Post Your FAVORITE Water Scenes - Ya know - shower, waterfall, bath WHATEVER!


And Junho!!!

He does this stuff on purpose!


My car is in desperate need of a good washing, just sayin’.




Skate into Love


Way to take the ‘water’ thread in a whole different direction. :rofl: I love it, and I really love that drama. One of my faves.


There is actually a couple shower scenes there is a better one than this one. LDW never disappoints with the shower scenes - Although nothing in Touch Your Heart


hyungstrong text%20sik%20kiss

This rain kiss I love love love love love!


Was the pun intended? :joy::joy:


I call him Park Hyung SIKkie!

and Seo In Guk is



“Sikkie” when said in Korean can mean “son or child”… you’ve heard the Korean moms go “ahh ne sekkie!” :joy: So I thought you were playing with his name and the other meaning :sweat_smile:


Nope! In his fan clubs they call him Sikkie! So I guess I should stop huh! Shows how much Korean I know! hahahaha! I know so many words but can only understand a few!



I’m watching Scent of a Woman now and that shower scene was drool-inducing.


There is a couple!!! Wait for the TANGO oh my heavens I needed a cold shower! Drool cannot even touch that one!


The Scholar Who Walks The Night

it wasnt a love scene bcs he was just helping her…


If you watched SPY with Kim Jae Joong :rofl: notice the little flashback on the right he had…


This video is kind of long, you can just go to 5:14. (I couldn’t find a shorter video)

Kiss in the rain (I’m not a robot)

Confession (Where stars land)

The best kiss scene ever! hahaha (Our doom)

Another kiss in the rain (While you were sleeping)

I love this scene, first meet (Goblin)


The drench kiss I call it - Best Kiss EVER - well with Wookie’s shower kiss in Melting Me Softly!


@kdrama2020ali There is a shower scene with our newest ‘baby bird’ (reminder he is only 21 or 22 here)

Gil Cuerva - My Love From the Star (Filipino)


Ouchy - Wa Wa
I have no words

Do you like this version?