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Wow… I’m glad I came across this topic and your advice… Thank you all !
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and are we doing delicacies, vampires, oh they just do blood right? Hmm, ok easy on those "delicacies!!! heheheheh, nymeria hope it helped. thats why I put all this stuff here to help others thats going throlugh this just like me

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y’all you know what bothers me more than anything, people stepping away from traditions, seems like people just dont want to be with family, just one day a year. and yes I think I do get depressed cause of that one thing too. but oh well, this little ole lady has something else to do. we discussed it earlier, mine is going to a friends house for thanks giving, going to have about 4 single ladies to get together! so we won’t be alone!! and plan to enjoy it too…


I don’t know if I should put pictures of my family on here, just to introduce. yeah or nay


When I got married and moved far enough away from my family that being with them during holidays was never a guarantee, it was the hardest part of the whole transition. Even missing out on weekend game nights was incredibly depressing for me. I’ve been married for over 20 years now, and to this day I get very sad if we can’t spend holidays with extended family. A holiday with just my little clan of 3 always feels like any other day of the week/year, no matter what effort I put into it.


Sometimes for whatever reason the old traditions don’t work for us anymore and we need to create new ones.
I think you’ve found yourself a great new way to spend Thanksgiving. :slight_smile:


Wise Words!!!



I also read its the setting the clocks back, the dark, but if we put lights around us, that could help, and vitamin d, interesting!!
yes I am going to try and find different ways to share the holidays with other people


ok I know I could have put this on another link, but I believe we all need this, including me, so pay attention, and pay it forward


Also decorating a little - candles when taking a bath (um use battery operated) twinkle lights
Setting a TABLE with candles even if you are by yourself!!!

I was thinking about that today!

This is so TRUE - I love smiling at people and children - the mask thing makes me crazy.
I know I have talked about my little buddy who has autism - I was trained to work with him - but he is my bestest buddy - him letting me walk hand in hand with him to trick or treat. And Sunday he sat with me in class for an hour learning songs and LEANING on me! If he leans on you - you know you have this kid’s heart - he loves to laugh with me!!! Best medicine

Go Do Service with Children!


and I got some just recently!! now gotta try


kdrama, yes children, older folk in nursing homes, hospital etc etc etc, you are so right


just spreading a bit of cheer h

ere, really hope y’all like what is put here



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hard work but worth it!!