The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet


Who other than subbers would know best what a Viki Original production should look and sound like?

Oh, and people who run out to put loads of wash through the washer and dryer between K-drama episodes? And people who have cats who beg for food just as the opening theme of the first ep of a new show starts the tears welling?

I invite you to imagine one main character you would find in a K-drama, and one you would find in a C-drama, J-drama, T-drama, B-drama [Bollywood, right], etc.

Take any two cool sounding words from any drama, any period, any genre and make them the title. Then proceed to write a synopsis for a show YOU would binge-watch. If you have an idea of which Viki celebrities would fit a role, include his or her name in the synopsis as well.

For example:

[I made this with Gimp; the statues come from Wikipedia and The Culture Trip website; the "laundry elements are from Pixabay; the fonts are open source from Libre Office.]

Kami-sama Kickass

Ha-Neul is the successful third-generation head of Super-Wipe, a cleaning supplies company in Seoul started by her mother’s grandparents in the 1980s. Due to various very complicated family relationships, her magician father and her registered dietician mother head public relations and product development respectively. Her twin brother Ha-joon, a famous Taekwando teacher, is the chief product spokesperson.

On an extended business trip to Tokyo to discuss production of silk eyeglass wiping cloths with the owners of a well-known mulberry tree farm, Ha-Neul meets Haruto, the eldest son, they fall in love, marry quickly, and return to Seoul to surprise her parents.

Little do the newlyweds suspect that they have packed a shape-shifting kami in their luggage, thinking it to be a complimentary bathrobe from the hotel where they spend their wedding night.

Life in one corner of Seoul is about to get cleaner and crazier than anyone can imagine!

Please post your “original” as a separate reply!

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The element of surprise, the romance, and the mysterious shape-shifting kami. Yep! I’m adding this to my watch list. It also hints at having one, or more sequels.


I love this! I’ve thought out quite a few plots already :sweat_smile: Viki Originals have to have just the right balance of cliche and originality to succeed.

When Bonnie Meets Holmes
Jung Hoon, a detective who looks EXACTLY like the heir to the biggest automobile conglomerate in Korea works part time as a pizza delivery guy. On one of his deliveries, he is mugged by a thief, who who runs off with all his pizza… and a little of his heart. Ae Rin the leader of a sprightly young group of sharp-witted, modern-day bandits. Somehow[insert minor plot-hole :joy:], they end up chasing bad guys together.

If I ever become a scriptwriter(my dream job), I’d probably need someone to check my drama’s logic holes with me, @makgeolli_ajhumma or @ninjas_with_onions will someone please volunteer? :joy::joy:

Answer with song title! [game]

A long time ago, I had thought about creating a drama called The Drivers of Destiny, inspired by our “Odd Things I Learnt About Korea” thread.
The main characters:

  1. A White Truck of Doom driver
  2. A Scooter of Romance driver
  3. A taxi for drunk lovers driver
  4. a motel owner who always has just one room left; locks people in random places as a part-time hobby
  5. An electrician who damages elevators and cuts off electricity for romance’s sake

Supporting cast:

  1. a person who set off fireworks every time they see someone kiss
  2. another person who shakes cherry blossom trees

Together, they work as matchmakers to make the world fill up with romance. :joy: The angst here is the truck of doom driver trying to escape his fate.


There must also be a mysterious couple. A careless driver and his puddle. They appear only when the FL is standing near crosswalk.

Answer with song title! [game]

I’ve long been of the opinion that “French Kiss” should be remade. An (European) expat’s girlfriend who is not particularly interested in East Asia travels after him to Seoul, etc.

Then the reverse idea came up in our chat: Handsome Chinese (or Korean or other) bill collector is sent off to Europe and accidentally harasses the wrong female customer.

The first option is easier to implement, the second would be at least a coproduction.

(As far as Europe is concerned: Everyone always thinks of themselves. Only I think of myself. :wink: )


Remakes are apparently very popular. Here are two films you could work with:

The first would be quite provocative, with the second I could imagine a real bromance.

By the way, both films are available on YT


JH will of course be swoonier than Bandersnatch Cummerbund:


And have a wack best friend who shares a basement apartment:


The romance trope exists in some form already.


So do your finger push-ups, get your ten pounds of gummy bear snax ready to go, throw in a chai-wallah, a Gurkha-walla, Hrithik Roshan in a gold turban, and a “dragon lady” with hair down to her bum . . . and then think what to do for episode two!

Up all night badge to you!

