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Also remember the people like Robin Williams - who is the class clown - but was hurting inside!




Depends on why your depressed and what kind of a person you are. For me, all I need is to allow myself to be me, even if others find it bad. If you do it for long enough, someone will come along that likes you for you. Personally I get a spike in the depression department during birthdays instead of the holidays. I even used to flee to somewhere else during the day, getting away from the triggers and going on an ‘adventure’ with yourself, very therapeutic. :slight_smile:


I bought 10 days ago a huge panettone, it’s very popular in Europe around Christmas, it’s a sort of big/high cake with candied fruits and raisins, my kids don’t like it, I’m having one right now… and a non-coffee coffee (made of wheat, chicory root and acorn)…
Panettone lasts quite long since it’s commercially prepared and I won’t read the label cos it’s just too delicious (my little sin) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::yum:


now that should keep one active, 2 pounds? do you eat it in one sitting? reminds me of a big muffin… sounds good though

ok ok read the article!! awesome, and so glad you shared this, so slices are given, and btw, no chocolate chips? but I do like raisins!!


for my friends here, my christmas card to y’all, and again thank you!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

share your language!!!

Felis Navada only one I do know




thank you and awesome!!!


I did something yesterday, I shouldnt have, watched White christmas, yeah tradition for sure, my dad was in the military, before 1946, and this was a “tradition” to watch this movie course years later, just watching my dad shed tears over this movie, well yesterday I shed tears thinking of my dad, and his tears, so guess thats one movie I must have someone with me to watch it. still was beautiful though,

the other one I want to watch is “Its A Wonderful Life” really don’t think I need to watch it, , it is a depressing story, but a beautiful ending, the thought, If I wasn’t here, what would life be like. George came to his senses, and realizes that if he wasn’t here he wouldn’t have saved his brother, thats one thing and so on. so guess I won’t watch it.

Miracle on 34th street, was quite good. just too many memories I guess

Maybe its safer to watch Home Alone or those Hallmark movies. Just trying to get out of “traditions” is all
Hallmark movies I guess they are ok

a lot of other Christmas movies to watch as well

christmas chronicles, 1&2 cute(NF)

so see? am trying to get out of the tradition, hey I am even going to start reading books too(also study the Bible more too)

so crocheting I am doing, reading again, going to try some baking & cooking, found a recipe for

crockpot stuff and other recipes. so again trying to get out of tradition that gets me down
my sons bday today, see messages above about that one, moms death was 15th, soi thats another downer, then the biggie, is family and no tradition, oh well! like I said doing something different this year. I did for thanksgiving, and I did just fine, and I plan to do it again with this week and all.

y’all have a great day, I plan to!!


Of course there is, it is just not as common, there are even more tastes, and then there is the Colomba (Italian Dove) it’s similar dough and it’s eaten around Easter… Dove is for Peace… now we have a cake mania :rofl::yum:


in Czech: Veselé Vánoce a šťastný nový rok! :christmas_tree:
in French: Joyeux Noël et Bonne Nouvelle Année :santa:
(I don’t use FB)


awesome legend!! love it! thanks for sharing! and the language too


@vivi_1485 I think there will soon be a new supply of cookies. Come on!


hheeheeheehee !!! as soon as I get them done you can come right over!!


heres your hug!


yayyy! It’s the best time of the year again! :joy:




This is a valuable info and I knew about dark chocolate which I love but didn’t know about bananas, bananas contain also high potassium which is also healthy. Overall these are healthy or whole foods and walnuts are said to be brain food, I think the brand Diamond packed walnuts had to retract once the benefit description as FDA (USA) would have considered it as medicine or something like that cos they made a “health claim”.


yes, awesome list, I do like sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, bananas, and the rest. thanks for the lists