Power Couples!

Could I get reccs for dramas with power couples? you know, the ones where they usually work together and totally compliment each other…my favourites are the couples from Lawless Lawyer and Descendants of the Sun…Suspicious Partner was also pretty good.


OH MY VENUS!! La pareja es adorable, él es su entrenador, se puede decir que trabajan juntos??.
PAREJA DE EMERGENCIA.-No inicia muy bien, pero su final es bastante bueno.
TOUCH.-Son jefe-empleada, es una linda pareja, luchan por sus sueños.
HOLA OTRA VEZ, SU VIDA PRIVADA, HELLO MONSTER (también lo encuentras como Te recuerdo)


I have most of these in one of my collections but I haven’t made it public, maybe eventually.

1% of Something
Her Private Life
Love O2O

These three are crime dramas, with Medical Examiner: Dr. Qin not having any romance
Love Me If You Dare
Medical Examiner: Dr. Qin
I Remember You

It’s been a long time since I saw this one (another crime drama) but I recall them working as team.
Come and Hug Me

ahh YES! Oh My Venus had a really strong couple, loved them!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I only did not like that he chose to go through his disease alone, that was sad :expressionless:

Dr. Qin has no romance? then who’s the power couple?

I guess they aren’t exactly a power couple Dr. Qin & his new female assistant work well together, come to think of it, it’s more of a trio with the detective. Maybe it doesn’t really work for this topic, it’s still a decent drama though. (except I’m not a fan of the last 2 episodes, they wrap it up rather weak)

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The king and the queen in Mr. Queen.

Also, I don’t think anyone has mentioned Healer yet.

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there’s a MOVIE called Love O2O??!! Wow I had no idea! :sweat_smile:

I like the movie Love 020 better than the drama. It’s much more objective, the couple is perfect and they know how to kiss :joy:


I will def keep recomending this dramas until the day i die.

My favorite power couples:

  • Angel´s Last Mission: Love: This couple is so memorable… Two soulmates fighting against invisible forces and family members with ill intentions. Not that much of action tho:(
  • Flower of Evil: This couple here is really amazing and complex. They are literally fighting against eachother the whole drama! This love-hate relationship its just chefs kiss. The kind of drama we don´t know if ml is the bad or good guy. Thriller, mistery , action and romance. My hands are full.
  • Itaewon Class: On Netflix. Two determined people who pair up in their way to achieve their dreams and to seek for revenge as they conspire to destroy a powerful food conglemerate.
  • Mr Queen: My baes<333. In this mix of chaotic comedy with soul-switching and political rivality with lots of murders, watch the king and the queen of joseon as they fight to stay safe and achieve their dream of a better and happier life. There´s a lot of conspiracy and action but they don´t leave us with poor romance and character development. For me it´s the best 2021 drama AND couple until this moment. They are SO fucking intelligent and powerful.

Ooh, I guess I’d like Itaewon Class!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: yes, Flower of Evil had strong leads! I was thinking about couples who worked together when I created this topic so that’s why I didn’t include it…since it’s almost a game of thrilling hide-and-seek :grimacing:

I know!! I constantly found myself doubting him but not wanting to doubt him and just questioning myself over and over and over :flushed: and if I doubted him and he came out innocent i’d feel all guilty and try to trust him more…it was really a rollercoaster!

Wow, I just finished Under the Power, and they were total POWER COUPLE GOALS!! I absolutely LOVED how they both always investigate together, and ML takes her wherever he goes. There’s no imma-protect-you-by-not-letting-you-tag-along trope here. Only once, ML tells her that if he takes her along, she would drag him down (since she’s his weakness), but our amazing FL just takes his hand and says “Okay, then. Let me drag you down.” The rest is history, they fought their way out of everything together.
I also love how they dealt with draggy tropes SO FAST…her dad says she’s of too low status, stay away from FL? ML clears everything up in like five minutes telling her he doesn’t care at ALL, neither will his family.
Mom arranges marriage with some other guy? FL sends him running in ten minutes.
Cousin says only way ML can save her is by marrying her? ML comes up with another idea and dismisses her in no time.
Great noble sends concubines to ML? I literally LOVED how ML just turns them over to FL and they’ve not even confessed to each other yet! :joy:
Agh, they’re so amazing together!!
Of course, in true c-drama fashion it drags here and there, but that’s why the skip button was invented. I won’t stop singing this drama’s praises!

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I thought of a thread someone should start - FAVORITE COUPLES!!!! The last one done was 2014 that is a long time ago!
One of mine is High Society -
Yoo Chang Soo and Lee Ji Yi - Aw I loved them so much. :purple_heart:




OK My Power Couple - One of my Favorite Couples!!! I love these two and she never backed down from the UGY family (mom was horrible) and neither did he (he was going to drink himself to death with his broken heart until mom gets it!) He was not going to let her GO!!!

@my_happy_place We can revive this topic of couples with our FAVORITE couples
thanks @vivi_1485

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Ok - I did not like the Love 020 drama - the kissing was awful! So I have hopes for the MOVIE

I just added this to my watchlist!!!

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I Heart It

Tomorrow With You
I love these two - They are so cute - And she is smart and doesn’t back down from friends, her work, even him and he works so HARD to be PROTECTIVE!

Yoo So Joon and Song Ma-rin

@vivi_1485 @natyh


So we don’t need to start a new thread. I will go back to the top and read this whole thing before commenting on any of my ‘power couples’.



Of course - It was mentioned but no GIFS

W 2 Worlds = The best chemistry - and of course one of my favorite kisses in the jail.
She was a strong female lead who knew what she wanted even after her dad sabotaged her dream.
He was again one of those protective male leads!


By your description of ‘power couples’ in your original post, it’s tough to beat the couple from Under the Power. They were the ultimate team - so strong individually and together. They had really great playful banter, mutual understanding, and unshakable trust and loyalty - all essential elements in a power couple. Even though they are both really great at conveying affection through looks and facial expressions, I do wish there was more physical affection. I understand, though, that the actor has personal reasons as to why this is kept to a minimum in all his dramas. I was also a little let down by the ending, but overall it’s one of the more well-rounded dramas I’ve watched.


Ok, this is my first list for this thread. I know that there are a lot more but this is what I remember for now.
1. It’s okay that’s love. I love the way they help each other, he tries to help her in getting over her traumas and she helps him a lot when she discovers his mental illness


2. The sword and the brocade. It’s not the usual historic drama, he supports her a lot to make what she wants to do and accomplish her dreams. It’s a beautiful story, personally one of my favorites. And they are so cute together!!!


3. Rookie Historian. I think that they’re a really good couple, and I love how they support the FL even when it’s not the usual.


4. Strong woman do bong song. I think that this is a really healthy couple! They help each other, look so in love. I love them!

And of course, they are hilarious!!