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Gosh time flies, this little gem I found, can you recognize the guys??


Sting, Boy George, Michael, U2, Paul Young?, Phil Collins, Duran Duran, who else…


Seems like a reference to the Brazilian indigenous paintings, but isn’t so faithful, maybe because there is a reference to Hinduism too.

I’ll look for a little more about this song for can affirm. Although his paintings have a meaning, but depends which tribe does it belong, its specific and each has them 'own. Can be for hierarchy, or if is married person or not, to represent the tribe… Many possibilitys. ^^

Do you want I show somes?
I tried found some in English… But was too hard


Here one page

One video

Thank you @mirjam_465 for shared! :heart:


Yes, that would be great. :slight_smile:


I updated, I’ll try to find better information in English… :blush:

Hope you’ll like it! ^^



honestly, today I do feel great, even knowing tradition is or has gone out the window, I am learning to do new “traditions”. I put something on one of these links, what a great way! give a book for Christmas!
Think I will try that as well_ so many things to do/
for instance

  1. Santa soup(heheheh sounds funny too) but its a pack of instant chocolate, marshmallows and a candy cane, and ofcourse with a little message to go along with it.
    2 those worry worms or a little crocheted cross, with a message
    3 yes food of course
    4 a phone call or card

ahhh so many things to do between now and christmas!! cant stay depressed for long!!

and something to go along with this


I think this was mentioned in one of the messages, another one, write!! write a short story, mystery scifi, or whatever> yes I love the story behind Atlantis, but really never persued it, maybe its time. I won’t put stuff on here that I put on another link. but read what I want to write about is a good thing to.


good morning! a beautiful day


Heres a good one, and yes I have felt that way


This is one of the worst feelings to have; ‘‘that nobody cares,’’ and we tend to do that the most (let it bother us). No matter how many books I read on the subject, I myself, instead of appreciating and thinking of the many that DO/DID care, I ‘‘stewed’’ and felt miserable because of the ones that don’t/didn’t care, like if that will change anything in them

My grandmother always told me that some people are born ‘‘in a wicked way,’’ and they will never, ever change, and is wasted time to try to ‘‘change their heart.’’ (by showing them more affection and trying to ‘‘win’’ them over). She always told me; ‘‘let it slide like water and keep on walking’’ [’‘Deja que te resbale como el agua y sigue andando’’). Too late in life, I learned to do that, and I really wished I had listened to her words much sooner.So much less pain and sorrow could have been avoided in my life.



I needed that… So true… Still learning the hard way ><
Thank you!


I usually sing at Christmas in groups so I just found out I’m singing this - this weekend! I have sang it many times - I should be ok!!! LOL




Your very welcome. It does takes a lot of will power from ourselves, to be able to stop this from continuing to happen in our life. Learn to love yourself enough, not to let them hurt you anymore. I started doing that, and it works! Don’t wait too long like I did. I can guarantee you, you will be so much happier, and that heavy weight that was on your shoulders, will just lift away, and you will feel like walking on clouds. Read a lot of self-help books, it has done wonders in my life, and I know it will help you, too.


I have made this many times for my friends!!!


Just started a therapy, bought some self-help books too =)
I need to rebuild my confidence.
Moved in my new house… Time to start a new life FAR AWAY from some…
Thank you for your kind words <3


This is probably my favorite Christmas carol! I wish I could hear you sing it @kdrama2020ali! :musical_note:


Maybe someday!!!


Another one of my FAVORITES! @my_happy_place


The things you didn’t know about this Christmas Classic:
“It’s a Wonderful Life”, here the colored version… read about more facts in comments.
I didn’t know Jimmy Stewart just returned from war when he did this movie… if you have a copy of the movie don’t miss to watch it :christmas_tree: otherwise check yt…


the santa soup is part of Christmas gifts I am giving, along with the worry worms and the chill pills, love the reindeer poop, considering it