Problem with a CM

Bonsoir. Je me renseigne un peu sur divers dramas qui pourraient m’intéresser. Malheureusement, il y a un drama où la gestionnaire de chaine est absente depuis au mois 3 semaine si ce n’est pas un mois complet. A cause de ça, plusieurs langues fortement demandées - dont le français, langue qui “m’intéresse” - ne sont pas faits. J’aimerais bien avoir votre avis sur la possibilité de le dire au staff de viki pour reprendre le flambeau…

Le drama concerné :

J’aimerais bien avoir accès aux deux saisons mais il y a pour les deux le même soucis : pour le 1 elle est modératrice et pour le 2 gestionnaire de chaine…

Au fait, qu’on me dise pourquoi VIKI traduit le titre de la 1ère saison mais pas la 2e ?

Good evening. I’m looking into various dramas that might be of interest to me. Unfortunately, there is a drama where the chain manager has been absent for at least 3 weeks if not a full month. Because of this, several highly requested languages - including French, a language that “interests me” - are not made. I would like to have your opinion on the possibility of telling the viki staff to take over the torch… (I don’t know if this sentence has the same meaning in English ^^ please correct me ^^)

This is the drama

would like to have access to both seasons but there are the same concerns for both: for the 1 she is moderator and for the 2 chain manager…

By the way, why does VIKI translate the title of the 1st season but not the 2nd?


It would be easier to know the title.

If you feel uneasy telling it, I would suggest to ask for some news or the situation:

  1. Contact CM
  2. Contact English moderators who are editors
  3. Contact French moderator if there’s one already
  4. Contact Viki staff, they’ll take a look

It is difficult to make our own opinion when we don’t know the situation as to why.
That’s why it’s better to ask these people.

The condition to take it back (if it’s legit) is also to complete it, the essence of the request.

Normally the teams can continue to work even if the CM is absent for a while.
Other Languages are able to continue without any problems if the English language is ready. The Channel Manager does not translate into English, s/he just coordinates, but from the moment a drama has started being translated, everything depends on the English team.
That’s why you should look at the level of completion of the English first, and if the English is lagging behind, write the English Chief Editor.
Secondly, are you interested in being French moderator? If the French is lagging because of the English, then the French mod is not at fault. If the English is done but the French is far behind, then you can aspire to kick her out and take her place. For this, yes, you need the CM, and if the CM is not present, you should write to Viki.

I suggest to contact directly Viki staff and Viki analyzes the profile since it’s the case where CM = French mod.


  • what has been affected to the volunteer as moderator and channel manager,
  • what has been completed and not completed,
  • since when it was broadcasted on Viki,
  • contributions on the dramas as moderator,
  • dramas where there was a co-moderator (in the case it happened) and the contributions of the co-moderator. Asking why there was a co-mod.

From my personal exp when the CM = French mod on another old drama: bad experience because Viki put the Viki bot, as a subber I’ve never been contacted since I got recruited (2 years).

So I suggest you contact Viki, they might call Viki bot (and I’d prefer a motivated human finish the French subtitling).

Ah, so you know who it is. I was speaking generally.

Yes, as mentioned above, I have already collaborated with her in the various possible positions: -)

Good to know :slight_smile:
French mods all know each other, that is directly in the same team or indirectly, so no surprise.
So we get to know some French mods habits, level or foresee what some will do when being manager and mod.

Wishing you good luck!
Keep us in touch in case the situation doesn’t advance.

Hello ! Le soucis est tout ou en partie réglé :slight_smile: Le staff m’a assigné le poste de modérateur. Maintenant, je n’ai plus qu’à attendre le “go” de la part de la CM de la 1ère saison et je viens de faire des démarches pour la désignation d’une autre CM pour la 2e.

Merci pour vos conseils :slight_smile:

Hello ! the problem is all or part solved :slight_smile: (depending on the point of view). The staff assigned me the position of moderator. Now, all I have to do is wait for the “go” from the 1st season CM and I just took steps to designate another CM for the 2nd season.

Thanks for you help

Good news if you could finish or begin the translation!
Don’t forget to see if French subbers exist in the team, you might get more help.
There are times where there is no French team when you take back a drama.

Part of solved, seeing it happened again, the drama in the same state and other French mods got to intervene to be the “savior” or the “victim”. It’s easy to ask around French mods. The same trap, cinema again and again.

Wonder why there has been no report or sanction already for this practice.
Ppl who finished it were more interested in completing the translation than filling reports that lead to…?
And it will happen again… because ppl will pick again the same ppl.
And again, viewers will have to wait for the next savior or victim.

But most mods don’t have time to look at abandoned dramas, if they don’t want to abandon their own dramas.
And I understand when mods don’t want their own work benefit the original mod, because ppl will fall again for the same trap.