People , holiday depression


it looks hard to me bc it has too many steps to do.


I agree!!


just a good thought here


ok more;


I am in the mood for beautiful music lately!

Hope you like this one!


yes! nearer my God is one of my favorites


Oh good ENJOY :evergreen_tree:


just as good or better than the Celtics singers

just finished , awesome!!!


I love chanting - so Near to God has that vibe to me.!!!
I found some chanting




Hope you had a sun shiny day!


Hi again, girls. :slight_smile:


One of my favorite Josh Groban songs that he sings but done by a group!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day!!!


I’m having a DAY - Another SONG!!! :wink:



Kdrama, love the song!!! both of them!! what I wanna say?? a lot!! and be brave, I marked both to listen to again today. and thank you for them, made my day


mirjam, awesome, is there a reason for the markings on their faces? still love it


You are welcome - I was going crazy with songs yesterday!!!

I thought of you!


Another version I heard this morning - It gives me chills so beautiful!!!
I love Danny Gokey from when he did American Idol - he really is a beautiful singer!!



Thanks for the videos, this inline dancing is so much fun, I did once 2 classes, I guess I need to take out my cowboy boots :wink: This one is my favorite, the Electric Slide! - Shake your booty!! :dancer::man_dancing:


There might be. I don’t know, but maybe @marcela_athaydes can tell us. (People , holiday depression)