The Blue Whisper Part 1 starring Allen Ren and Dilraba Dilmurat will be released on March 17, 2022. No confirmation on Viki’s licensing.

Teaser released March 14, 2022.



:sob::sob::sob: :crossed_fingers:

Me too. It would be great if Viki would obtain licensing for it and create a channel for it.
For now, it looks like we’ll just have to watch it elsewhere.
Yes, there’ll be 2 seasons.

Awesome! Looks real good! Thank you! :heart_eyes:

Here’s the first trailer from last Oct:


goosebumps!!! I gotta find it! reminds me kinda of that one just recently shown, twin cities or something like that?

it was good but it also got boring


Newest teaser for “The Blue Whisper” from March 15, 2022. Please Viki, please :star_struck:


You’re welcome! :hugs:


Legend of Anle’s cast, and production crew in action, has me thinking about a certain production over in a another thread. :wink: Unfinished Business
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hey people a fair warning, I put actvid on here, please be careful, I got a warning signal from my computer yesterday, spyware, or whatever. please be careful!! maybe one of you computer geeks can figure it out. no my computer didn’t crash or anything, but that got me kinda scared! now I don’t want to go to that site… and sorry if any of you tried it.


Oh no! Looks like this will go into cold storage for a long, long time. Or it may not see the light of day. :sob::sob::sob:

Some say Yang Zi and Nini are affected as well. Poor Yang Zi. It was Kris Wu (The Golden Hairpin) then, and now this…:unamused: I’m so glad TOOL has already premiered! I hope the authorities will leave it alone. :joy::pray:

Hope DL can get out of this in good shape, though I doubt it.

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A channel for She & Her Perfect Husband has just been created. Are we getting it? Expectations are running wild here. Please be true! :star_struck:
Viki channel:


Not available in my area.



The license is still pending, but it’s a very good sign to have a channel for it. I believe once Viki get’s the license it will also be available in your region.


Thank you!


You’re welcome.


If a channel has just been created, it says the series is not available in your region for everyone :wink:


Oh YES! I can’t wait!
The trailer looks promising.

Can’t wait to watch this pairing (though currently feeling quite incredulous about it lol), and of course, XK@soso :heart_eyes:


Hope this drama will be available (licensed) here on Viki. :crossed_fingers:


I hope viki will put this cdrama in the future un programma TV o un film


YES YES YES. Love Yang Mi. She was the main reason I stuck with The Legend of Fu Yao (trying to sort out Chinese historical romances, wuxia adventures, and even relatively modern rom-coms can get pretty complicated for a lot of reasons).

Ethan Juan was very good in that drama (better overall displaying his acting chops than in Cupid’s Kitchen), but Yang Mi was definitely the reason I watched through TLOFY to the strange end.


YES! TLOFY was a very enjoyable drama, albeit the weird sort of ending.
Yang Mi is one of the top few actresses with great historical auras and performances in Cdramaland. Yang Mi and Ethan Juan were so darn hot as the main CP in this drama.
Hope to see them in another project in the near future.


Title: 与君初相识 The Blue Whisper
This drama premiered on 3.17.22.
Come on, Viki! Will it be here… :thinking::pleading_face:

Beautiful OST MVs. :heart_eyes:


Trailer official Sisyphus: please viki put this series … please
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