Dead Parents Picture


are you korean


Fight for Love (Tentative title)
Chapter 1
Characters: Sarah Geronimo (Filipino) as Areev
Won Bin as Yong Hyun Joon

Areev (half Korean and Filipino) lives in the Philippines with her mom and step-father (both Filipinos). Knowing her dad as Korean, she paid a lot of attention on Korean culture and language. She can speak korean, and she is actually a a smart and witty girl. However, they lived in poverty with her mom working as a bar hostess and step-dad who soak himself to gambling. Areev never had an easy life living with her step-dad. She was always beaten by him ever since she was young, and when she turned her teenage year her dad would often tries to molest her. Her mom knows what’s happening but is adamant to go against her husband because she feared him. However, since Areev is smart attempting to rape her by her step-dad always turn into failure. One day his dad almost raped her but her mom helped her to escape that caused her mom’s life. The step-dad managed to escape and Areev didn’t know what to do after the loss of her mother. She certainly wanted to get revenge so she agreed to the owner of the bar where her mom is working to take her as a hostess. Hyun Joon is the heir of Cubic company (the leading conglomerate group in Asia. He was given a week to find a fiance or else he will loose all his share on his grandfather’s will. He detest all the hypocrite members of his family especially his two aunts who only thinks of owning their own wealth. To make his Aunts go crazy and play them around he asked his secretary to find the worst girl for him to marry. They were in the Philippine during that time for a business meeting and Secretary Seo suggested to Hyun Joon that if he really want his aunt to be pissed in to the maximum level, why not grab a girl in a totally different culture. Hyun Joon agreed and let Secretary Seo pick whoever he wants. Secretary Seo actually is a friend of the owner of the bar where Areev started working. Sec. Seo asked the owner to bring out all the girls they have to take him with for his boss. Certainly, Areev stood out among the girls because of all the bruises she still have from the past happening with her step-dad. Sec. Seo thought that Hyun Joon would be pleased if he brings Areev because she looks like the worst girl he could ever bring to him. Hyun Joon was satisfied when he saw Areev. Areev agreed to everything they planned for her without saying any words. They arrived in S. Korea and without giving her so much effort on tidying her up or full blown makeover, Hyun Joon brought Areev in the family meeting to introduce as his said to be wife. Just what he expected, his aunts and other relative were lost of words. They were very pissed because they all came from family of royalties and their nephew can just bring some beggar from the street to become his wife and get half or even whole of the inheritance from their father. Hyun Joon was very happy with the result and he instructed Sec. Seo to register their marriage right away as he have told the family that they already did they wedding ceremony in the Philippines. Hyun Joon sent Areev to his house but instructed her not to do anything but just stay still. Finally, after 2 months of being in Korea and stying still just what Hyun Joon instructed her, Areev finally speaks up and talked to Sec. Seo in korean. Sec. Seo was very surprised that Areev spoken Korean words. Areev asked Sec. Seo to look for his dad in Korea giving him his dad’s name. Sec. Seo pitied her and promise to find her dad but in return never let Hyun Joon know that she can speak Korean. To be continued…

The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet

OMG!!! I LOVE IT… I Wish Yhu Could Finish it… If it was a real drama i would keep watching it… OMG i Love it… MORE Plzz… OMG

The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet

Characters : Kim Yoon Hye As Lee Eun Seo
Kim Soo Hyun As Ji Hoon
Kim Shi Hoo- Jerry/Min Ho