P.S. Are you familiar with Inspector Ghote?

Inspector Ghote Hunts The Peacock - BBC - Radio - Sam Dastor - 1984


Bad Weddings–a family drama on tvN for sure!

The Locksmith–who better to star in it than Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook?

Lots of shrieking and near misses on the Autobahn!


For Bad Weddings I’d prefer

Finally want to see if he can do comedy - maybe i’ve missed that so far

Or maybe

would also be the right age. Or

in a modern play.

But how easy will it be to find excellent actors for the sons-in-law?

As far as The Locksmith is concerned … Lee Dong Wook can play arrogant types, perhaps alternative ones can still be found.
But much more important would be the casting of the SML I can’t think of any at the moment. Matthias Schweighöfer is marvelous, Milan Peschel is outstanding.


OH NO! The word “doom” and the words “panel truck” . . . now reality will absolutely collapse!

we’re going to have to have both um (whispers into cupped hand) Seo In Guk and Namgoong Min.

@spaufler_89 has just guaranteed that @kdrama2020ali will deafen the entire community and Viki will fall into a black hole of SQUEEEEE . . . !


Perfect concept for Viki, Eoni! (I don’t need to hear as long as the subs are good.)


What did I do? :hushed:


OH NO WHAT did I DO?? @spaufler_89 I’m not sure what you did???

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she knows I’ll have a new topic or HOTTIE posse MEMBER!

I promise I see the DEPTH in shows and not just the HOTTIE - I have totally talked about the depth of DOOM - and his hotness but I digress :fire::fire:

But I need clarification - for what naughtiness I did now


Oh, dear, I apologize. You did nothing. The Discussion board format makes it very hard to follow the conversations in a thread for me, and I pointed the finger a you for introducing the concept of the White Truck of Doom in your version of “The ‘Viki Original’ you haven’t seen yet.”

But your idea was the remake of two “foreign” films which definitely has promise for people who want to laugh at complexity and not run screaming out of the room when the “cliff-hanger” at the end of a typical K-drama ep comes along.

Sorry for confusion. Biyanheyo. Or is it Mianhaeyo? OH NO! The demon of transliteration is in the penthouse walking around looking like Sean Richard!!!

More confusion in trying to sort out confusion! Am I “doomed”???

Are you looking for some translation excitment? I might be able to help 🙂

The subber I meant to point out as using the “D” word in this thread was @vivi_1485 and her scenario with a “White Truck of Doom driver.” Because, you know what happens when that word gets mentioned.

It doesn’t diminish my gratitude for having a chance to see Seo In-guk in a new light.

If it weren’t for your thread about DAYS, I would have passed it right by since the last K-drama I saw with Seo In Guk was Hello, Monster/I Remember You. His acting was amazing, but the character and the story line were too much for me to process. Psychological thrillers give me nightmares.

Plus by the time I discovered him as an actor at all, I had found my groove with lawyer and doctor shows, spy thrillers, and saeguk.

And I did not know he could sing. Because some K-drama male celebrities have not risen through the ranks on the basis of smooth vocal talent.

But I do need to be protective of my hearing, so keep it down, would ya?

I have to be able to listen to my inspiring saeguk themes . . .

The Evolution of Sageuk 사극의 진화 (Korean Historical Drama)

Dec 11, 2020

The TENG Ensemble

Are saeguk heroines really strong or really stupid?

:grinning::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: Those are all my shows! :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::grinning:


It actually sounds like biyaneyo a lot. But it is 미안 해요 - mian haeyo.


I listened to two different videos online where native speakers who also speak English teach students how to pronounce different “basic greetings.” One of the speakers clearly says a “b” sound at the start of the word, and one says an “m” sound.

It’s the same with “deh” and “neh.” Does it have to do with regional dialects? You know the minute you hear a K-drama character calling his or her granny “Helmoi,” her or she is from way the heck out in the country.


It’s spelled in hangul as “ne” and “mianhe” but you can say it both ways. The ‘m’ and ‘b’ sounds are really similar.
The ‘n’ and soft ‘d’ sounds can be interchanged in multiple words. So can the ‘r’ and ‘l’(with rules).


Time to freshen up the topic:

My Roommate is a Gummibear

Important questions to consider:

ML? FL? Genre? Include Sean Philip or not?

Have an entire K-pop, J-pop, C-pop, T-pop band transported back in time to 25 BCE?

Scary CGI or Hello Kitty CGI?

Kisaeng vs Geisha clog fight?

Remember, this has to be really, really original . . .