Post Your FAVORITE Water Scenes - Ya know - shower, waterfall, bath WHATEVER!


I was just about to post that one to you, actually. I was going to say he has a cute and sweet side to him, and this would be an example of that. I would almost never prefer a guy to have long hair over short, but he is an exception to that.


His hair is so pretty and shiney


It really is, and usually it would be a deal breaker if a guy has better hair than me, but look at him.


New Show

I’m a Pet at Dali Temple

Bath Scene - Gorgeous Guy - 9:09 sec in :+1:

I LOVE her as a cat and her response!!!


That seems like it may be some kind of record. LOL


I highly recommend the cat’s comments are hilarious - photos in hottie posse of our new guy


The scene you were talking about :joy:

I have started Love And Redemption since people say it’s as great as Ashes of Love. After 3 episodes, I already fell for the ML.:heart_eyes:


She was going after him - buddy!!! Too bad he’s magical!


In ‘I’ve Fallen For You’, the main leads literally meet each other when the FL falls off the roof and onto the ML while he’s bathing in a public bath. It’s hilarious, but I can’t find a clip of the full scene. The following video has a ‘highlight’ reel of some of the best moments from that meet cute. Just watch about the first 35 seconds or so.


So here is another Collection I could do!!! We have collected quite the Water Scenes in this thread! :droplet:

W - 2 Worlds




We Heart It


I Heart It
(Guys seriously this is one of my favorite kisses)
The whole scene is just - Yowsers!


Do we have Li Teng in here?
Mysterious Love give us a couple of these scenes haha


Oh yes it did!!! And I love when he blow dried her hair!!!


The shower scene in Lost Romance where she peeks - is so funny but here is a little clip of Marcus Chang


Run On.


Shower scene from Devilish Joy (AKA Devilish Charm) featuring Choi Jin-hyuk. Yes, please!





Shhhh. Let’s not start. lol



Wait, it belongs here (the drama’s From Five to Nine)