Eun Seo And Ji Hoon Have Been Lover’s Since High School, The Off And On Relationship, Everytime Eun Seo Saw Ji Hoon Hugging His Friends Which Are Females she would get jealous but ji hoon would try to make her feel better by kissing her on her left cheek than say sorry and than her right cheek than say sorry and her lips twice than say I Love You … as their love grew stronger problems at Eun Seo house kept coming. Eun Seo Parent’s Decided to sent Eun Seo to america to study. After Four years… Ji-Hoon is a Abs Modeling and Eun Seo is a Model And Their Still Not In Touch but after Eun Seo manager got mad at her for skipping her photo-shoot for her boyfriend Jerry, Her manager decided to forgive her, as months pass by Eun Seo fans kept disappearing And Eun Seo never cared and that’s what pissed her manager off cause all she cared about was Jerry, Eun Seo manager bought her tickets for South Korea for her to get her fan back by Ji Hoon Help, The day before she was supposed to leave america, she caught Jerry making out with another female… Eun Seo Started crying and left America Without Saying Bye to Jerry, When she reached To South Korea, While Going to her old house, She Bumped to Ji Hoon, Yet Still Not Recognizing Ji Hoon, She Yelled at him… After Being Settled In her house, She went to The Model Her Manager Told Her to go, She Realized it was the guy she bumped to, She Didn’t Even Bother to Say Sorry, Ji hoon finally Recognized Her But Wasn’t too sure till he asked for her name… Just Hearing The Name Eun Seo, Lee Eun Seo, Made Him Smile, He Asked her if she knows him but she decline it… After 3 Months of Helping Her, Ji Hoon Would Always Try to Tell her Its Ji Hoon, Her High School Lover But Never got the chance so he gave up, Jerry Comes to Korea And Finds her and asks her to take him back, After the 10x She said yes… they started dating again… going to the movies,kissing,holding hands, Couple T-Shirt, Flirting In Front of Ji Hoon, Ji Hoon Couldn’t take it, so he decided to ask her to go take model photo’s at the Park to get her fans back, she agree’s but asks if she could bring Jerry Along, Ji Hoon couldn’t take it and yelled at her, than after yelling he regretted it and said sorry, that later afternoon, She is Wearing a Yellow Strip-Less Dress with her long brown hair and make up and yellow high heels, just seeing her pretty made him feel like high school all over again, While taking photo’s than going for a break, Eun Seo Decides to leave early, while he gets his mind off of Eun seo he goes to the club and he surprised to see Jerry flirting with a dancer and touching her body, Ji Hoon couldn’t take it and punches him infront of everyone… the next day, jerry visits with a cut lip, Eun Seo gets worried, When Finally Ji Hoon Wanted to Tell her What Happen to Him, She Already Blamed Ji Hoon and ignores him… Ji Hoon regrets not telling her Before she could blame him, After 2 days, Eun Seo See’s Jerry touching another model body and flirts, So Eun Seo Goes over there and slaps jerry, than runs off crying, Ji Hoon Runs after Her And Whips Aways Her Tears And He Kisses Her Cheek And Says Sorry and Her Right Cheeks and Says Sorry Than Her Lips Twice Than He Says I Love You… To Be Continued


Character : Lee Hong Ki as Jung Hwa
Park min young as Kim Na Na

Coming Back From The Store at night after buying ramen for her and her boyfriend, two man where following her behind and appeared to be drunk and been smoking, while Nana is shaking in fear and scared to death, the two man comes closer and Nana try’s to run, but her high heel’s break and she falls, she is being carried and kidnapped, she was screaming for Jung Hwa But he had his earphones on and couldn’t hear, he kept checking his clock to see what time it was and is still not back, he takes off his earphones and goes to the store, the lady says Nana just left 5 minute ago, while Nana is Kidnapped and in a storage, she kept threatening them, one of them slapped her and the other one was touching her body, they ripped her shirt off than 9 minutes later, she is on the ground with ripped clothes and was done being rapped, While the guys where busy putting their pants back up, Nana Managed to free her tied hands and kicked one of them on their balls and the other one she threw a chair at them, she managed to escape… 1 hour later, on the news they reported Kim Nana Missing… Jung Hwa was in fears and wanted to find her… 6 years later… Jung Hwa is the Youngest and Rich and Good looking heirs… While Nana is a normal girl who use to live in a america after the incident in South Korea, She decided to come back to south korea… She lived in this Dirty House, never cleans her room, unwashed dishes and goes to work without talking and using notes to talk… One late night, her friend asks her to go buy something for her at The Store, She went to her chilhood store where she was kidnapped, While walking there, She was shaking and crying on the floor, yelling and was scared, she was surrounded by people… people where asking her if she was alright, one guy touched her shoulder and she slightly moved and she was in fear… Jung Hwa is walking to go to his business meeting for a few inches apart, he comes and checks what the fussy is about, While Nana face is facing down, he never got the chance to see her face, his father calls him to come… he leaves… he has the meeting, they agree with things…The next day Nana tries to find a Job, she walks by Jung Hwa company, she walks in and gets her note book out and writes down if they hiring anyone, Jung Hwa Personal Secretary Says yes and its the cleaning lady, Nana gets fired and comes to work, she is cleaning, she gets assigned to clean Jung hwa office when he is in a meeting, she follows the order, She goes in and while cleaning, she falls and sprained her ankle, she is holding her ankle, she hears a the knock being opened, she tried’s to get up but falls back down, Jung hwa runs to help the maid, Nana takes a marker and writes im okay, without looking up, she tried to get up but when she is about to fall, Jung Hwa catch’s her, They Met eyes to eyes… Their Both in shock to met again… Jung Hwa Secretary comes and Misunderstood and clears his throat and leaves… Jung hwa is worried and asks her to get on his back than suddenly she says NO and he is surprised cause her secretary said there’s a new main who can’t speak…


lol I have continuation but I’m a bit busy. I’m surprised someone really reads it I thought it’s too long to put time into reading and it’s not even half of the story loool… Kinda like we’re at ep. 2.


Lol… Hehehe


I read this one and it’s really funny. I’m pissed with Jerry he is just a flirt. Ok I will add story to this but first let me continue or finish my story. OK.


