Post Your FAVORITE Water Scenes - Ya know - shower, waterfall, bath WHATEVER!


Oh thank you for finding that :heart:




Water GOD


I thought the effects of him jumping out the window were so cool! That is one extreme case of the ‘You fall, and I’ll catch you’ trope.


I wish so much they had shown his powers more!!! Probably a budget thing!


Oh yes we can just watch this over and over and over again! That TOWEL



I’m sure he was putting the towel where it was comfortable, around his hips, and then someone thought of the censors and made him move it up around his waist. lol


He was Flashing that beautiful BOD!!! Don’t be fooled!


It looked like such a natural motion, that’s where and how he would naturally wear a towel, then either he realized where he put it and got shy or someone thought of the censors. But it doesn’t matter either way, he certainly flashed his perfect abs.


Fun killers…


Gee, you guys TALK about the scene but remember! A picture is worth ONE THOUSAND WORDS!


Thanks for all the naked chests ahem I mean water scenes! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I can’t go like them all!

If I can add anything to this thread, I will come back again.


My pleasure you are very welcome - Hottie Posse - has ahem some nakkie chests too! :turkey:


ON MY WAY! :rofl::rofl: