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image a big hug to y’all


don’t mean to sound depressed, but I know some of you are like this, just get out of it, call someone, go somewhere



Today’s Carol! :christmas_tree:

I’m finally getting up my 2nd tree - Now to decorate both of them!!!

One is white - with a frost silver and blue theme - it is my frozen tree I call it!


HELLO ALLLLL I just found out some exciting news and I wanted to share it with all of you guys!
The Iheartradio Jingle ball is taking place tmrw at 8 pm you can watch it for free on
Monsta x and Bts will be performing as well as a bunch of other artists.




wait really?? I was able to watch the trailer thing and im in the US


It’s ONLY available in the US. And I’m not in the US.


ohhh my bad ): if I find another way for you guys to watch it I will def post it on here.


Thank you. :slight_smile:


ok, y’all I kinda back slid this morning. your children is your heart and all, right?? well this morning I started thinking of my youngest son, not heard from him in about 5 years,

we had a confrontation, still dont know what I said or did that ticked him off, but nothing from him. Guess I am kind of venting right now. yes did the praying , asked God to intervene, His way not mine , the scripture what so ever you ask , believe that you recieve. God will make a way when theres no way. and I always get His time not mine. but it still hurts! Military guy, think PTSD also, but still!!

this i guess is my so called mountain, so today I am a bit down about this, I want this rift to be over, healed, hear from him etc etc etc! nothing is too hard for God. we leavew it with God and not pick it back up, well I guess I did this morning, picked it up.

y’all thanks for listening, I do plan to get over this TODAY, I am not going to stay on this downer!

later y’all, have a great day, be blessed!


and I got an answer! no not coincedence, and I believe this! It will happen,


If you can, post pics :christmas_tree::heart_eyes:


Mary, I don’t think you are venting, rather sharing your pain in your heart, not knowing how this can be ever fixed. I’m in a bit similar situation not as bad as yours, but I understand you well as a mother of 3. You can always hope, that the day your are hoping for will come, can you not reach him at all? In many cases people are afraid to get in touch, because they likely could feel guilty that they haven’t contacted their family… the first step is always the hardest…
Your other son, does he have contact info of his brother?

Keeping fingers crossed and sending your strength for your patience that you need and a big hug :hugs: :revolving_hearts:


my middle son lives not far from him now, he has contacted him, and son says seems doing well, and as for me contacting him? yes many times, even sending him bday cards & christmas, his are close together, and do send him gift cards with that. and do try to contact him remainder of the year, but to no avail. my other sons says the ball is in his court now, so just waiting… Just don’t know what else to do!!

aahhh the big hug, yeah I need that one today esp.! thank you:kissing_heart:


You are not venting - you share your heart openly and I love that - one thing we have to remember is “free agency” people have their own “free agency” and even when God might intervene they make choices! Keeping him in your heart in prayers is what you do but please don’t let this pull you down - you have been having so many UP DAYS!!! Wishing you PEACE in your heart!



yes I know, and today I do plan to stay busy and NOT let it get me down! seems every year at this time, his Bday & Christmas is the worst. but like you said, I have had too many UP DAYS to lert this pull me down!! yes choices is the key here, the ball is definately in his court

and love the song! needed that this morning!! again thank you

and I cried, yes healing wings in our tears, tears are a language. I really needed that song this morning. again thank you I will come back later and let y’all know how I am doing


How lovely that you feel safe enough in this space to share such a personal hurt with the rest of us. I don’t have any profound words of advice or comfort, but I will keep you in my prayers in hopes of a heart-healing resolution between you and your son. I hope you are having a blessed day, even if your heart is a little heavier today.


thank you!



Girl that is so darn funny :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
This is the first time I see that and thank you for making me laugh bc laughter is the best medicine.

I have to start my treatments again that’s such a pain…(IV infusions). That’s why I was in a naughty mood and deserved some Reindeer Poop :joy:



The best gift you gave to yourself was moving into a new house, and starting a new life, and please, never look back. I can guarantee you, you will walk on air, full of happiness, looking to this wonderful new world opened to so many beautiful things coming to your life. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!