Fight for Love (Tentative title)
Chapter 2
Hyun Joon continues to ignore the existence of Areev even after living in the same house for 2 months now. Areev however decided to pick up her life. She started going out when Hyun Joon is not around. She could careless about him anyway since he also does treats her like invisible. She started looking for a job and she got hired as a waitress in a high class restaurant, Bon a’ Petit because of her quirkiness. She wanted to earn money for herself in case Hyun Joon find her useless anymore and kicks her out. In the restaurant she made friends with Na Ri, and they found theirselves very similar to each other because they are both fans of KPOP idol B2ST. They are also of the same age, 21 years old. It was already been a month since Areev started working in Bon ‘a Petit and Hyun Joon started noticing her being not around in the house often, also sec. Seo have been doing some errands lately without his direction. With his increasing curiosity, he told sec. Seo that he would have to have his dinner in the house tonight. The reaction in Sec. Seo flustered Hyun Joon and now it’s confirmed that something is really up. He secretly followed Sec. Seo out and watch him what he does next. Sec. Seo called someone and to his surprised Sec. Seo mentioned Areev’s name but he was totally confused because he was talking in Korean. In the conversation, Sec. Seo told the person on the phone to go home early for tonight so she won’t get caught just a precautionary measure. Hyun Joon’s curiosity is killing him. At dinner, Areev and Sec. Seo continued to act strange. Hyun Joon clear out his throat and talks about Areev to Sec. Seo. He purposely talks bad things about her then he would occasionally grin/laugh to pissed her off. Sec. Seo was in a very tight position because he clearly know that Areev understands everything Hyun Joon is saying. Sec. Seo then interrupted Hyun Joon while he is in the middle of the talk. He asked Hyun Joon what is his plan for Areev. Hyun Joon ask the question back to Sec. Seo. “What do you think I should do to her?” .He said “Now that I already got my inheritance, I should be able to get rid of her. How about I salvage her, chop her body up and throw it in the water?” While saying all of this horrifying words Areev was in the middle of drinking water and literally spit it all up hearing all that Hyun Joon have said. Sec. Seo then quickly made up things to get out of this situation. He said “Miss Areev is probably already full and done with her plate so that’s why she is throwing up.” He then called the house server and sent Areev in her room. With all those strange situation, while Hyun Joon is drinking coffee in his office he kinda think about everything and surely he is smart enough to figure that Areev can understand Korean. The next day while Hyun Joon was in his room he went out to his deck to get some fresh air, he saw Areev in the front yard doing some gardening. While he secretly watch her from afar, he just now notices how beautiful of a girl Areev actually is. A butterfly was roaming around Areev and she chases the butterfly with smile and she looked so happy. Hyun Joon from afar watches her roam around in the yard with the sunlight touching her skin that sparkles like the sand in the shore. Her fine black long hair dances with the wind as she spin around like a swan. Hyun Joon was mesmerized with Areev’s beauty until he snaps in reality that it’s totally impossible. He tried slapping his self then Areev saw him and he got flustered. He yells at her not to be noisy, when she actually wasn’t. It was just his excuse to get out of his utter embarrassment. After that day Hyun Joon keeps on thinking of Areev. He keeps on thinking of her beautiful smile, the way she laughs is driving him crazy. Hyun Joon had a business meeting with business man from Italy and they decided to do the meeting in the restaurant Bon a’ Petit. The restaurant was busy in a typical day and there comes a costumer whom from the moment he set foot in the restaurant and saw Areev he never took his eyes off her. He was a VIP. He specially instructed the manager to let Areev serve his table. Areev followerd what the manager have told her. The costumer however demanded her to stay in the table with him and just stayed there until he is done eating. Areev refused to do so and when she was about to go he took her hand by force and she tried to pull her hand back leading the glass in the table fall on the floor and breaks. They caught everyone’s attention in the restaurant including Hyun Joon’s table which is in the far corner. The manager rushed in to the rescue. The VIP costumer is in rage of anger. He was yelling that he just want to eat with the waitress and then he just spit outs words of cuss and bad mouthing Areev that she seduced him and blah blah blah. Hyun Joon on his table saw the girl being criticized from her back but he feels like the girl is familiar. He stood up and come closer to the commotion area then he figured it’s Areev. He was flustered and mad. He is out of word. He is not sure though which part he is angry about, the fact that she is working in a restaurant or is it because that man is cussing Areev out and calling her slut etc. He doesn’t care anymore, he is just very angry at this moment and when the man was about to pull Areev’s hand again he just impulsively butt in and said it to the man’s face “This woman is my wife! Do you have a problem with that?” The guy was speechless when he saw - it’s Yong Hyun Joon the CEO of Cube company which is the company that basically own the firm he manage. He then apologize sincerely with a 90 degree bow and left. People in the restaurant was lost of words also especially the employees. They would never thought that the CEO/owner of this restaurant is Areev’s husband. Now it makes sense because Sec. Seo was the one who suggested this restaurant to Areev to apply for. Hyun Joon however was very angry with Areev. Deep silence was the atmosphere in the car while they are heading back home. He doesn’t know what to say because he is still doubting if Areev really can understand Korean. To be continued…

The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet

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